Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bye Bye Thumb-sucking

Julianna is no longer a Thumb-sucker...

My 1st born Josselyn was what you would call a difficult, spoiled, NEEDY baby! She would only fall asleep if she was rocked BOUNCED to sleep (John, my mom & I all had to go see the chiropractor!) She refused bottles until she was 9 months old (I felt like a milking cow 24/7), she hated pacifiers & never sucked her thumb. Night times were a battle and all I knew was that the 2nd time around I was not going to bounce, rock, or nurse my baby to sleep every nap/bed time and I was going to insist that baby #2 took a bottle & pacifier! I had learned my lesson the first time around and I was definitely going to do a few things different the second time.

Baby Julianna was born 19 months after Josselyn was born and boy did I do things different! I totally know that Jewel has a more calm, laid back, personality then Josselyn. However, I still made sure to do a few things different. Jewel slurped down a bottle of pumped milk from the start, she was never bounced to sleep; we was just laid her down in her crib for naps & bed times. I gave her pacifier from the day she was born and she used that to fall asleep for the first 6 months.

Well... around 6 months old Jewel decided she was over the pacifier and instead she wanted her thumb! I tried pulling it out when she stuck it in during the day but I didn't really know how to prevent her from sucking it to fall asleep at nap time & bed time. It was right about this time that my now 2 year old Josselyn decided to start boycotting naps and refusing to go to sleep at night without a huge temper-tantrum. I just didn't have the energy to fight 2 babies so I just let Jewel suck her thumb to fall asleep. I could only handle 1 crying baby at night. Whenever I laid Jewel down for nap/bed she would take her thumb stick it in her mouth, roll to her side & fall right asleep without making a peep!

After Jewel turned 1 year old this past April I started to wonder how I was going to break her of her thumb sucking habit. She only sucks it when it's time to go asleep but I always hear these horror stories about kids who are 5+ years old still sucking their thumb and I would hate for her to have a habit that is hard to break later in life. Although it crossed my mind I was not too terribly concerned until we went to her 15 month check-up last week!

I had noticed that Jewel's thumb was not only callused from sucking it but it started to look raw. She had what looked like a hickey at the end of it and it was peeling pretty bad. When I showed the doctor he said that it was infected & swollen bad (I felt like the worst mom ever for not knowing it was infected!!!) He wrote us a prescription for antibiotics and told me to order some stuff to put on her finger nail called Mavala Stop. We had tried the over the counter Thum liquid from Walgreens but Jewel would just whimper while she sucked it off and then continue sucking her thumb once she sucked the stuff off. We figured we would give this new stuff "Mavala Stop" a shot so we went home and ordered it online from Amazon.

Let me just say that MAVALA STOP worked!!!! It is the nastiest tasting stuff I have ever tasted. We put it on Jewel's thumb nail and after tasting it once she never again put her thumb in her mouth. Now I will be honest it was heart breaking having her cry each night for the past week during nap time & bed time. I had to rock her to sleep every night because she was so distraught about not being able to suck her thumb (her thumb was her comfort). In a crazy way it was probably good that her thumb was infected because I think I would have just used nail polish remover and taken the awful Mavala Stop off her thumb and let her suck it if I wasn't so worried about her infected thumb. But the good news is my thumb sucker is no longer a thumb sucker (even though that kinda makes me sad! lol)  But I know in the end it is better for the habit to be broken now instead of when she is 5 or 6 years old.

She seemed pretty happy to have an infected thumb!

This crazy stuff not only worked for Jewel's thumb but John decided to put it on his finger nails because he has had a nasty nail biting problem for 20+ years that he has never been able to break it! For the first time since he can remember he has not bit his nails in over a week. He said it tastes so nasty he doesn't even lick his fingers when he is eating haha.  So if you want to break the habit of thumb sucking or nail biting then I strongly recommend you trying out Mavala Stop (click to purchase).

So we have one less thumb sucker and one less nail biter in the Alcala household. Now if we could only figure out how to get our almost 3 year old to start sleeping through the night we would be in great shape (but that's a another blog post of its own)

So bye bye thumbs & bye bye nail biting...

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