Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The TRUTH Behind That Crazy Wrap Business

11 months ago I took a risk, I took a leap, I took a chance...

I had been approached by countless friends regarding network marketing companies. Some of them seemed great and I totally thought the products sounded wonderful but I never had a peace about joining any of them (and for many of them I was never willing to spend $500 + to join on top of some $100 + monthly autoship). I did not want to spend a ton of money to then try and make money. However I had been praying for months for the Lord to show me away to make some extra income while being home with my baby girls (who were 1 and 2 years old at the time).

I'll never forget the day I saw an old Bible school friend Ann post some before and after tummy pics on Instagram. I had just weaned my 12 month old and was in need of losing 10lbs and tightening up my flabby c-section stomach. Now after secretly stalking her Instagram page and then almost un-following her because I was sick of the posts I then decided I HAD to try a box of these magic wraps. All I wanted to do was buy 1 box of wraps but after emailing her I some how ended up signing up as a Distributor that night. Becoming a Distributor was the LAST thing I wanted to do!!! I just wanted to try these wraps but when she told me it cost $99 for a box of wraps retail or $99 to become a Distributor and get a FREE box of wraps that seemed like a NO BRAINER. Now I did start crying to my husband right after I signed up and totally regretting my decision but then John asked me 4 simple questions & I replied to each of them without hesitation:

1) Do you have to buy product every month? 

2) Can you cancel quit at anytime for FREE? 

3) Well... what do you have to lose?
"Good Point"

4) Don't you spend $99 almost every time you go to Target?
"Actually a little more"

These were the types of pictures that caught my attention!

After that I felt a little better and I realized WORST CASE I spent $99 on a box of wraps that cost $99 retail anyways and this whole thing is just a wash. I also knew I would never ever really sell these things (or so I thought..)

Fast forward a week and the wraps came. I actually already had a few customers because when I showed my mom, sister, and 2 close friend the pictures from Ann's Instagram they all wanted to try these crazy things! So before my wraps even came I earned $120 FREE in product credit plus 2 boxes of wraps for only $25 each because I got 4 loyal customers which was kinda crazy!!!! Customers were coming to me!

You prob heard my story before if not here it is "Shedding the Baby Weight" But the wraps worked! Then I started 2 supplements and they worked. A billion dollar company does not become a billion dollar company by selling products that don't work (Duh!)

The rest is kind of history.... I posted my results and my friends and families results and customers flooded in. The products really SELL THEMSELVES, I just had to simply share stories. As the week passed I was blown away at how many friends, family members and acquaintances contacted me and wanted to give this $99 Business a shot! (I am not going to lie, I may have also border line harassed and forced a few of my besties to sign up) But who can blame goodness in 1 month I more than doubled my money! The only thing better than making money is making money with your friends & fam! Now a few of you have still ignored me & my messages, texts & phone calls but I'm still coming for y'all hahah

Now here is where this thing gets CRAZY! This company is known for their BONUSES now I am not talking about a pink car bonus, or even some certain type of car monthly payment bonus, or vacation bonus or anything like that... I am talking about hard, cold CASH BONUSES ranging from $10,000 - $100,000. Now I was a SKEPTIC even after joining I figured the one in a million really got any of these bonuses. Surely only the top dogs made the big bucks and the rest of us just got pennies but that is absolutely not the case. 3 Months after joining I promoted to Diamond Level and earned a $10,000 BONUS (on top of my now $2,000 a month commission). The next month I went Double Diamond and then 4 months later went Triple Diamond and earned a $50,000 Bonus! John decided to join me in this adventure and he went Diamond in 4 months and earned a $20,000 Bonus and the next month went Double Diamond and earned a $30,000 Bonus (The bonuses doubled the months he earned them). So together we have earned $110,000 in BONUSES alone!  This may be hard to believe but it is the 100% TRUTH.

Now we are not the only ones who have been successful in this whole Crazy Wrap Business:

My sister in law Stacey joined and she earned the $10,000 Diamond Bonus and then the $30,000 Double Diamond Bonus (not your typical pastor's wife salary praise God!)

My mom earned the $10,000 Diamond Bonus and keep your eyes open the end of this month to see what else she earns!!!!

My Bestie Kathie earned the $10,000 Diamond Bonus and is incredibly close to her next Bonus!!!

My other sister/friend Yadis earned the $20,000 Diamond Bonus! Stay tuned to see what other bonus she is earning this month (Eeek!!!!)

Mine and Yadis's friend Amy who was a long time skeptic (fitness girls always start off as skeptics haha) finally joined us and snagged the $20,000 Bonus. Her sister Alisha will be getting one too soon! (PS Amy is now able to only work 2 days a week becasue of her It Works income!)

Brenda, an acquaintance now dear friend read one of my first Blogs about It Works and joined my team and quickly grabbed the $20,000 Diamond Bonus and this month she and her husband will be both claiming another BONUS!!!!! Shhh don't tell her I told you ;)

One of my Bestest friends in the whole wide world waited almost 5 months to join me (but I wasn't giving up on her!) And she earned the $20,000 Diamond Bonus and then last month got the $15,000 Double Diamond Bonus

Melissa was friend of a friend and I am so thankful our paths crossed! This girl went Diamond faster than any of us and grabbed a $20,000 Bonus and is not stopping there!!! She just retired herself from her corporate job to do It Works full time!

Oh and I have to mention a brand new $1,000 Ruby Bonus! This bonus came out just a couple months ago and this is a great easy bonus you can snag on your way to Diamond! We had over 35 people on our team get it last month!!! Keep in mind that $1,000 bonus is on top of the $599 average monthly Ruby commission. *You are only eligible for this Bonus if you sign up to become a distributor in the month of MAY

There are quite a few others who joined my team that will be claiming BIG BONUSES this month but I do not want to ruin the surprise so stay tuned for those announcements!!!!

Now these bonuses are IN ADDITION to our monthly commission. If you want to know what we make here is the average income for each rank! I personally have always made WAYYY above the average but at least this gives you an idea of what an It Works Distributor earns each month.

I sometimes hear people ask if this is a pyramid scheme so I do have to address that question. How can something that cost $99 and comes with a product that cost $99 be a scheme lol That question is almost stupid silly (sorry if you've asked that before) To be honest CORPORATE AMERICA is the pyramid scheme. My husband will never ever make what his boss makes or what his bosses boss makes unless of course he leaves that company and finds a new company with a larger salary. John may get a 3-6% raise a year if his performance is good but he will never double, triple, quadruple his salary from month to month (but guess what... I can!!! and I am doing it!!!) So what is the real scheme?

To get started & own your own business is pretty simple:

> You go to & "JOIN THE PARTY"
You pay $99 and that gets you a box of wraps, 4 mini defining gels and some other promotional material to get you started.

> There is a $20 website fee that is OPTIONAL. You get it FREE your first month and then can decide if you want to use it or not.

> It is optional to run your autoship each month although I always order 1 box of 4 wraps for $59 and 1 box of Greens On the Go for $35 each month! I then sell the 4 wraps for $25 each and my Greens on the Go were FREE!!! I love making extra wrap cash by selling wraps I have on hand!!!

So WHY It Works? There are tons of network marketing/work from home companies out there and I am not bashing any of them! I now have a whole new love and respect for all of them. And I support any mom or person at that who is working from home to contribute to their family! But why this one? Well, first of all this company was featured in Success Magazines top 500 Fast growing Companies in the US. It Works had over a 1565.3% growth rate from last year to this year which means now is the best time ever to join! There is currently only a 1% market saturation of around 100,000 It Works distributors vs the 3+ million distributors a company like Mary Kay has. We offer a 1st to market product without competition. You can NOT go to Walmart, Target, Walgreens and grab a box of body wraps. I have bought make-up, weight loss pills, lotions, candles, purses, nail polish, cookware, etc from Target, Walmart, etc but you sure can't find our skinny wraps on those shelves! Another huge draw is that 99.9% of people want to lose some inches and tighten up somewhere on their body. Whether you are male or female 18 or 108 you can wrap and feel more confident. The #2 cosmetic procedure performed in the US is tummy tucks. Also thankfully our society is becoming more health conscious (It is about time!) And our products are made from NATURAL, plant based ingredients, etc! Our Greens on the Go are actually made with ORGANIC fruits & veggies and that is a huge draw! It is also a huge advantage to us that people are not going to have to take out a loan to join! It is completely affordable to become a distributor ($99 and you get wraps) and so are our products: Fat fighters $23, Greens $30, Wraps $59. I found it surprising when friends I talked to said that there former companies actually kept their credit card on file and if they did not meet a certain quota that month they would run their personal card (WHAT???) My point is I think there is a reason the distributors on my team are so successful and many of them were apart of other direct sales companies in the past. And lastly, if you were not successful in the past with direct sales it does not mean this business isn't for you and you will not be successful with It Works! It could have simply been not the right product, timing or whatever reason. Philippians 4:13

I have wanted to post this Blog for a while now but to be completely transparent my feelings got super hurt when someone close to me said "You need to be careful becasue all of your It Works posts seem super braggy and it seems like you are trying to show off" That broke my heart because that is the total OPPOSITE reason of why I post. I post about these bonuses, my success, my teams success becasue I want to show the WORLD there is a way to work from home if you want to! Sure it is WORK but it is easy work and in my opinion it beats being away from my girls working 40 hours a week (although everyone has different opinions and that's fine) I 100% truly believe that God brought this whole thing into my life for such a time as this and I want to share it with people who may need it. You do not know what struggles the person next to you may could be they need a financial break through, or maybe that mama just needs some "me money" or maybe they can live on their spouses salary but it means saying no to a whole lot of things they don't want to have to give up or maybe they just want a way to make money to be able to bless more people!

John and I got married as kids barely 22 years old and we know what it is like to be 2 young college students married, working multiple jobs, with college tuition to pay & NO EXTRA money. We also know what it is like to be blessed and not have financial struggles and we know what it is like to live off of one income (which was by the way easy breezy without kids lol) and then somethings had to give as the babies came along which added preschool tuition, extra curricular activities & the list goes on...But this past week we spent a week in California without having to budget a penny thanks to this crazy part-time/spare-time JOB!

For me this business was a God-send and it 100% financially transformed our lives. We can not help but want to share it with EVERYONE in our life. If it sounds boastful please know that is not my heart, if it gets annoying I understand if you un-friend or un-follow me. But I just want to share with you what I have found... This was by far, hands down the best $99 I have ever spent in my entire life and I just know it could be a life changer for you too!

And I've said it before but this past 10 months could be summed up in 3 words FRIENDSHIP, FUN & FREEDOM. I know I may be bias but there is a reason my TEAM is on fire!!! We truly have the most supportive, knowledgeable up-line! My team may be spread across the US but we are incredibly close, we are more than a TEAM we are a FAMILY. We do weekly trainings, conference calls and you are never alone! We truly coach each other along the way and you are given all the tools & resources you need to succeed. If you have at all been thinking about giving this crazy wrap business a try I would love chat!!!! Feel free to email me or call/text (972)821-8931.

All of that to say I am so glad I took a $99 chance 11 months ago...