Monday, September 8, 2014

A Cowgirl Birthday Party

A couple weeks ago we had a Texas style rodeo aka Cowgirl Josselyn's 3rd Birthday!

If you read my previous Blog post Planning a Cowgirl Birthday Party! then you know that I decided to go with a Cowgirl style party for my little Cowgirl. The rodeo turned out wonderful and all the cowgirls & cowboys had a blast horsin' around especially the birthday girl Josselyn! Here is a little look inside Josselyn's rodeo....

I mentioned before that this time we took the easy way out and instead of having to transform a ball room or backyard into a ranch we just had the party at a local ranch in McKinney. Story Book Ranch is so adorable and they have the cutest  little town on the property that consists of historic buildings that were hand picked and delivered to the ranch to preserve them. Josse's party was in a little authentic 1800's saloon called the "walk in waddle out saloon". The saloon was the perfect venue for the party! It is attached to a little hotel so there was plenty of room for the guests to walk around. I do wish the saloon would have been about 10 degrees cooler but luckily the kids did not seem to mind.  

I kept the Decorations pretty simple.  I just used a square pieces of burlap as the table cloths, red bandannas as toppers and then I filled mason jars & glass bottles with a spray of sunflowers & wild flowers. I set around a couple bales of hay that I am going to save and use for fall decorations and then I had a few cow print and red helium balloons bouquets.  My mom made a birthday banner with the good ol' Cricut and honestly that was all I did to decorate. 

I just loved the denim & red bandana plates & napkins. Those gems were from Oriental Trading Co! They went perfect with the rest of the decor.  

It has become a "tradition" for us to have a book for the guests to sign when they arrive. We have done this at all of Josse's parties:  (baby shower)  Cirque Du Bebe!, (1st birthday) An Under the Sea Mermaid Party!, (2nd Birthday) An Abby Cadabby Birthday Party and we continued the tradition with little sister (Jewel's baby shower) Julianna's Shabby Chic Baby Shower. And Jewel's 1st Birthday A Circus Birthday Party I found the cutest book "Three Years Old" that is full of nursery rhymes and the farm book cover went perfect with our little theme. I just loving having a memento that Josselyn will get to keep for the rest of her life. One day she will just love getting to look back and read all the sweet notes that her friends & family wrote in her special birthday book. 

When it comes to showers/birthdays, people of all ages love to win prizes! I always have the guests self address an envelope for a raffle. The guests have fun winning a prize and it makes it easy on me to send thank you cards because the envelopes are already addressed! I have done this at every party I have ever hosted, had, etc. At this party a red mason jar chalk board candle was the prize! 

Instead of party hats the little cowboys/cowgirls were given a cowboy/cowgirl hat as they came in! It was so cute seeing all the little kidos running around with their hats on at the party.

We kept the food simple and tried to go with Texas/ranch style food. We served beef sliders, chicken quesadillas, pigs in a blanket, howdy partner pasta, Texas style beans, country cooked green beans, frontier fruit & chips & salsa. (Shout out to the chefs MaryBeth, YaYa & GiGi)

I am a lover of sweets so we did have a few "saloon sweets" as well. There were hay bales on a stick (thank you LaLa), S'mores marshmallow pops (thank you Tinta), Sunflower cupcakes, old fashioned candy sticks & red vines. 


The cake was without a doubt the most important item of the party. Every time Josselyn was asked what she wanted for her birthday she would simple reply, "birthday cakes". She loves cake and so she got cake! I sent the cake designer 2 pictures of cakes I liked and she combined them and made a cake even more gorgeous than the photos I sent!  If you need a cake for your party I highly recommend The Sweet Life Cakery! Not only are the cake designs amazing but they taste delicious.

We kept the drinks "water hole" as simple as could be. We just had a canister of lemon/mint water and then another canister of lemonade!

Because we chose to have the party at a ranch we did not have to worry about providing any kind of  Entertainment. Instead, the ranch provided everything: pony rides, hay rides, a petting zoo & even a jump house! 

The pony rides were a major hit and they took place right in front of the saloon so all of the parents could watch.

The Hay Rides were a blast for everyone! We all piled in and had a fun hay ride down to the petting zoo area!

Josse was a huge fan of the petting zoo! I decided to provide some "farm animal treats" so the little cowboys/cowgirls could feed the animals carrots and celery before they went in to the pet them.

For the party favors  we sent home "Happy Trails" trail mix. I am hoping the guests were able to take a baggie of trail mix before Josselyn and her cousin Aly decided to pick out every M&M with their little fingers! haha

I can honestly say that all if this  hard work party planning paid off when I saw how much FUN Josselyn was having at her party with all of her friends & family (70+ of them!)  We are so grateful to have all of these wonderful people come and celebrate our precious Josse Grace. She truly is loved but not only John & I but a whole heard of family/friends.

All though I TRIED to keep this party simple it still required quite a bit of work and preparation. I am beyond thankful for my mama who is always there to help me with every single detail as well as my sweet friend Christina who is a graphic designer, caterer, baker, etc.  Here we are the 3 amigas!

There you have it... Cowgirl Josselyn's 3rd Rodeo
Happy Trails...

*Cake: The Sweet Life Cakery
*Pictures: Ann Clarke Photography

*For more pictures visit my Facebook page


  1. Lovely pictures of Cowgirl themed birthday party of your daughter. She really looks happy. I love simple decorations and the way you had planned a party it’s really wonderful. Did you hired any party planner too? From all foodstuff I loved the most is “pigs in a blanket”. Great party planning concepts you have shared here.