Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Alcala Casa Completion


After 5 months we have finally finished the Alcala Casa. In one sense it feels like it was forever ago that we were meeting with builders, trying to figure out where to even build out next home, but then on the other hand it seems like it was yesterday that we picked out our lot!

Surprisingly the building process itself was not too stressful. I had a blast making my selections at the design center and getting to pick out my actual granite slabs. I didn't even mind the construction process because we had fun taking weekly family trips with our girls to go see what progress was made with our future home. What was stressful and caused me to have repeated emotional breakdowns was having to try and keep our current home perfectly clean/show ready with a 1 year old and a 3 year old. Our home was on the market for around 50 days and those 50 days were hell! At any moment I would get a text message that a relator wanted to show our house and it didn't matter if we were still in PJ's or Jewel was napping we basically had to clean everything up & evacuate ASAP. John & I would clean our home every single night but within minutes of Josse & Jewel waking up our whole house was a disaster!!!! The first week our home was on the market we had a full price offer and then they pulled out, a couple weeks later another offer and it fell through and finally after 50 days of trying to keep my house spotless we had an offer it went through, passed inspection and our closing date is November 6th. Thank the Lord that the 3rd time was a charm, not to mention we were cutting it very close with when we are supposed to move into our new house, and I am not going to lie that was starting to make both John and I extremely nervous!!!

Anyways, we will be saying good bye to our precious home on Ballymena Dr in less then 2 weeks and hello to our beautiful new home on Stallion Ranch Dr. I think I would be a little more emotional about the saying good bye to my house if just 2 weeks ago I hadn't thought we may not being moving and that I just built a gorgeous new home for some other family haha I was beyond relived when good ol' Ballymena Dr finally sold. I will however always cherish the memories from this home. This was the home where we brought home both of our baby girls. This was the home were we started our family. With that said I am beyond excited to create new memories in our next home. I am ready for change and I welcome it with open arms.

Here are just a few IPhone pics of the new Alcala Casa 
(Excuse the poor quality)

Now there is till so much to be done! I ended up ordering custom light fixtures from a few different companies for all the rooms so I am still waiting for all of those to arrive and be installed! Plus we still have some painting to do in a couple rooms and a few other cosmetic things to check off of our list, but building wise the house is complete! I better finish packing up my current home or I will not be going anywhere! But I will be sure to keep y'all updated as we get moved in and this house becomes a HOME.

A HOUSE is made of bricks and beams, 
a HOME is made of hopes & dreams