Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Princess Party

Last week was Josselyn’s "Princess Party”

If you read my blog post Planning a Princess Birthday Party then you know that this party was a little last minute and I did my best to not go over board. But even with the last minute prep I really think it still came out just as cute as some of my past parties like:  An Under the Sea Mermaid Party!, A Circus Birthday Party, An Abby Cadabby Birthday Party & A Cowgirl Birthday Party.

I am pleased to say that Josselyn and all her little friends had a very magical time at her royal luncheon! They all looked so precious twirling and skipping around in their dress up costumes! It was sooo worth all the last minute, late night planning! Here is a little peek inside "Princess Josselyn's 4th Birthday"

My little Princess decided on a Disney Princess themed party! She did not want to have to choose 1 princess (because she loves them all) so a multi-princess party it was! She also reminded me on a regular bases that she wanted the party to be pink, purple & blue so I made sure to include her 3 favorite colors.

Table Decorations:
I loved the idea of having each table represent a different princess. I had Josse pick her 4 favorite princesses and we went with those! We had a Cinderella, Bell, Ariel & Sleeping Beauty table. I wanted the party to have an elegant touch to it so I had 4 flower arrangements made for each table. The goal was to have each arrangement some how represent one of the princesses. My mom then found the cutest paper cut out Princesses on stands to sit at each table (from Etsy). We also were on the hunt for little nick-knacks that had to do with each princess movie to sit around and add a little eclectic touch.

Josse picked out the exact princess plates & napkins she wanted from Target! I did not dare argue. She then found princess cups from the Dollar bin at Target as well so we bought those for the kids to drink out of and take home. We also found princess straws & paper place-mats at the Dollar store! (win)

I mainly decorated with balloons! They are cheap, easy & give a grand festive look. I used Tatianas Balloon Design for the 2nd time and once again she did amazing. I showed her a few pictures of balloon princess carriages and she designed one even better! She also made a balloon Cinderella and little carriage for us to sit out. Josselyn LOVED the balloons.


Both my mom and I have a slight banner obsession. Usually I pull put my Cricut and make at least 3 or 4 but my spare time is quite limited so the Cricut was not used this year. I did order the cutest princess dress banner off of CuddleBuggParties  on Etsy, and then my mom made a couple fabric strip banners as well!

Table:
It is a tradition to have our guests sign a story book at all of our parties and showers. This tradition began at Josselyn's Cirque Du Bebe! baby shower back in 2011. The tradition has now spread and the majority of my girlfriends do it too! We found the perfect Cinderella book for all of the guests to sign, Josselyn will always have that book as a special keepsake. Since everyone loves to win prizes, I also have the guests self-address an envelope. This makes it easier on me to send out thank you cards and the guests get their envelope put in the raffle and the winner gets a prize!

Photo booth: 
We did not really have a "designated" photo booth area but I had some cut out props set out I found at KROWNKREATIONS which was also where I printed out some cute welcome signs, food tents and other printables. I loved that everyone still managed to use the props in pictures! In my opinion, photo booth props just make saying "cheese" so much more fun.

I took the easy way out for the 2nd time and used the Flat Iron Chef catering. They set up an outstanding omelet bar. The owner Jason also made sure there were princess crown, shoe & castle sandwiches along with magical wand fruit Kabobs! It was all perfect!


Once again I loved the cake designed by "The Sweet Like Cakery" If you need a cake done in DFW this is the place to go!!!!!

I showed Kelly from The Sweet Life Cakery a few of my dessert ideas and she brought them to life! I'm pretty sure Josselyn & Julianna ate half of the cookies and almost every little princes and princess was walking around with a cup-cake.


Josselyn insisted on not yellow but PINK lemonade so pink lemonade aka “palace punch” there was!

I decided to forgo coming up with my own games & activities and instead invited Cinderella to this royal occasion. She sang, danced, told stories and painted faces and hands! Cinderella was the perfect addition to Josse’s princess party.

Party Favors:
Originally my plan was to keep it simple and have princess wands for the princesses and knight swards for the princess. But my mom couldn’t help herself and she decided to create a little Bippity-Boppity Boutique so we also had necklaces, rings & princess stickers for the girls along with princess fruit snacks for all of the guests.

There you have it...a little look inside Josselyn’s 4th Princess Party! I always get mixed feed back from my parties. Some people love them and others think I go way over board for a little child’s birthday. Regardless of what anyone thinks I have a total BLAST planning my girls parties. Party planning has always been a hobby and really passion of mine. I just love everything about putting together an event/party! From the initial vision, to planning it out and gathering the pieces together, to the set-up and then enjoying the actually day itself!  However, my hands down favorite part of it all is seeing my girls walk into their party on the big day. They are always wide eyed and in total disbelief at all of the decor in the beautiful room.  And believe it or not I am never ever stressed at our parties. I have always made sure to relax, have fun and enjoy all my hard work and prep!

There is nothing I love more in life than a room full laughter with family and friends. I have always strived to LIVE, LAUGH & LOVE and I pray that both of my girls do the same.  At every birthday party I am reminded of the incredible village of people who have loved on our girls and been there to support us year after year. Family & friends truly are a gift from the Lord.

Happy Birthday Josselyn Grace. You are not only our princess but a daughter of the most high KING. You are without a doubt a future leader and world changer. Continue to be a LIGHT wherever you go my fierce, strong, warrior princess.  

*Photos By: Ann Clark Photography


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