Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Texas Bluebonnet Photos

I am just wild about gorgeous Texas Blue Bonnets...

I am a California girl who has lived in Texas for the past 10 years and I have always always wanted to get pictures in bluebonnets! The last couple years I have pulled my car over and snapped some shots with my iphone but those pictures do not show the full beauty of our Texas state flower. This year I finally decided to get some professional pictures of my 2 little Texas girls in the bluebonnets. Last minute I almost canceled the session because I felt like we have had pictures taken every other month, but Luckily I just went for it! I am beyond pleased with the way the pictures turned out!!! I am actually pretty obsessed with every one of them! A friend of mine referred me to CLJ Photography & let me just say Cydnee is AMAZING. The day of our photos the Texas winds kicked it up a notch (or two or three!) and it was a chilly wind. Poor Josselyn was shivering and crying about the cold (she is cold natured like her mama) but somehow Cydnee managed to capture the most gorgeous shots ever. These photos below sum up a few of my favorite things: my girls, Texas, spring, Gods creation & bluebonnets...

"The prairie sky is wide and high...Deep in the heart of Texas"

“Bluebonnets have inspired the poet’s pen, the artist’s brush, the cowboy’s dream, and the legislator’s eloquence throughout the broad spaces of Texas. Their royal beauty and enchanting fragrance have a particular message which speaks to the emotions with compelling directness.” -Mary Daggett Lake

PS Here are a few good ol' Iphone photos I took of my mom "YaYa" and the girls!

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