Monday, April 27, 2015

Breakfast with Minnie Mouse Birthday

This past Saturday was our little Jewel's "Breakfast with Minnie Mouse Birthday Party"


If you read my Planning a Breakfast with Minnie Party blog post then you know that this party was a a little last minute and I did my best to scale down and keep it a little more simple then some of our other birthday parties like: An Under the Sea Mermaid Party!, A Circus Birthday Party, An Abby Cadabby Birthday Party or A Cowgirl Birthday Party.

The crazy thing is, out of all the birthday parties I have thrown for my girls I truly believe Julianna had the most fun at this party!!!! When she walked in and saw the ballroom she opened her mouth in total disbelief and said in these sweetest little whisper, "WOW". She danced and sang the whole time and she was in LOVE with our special guest Minnie Mouse! Here is a look at Jewel's 2nd birthday party "A Breakfast with Minnie"

I went with the classic red bow Minnie Mouse! So the color scheme was red, black & white and then I decided to add pops of yellow & pink.

Table Decorations:
My mom made the styrofoam ball Minnie Mouse head centerpieces. They turned out so cute! We also mod podged number 2's we found at Hobby Lobby. I found pink Minnie Mouse fabric that had the red bowed Minnie on it at Hobby Lobby as well and even though I was not going to add pink I loved how it looked.

I found red and white polka-dot paper plates & napkins at Birthday Party Express online and then I found the most adorable Minnie Mouse utensils at the AlishaKay Designs Etsy Shop. Instead of cups we used the cutest recycled Starbucks frappucino bottles I borrowed from my girlfriend! Gluing a label on the bottle made for the cutest drinks ever!!!

I mainly decorated with balloons! They are cheap, easy & give a grand festive look. I used Tatianas Balloon Design for the very first time and she did amazing!

I have a slight banner obsession but due to the time crunch there were not as many as I would have liked haha. My favorite was the recycled fabric strip banner we made a few changes to that we used for Jewel's 1st birthday last year!

Table:
It is a tradition to have our guests sign a story book at all of our parties and showers. This tradition began at Josselyn's Cirque Du Bebe! baby shower back in 2011. Since then we have not only had a sign-in book at all of our parties/showers but we have incorporated into all of our friends baby showers, and now the majority of my girlfriends have adopted the tradition as well. We also had a precious chalk board sign printed with Julianna's milestones.

We've got ears:
Instead of giving out party hats we passed out Minnie & Mickey Mouse ears. All of the kidos looked precious in their mouse ears (even though Jewel refused to wear hers!)

Everyone loves to win a prize, so for EVERY party I do I have the guests self-address an envelope. This makes it easier on me to send out thank you cards and the guests get their envelope put in the raffle and the winner gets a prize!

Photo booth: 
We did not really have a "designated" photo booth area but I had some props set out and everyone still managed to use them in pictures! Photo booth props just make saying cheese so much more fun.

The only must on our menu was Minnie Mouse shaped pancakes! I thought about trying to make them myself but who was I kidding haha! Luckily Chef Jason Crandall owner of "Flat Iron Grill" came to the rescue. He makes fabulous Minnie Mouse pancakes as well as other yummy breakfast goodies.

Once again I loved the cake designed by "The Sweet Like Cakery" If you need a cake done in DFW this is the place to go!!!!!

I showed Kelly from The Sweet Life Cakery a few of my dessert ideas and she brought them to life! I'm pretty sure Josselyn & Julianna ate half of the cake balls and Minnie Oreo cookies.

We kept the drinks simple and served sweet tea, lemonade and water.

I decided to forgo coming up with my own games & activities and instead brought in the master and highlight of the party MINNIE MOUSE! Minnie was the perfect cherry on top for this party! The moment she came in the kids went wild (except for the 1 or 2 that are deathly afraid of characters in costumes) But the birthday girl LOVED Minnie and sang and danced with her the whole time!!! It was priceless getting to watch little Jewel have so much fun. She was in Minnie Mouse heaven and I will never ever forget the look on her face as she twirled and spinned at her 2nd birthday party.

Party Favors:
I kept my promise and made sure the party favors were simple! I found Minnie & Mickey color books and crayons for the kids and they served the purpose quite well. I had exactly enough for all our mouseketeers.

There you have it...a little look inside baby Julianna's 2nd birthday party. Believe it or not this was one of my very favorite birthday parties. The kids had so much fun the entire time!!! It really was pretty stress free, except for the fact that the ballroom got double booked the night before when I was supposed to set up so I had to wait until 9:45pm to decorate! I really am thankful that we get to live life with so many incredible friends and family. We truly are blessed by all of the love and support in our life. Our girls have so many Aunties & Uncles that love so much and for that I am eternally grateful.

Happy Birthday my angel baby! You are loved so very much. Although I wish I could bottle you up & keep you little forever, I know you are going to be such a beautiful light on this earth & a world changer for Jesus!

Photo By: CLJ Photography

Photos by: Arielle Humphries Photography


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    1. My planner really was there every step of the way. And because of her help we were able to hold the wedding just as I had imagined it all along. I am extremely thankful to the event coordinator and the assistants for their help. دانلود آهنگ های ایرانی