Friday, August 21, 2015

Planning a Princess Birthday Party

It is that time again...

Another one of my babies is a year older. Such a bitter-sweet time for this mama. My first born, princess is turning 4 years old. Just pressing down on the "4" key on my lap top brings about a flood of emotions. This little spit fire made me a mommy and completely rocked my world for the better 4 years ago. As emotional as this all makes me I can not wait to celebrate her big day.

If you follow my party planning blogs from the past you know I can be a little over the top! I love to plan parties of all kinds whether they are for my family or friends. But this year has been a little crazy. Last year I became a distributor for It Works Global! I had no clue at the time that this company would completely change our lives (for the better). Here is a blog post I wrote recapping the last year  The Truth Behind That Crazy Wrap Business I now have the joy of helping others change their health and wealth!!! So let me just say if you are looking for financial freedom this could be just the answer you have been praying for!!!! Anyways... needless to say I have been a bit preoccupied in my spare time with this new adventure, so my party planning has taken a back seat. But I'm hoping this party will still come together even with my procrastination and last minute planning.

First things first what kind of party is Josselyn going to have??? Josse Grace is truly a princess. She wakes me up most mornings with a crown and high heels on haha. Every day little sis and I are instructed by Princess Josse to wear princess crowns on our head as we eat breakfast and watch morning cartoons. So it was quite fitting when Josse said that she wanted a PRINCESS BIRTHDAY PARTY! Here is a sneak peak at my Royal Princess Luncheon inspiration board: 

Theme/Color Scheme:
I originally wanted Josse to pick what kind of Princess Party she wanted. I figured she could pick her favorite princess and I would go from there...But my daughter is a party planner herself and she already had her own vision for her big day! She wanted it to be a party with ALL of the PRINCESSES and she wanted it to be multicolored with pink, purple, blue & yellow! This was quite a change from last years  Cowgirl Birthday Party but I didn't dare argue & I went with it! I hopped on Pinterest and started researching Disney Princess Birthday Parties...


I decided to go the easy way out and just do flowers on the main tables. Plus Josse LOVES flowers, she is the only 3 year old I know who wants to always have fresh flowers in her bedroom! If John brings me flowers we have to take out a few and put them in a small vase by her bedside (her future husband is in trouble!).  I found some beautiful arrangements on Pinterest but knew I needed to tone it down a little because flowers are not cheap. I love hydrangeas and roses so I went with those. I (well Josse) decided to have each table represent a different princess (Bell, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty & Ariel). So the goal is for the flowers to go along with that princess and her colors. My mom and I have also been collecting little nick-knacks that that have to do with each Princesses story, we want to sit those items around the flower arrangements.

I have a slight obsession with birthday banners and I have made countless banners with my Cricut in the past. I knew I did not have the time to make 3-4 banners like I usually would, so I just ordered an overpriced one from Etsy haha. I also love the look of fabric strip banners so my mom is going to try and recycle one of the ones we have saved from a past party!

I love balloons at a birthday party! I use the ballroom in my moms neighborhood clubhouse for the majority of my parties and because it is such a big somewhat bare room.  I like to use balloons to set the theme and make decorating easy on me. When I incorporate balloons I feel like I can go very minimal on all the other decor because the balloons give off a wow factor and make everything look so festive. I fell in love with all of the Cinderella looking carriages I found on Pinterest! I am hoping the balloon artist I use Tatiana can make something similar!

Personalized Prints:
I love anything personalized at a party! The great thing about personalizing signs, food cards, etc is that they are dirt cheap on Etsy and you can print the material from anywhere! I found a shop that had some multi-princess party pack already designed so I paid $24.99 for the whole princess birthday file and now I can print whatever I want!

I let Josse pick the paper goods and of course she picked the plates with ALL the princesses on them!  I tried to talk her into solid color pastel plates but that was a big NO GO ;)

I found countless princess food items!!! I just love the crown shaped sandwiches & royal fruit kabob wands. This is a royal luncheon so I will have to add in some more substantial food items as well.

I am a sucker for desserts so I have to do a couple sweet treats. I have found so many precious princess dessert on Pinterest!!!! It is going to be hard to narrow it down. Josselyn has requested cupcakes and cookies so we will definitely have some of those.

I would do a whole table of desserts and X the cake but Josselyn does not considered a party a party without a CAKE! So cake we shall eat! I will say the more I do parties the more I fall in love with cakes! A cake can really bring home the theme for a party! The goal for the cake is making it a multi-princess cake. Sometimes I really wish she would have just went with a simple Cinderella theme...

Party favors: 
I learned my lesson at Josselyn's 1st birthday about doing elaborate party favors when I ended up taking home 20 extra sand buckets filled to the top with goodies! My group of friends and family are the best that they come, but these folks do not know how to RSVP lol which is totally fine!!!! The only problem is I never know if there will be 10 kids or 40 kids at the party so I just keep the party favors super simple that way it is no big deal if I have a million left over. Josse requested royal wands for the girls and swords for the boys so that should be pretty easy. I may add some fun dress-up jewelry as well for all the little princesses.

Party attire: 
We just took the girls to Disneyland in April so the girls picked out princess dresses from the Bippity Boppity Boutique in Disney Land. I was a mean mom and I have not let them touch these costumes the last 4 months but after this party they can wear their princess dresses every day!

I knew I wanted invitations that would set the theme for the party so I searched for something with all of the princesses on them. I found some at the same shop that I ordered the printables from and they were only $5 for the file to print! Here are a few I liked but I went with the first one.

There you have Princess Party Inspiration Board. I sure hope this thing comes together and turns out even a fraction as cute as these pictures! More than anything I am just excited to see Josselyn walk in the doors to her princess party! She is going to LOVE everything about it. This girl has invited everyone she has met the last 3 months to her Princess Party and she has been counting down the "sleeps" to her party all month.

Josselyn Grace Alcala my little princess, you are a natural born leader! Your strong willed personality will help you change this big world one day. Your passion, energy, fierce strength and compassionate heart is one of a kind. You already love the Lord so much and you teach us all to live life to the fullest and have adventures!. You sure do know how to challenge me daily my fierce, little one, but wouldn't life be boring without you! I love you baby girl and am so proud of the Godly little girl you are developing into.


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