Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Texas Bluebonnet Photos

I am just wild about gorgeous Texas Blue Bonnets...

I am a California girl who has lived in Texas for the past 10 years and I have always always wanted to get pictures in bluebonnets! The last couple years I have pulled my car over and snapped some shots with my iphone but those pictures do not show the full beauty of our Texas state flower. This year I finally decided to get some professional pictures of my 2 little Texas girls in the bluebonnets. Last minute I almost canceled the session because I felt like we have had pictures taken every other month, but Luckily I just went for it! I am beyond pleased with the way the pictures turned out!!! I am actually pretty obsessed with every one of them! A friend of mine referred me to CLJ Photography & let me just say Cydnee is AMAZING. The day of our photos the Texas winds kicked it up a notch (or two or three!) and it was a chilly wind. Poor Josselyn was shivering and crying about the cold (she is cold natured like her mama) but somehow Cydnee managed to capture the most gorgeous shots ever. These photos below sum up a few of my favorite things: my girls, Texas, spring, Gods creation & bluebonnets...

"The prairie sky is wide and high...Deep in the heart of Texas"

“Bluebonnets have inspired the poet’s pen, the artist’s brush, the cowboy’s dream, and the legislator’s eloquence throughout the broad spaces of Texas. Their royal beauty and enchanting fragrance have a particular message which speaks to the emotions with compelling directness.” -Mary Daggett Lake

PS Here are a few good ol' Iphone photos I took of my mom "YaYa" and the girls!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

And she's 1 year old...

In the blink of an eye my littlest love turned one!

It is crazy how life just passes you by. I have had a flood of emotions this past week and to be honest I have been dreading my little Jewel's birthday for the entire month of April. Maybe you could say I am not big on change...I like the familiar, I like comfort. There is something that makes me happy about having a baby to hold in my arms and for some reason I fear my girls getting older. Maybe I am scared that one day I will not be able to protect them like I want to, or maybe I don't like to think about them one day not being with me 24/7 who knows...but birthdays always bring about a little pain in my heart. I have been learning the past 2 years to cherish the moment and enjoy the season. Although I would absolutely keep my little Jewel an infant forever I can't and it is so true that there is so much joy and fun in each and every stage in a child's life (at least that is what I have found in my long 2.5 years of mothering) haha.

Yesterday I chose not to be sad but to instead celebrate my sweet, precious Jewel! She is my miracle baby who I thank God every day for. Many of you may not know but Jewel was my breech baby. For some reason she did not turn and it all seemed a bit odd (it makes perfect sense now). I went into kida early labor at 37 weeks and 2 days. I was having nonstop contractions yet I was not dilating. The doctor decided to do a c-section since nothing they gave me would stop the contractions. Long story short baby Julianna was a tangled mess. The umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck and then around her shoulder and then around her neck again. She was so tangled up it took 2 doctors quite a while to get her out during the surgery (and she had bruising from how tight the cord was).  Needless to say, God's hedge of protection was around her and thank the Lord my contractions did not stop & she did not try and turn, because it could have been another story... *Her birth story is here The Arrival of our Miracle Baby

So yesterday on April 22nd 2014, I decided to rejoice! I rejoiced because God blessed me with a healthy baby girl, I rejoiced because she had a wonderful 1st year of life and I rejoiced because out of every woman in the world I was the lucky blessed one chosen to be the Mama of Julianna Faith Alcala. Jewel had a fun birthday with pizza, cake, balloons and a party hat (courtesy of big sister Josse the party planner). We will be celebrating her life all week long and having a big circus party on Saturday!

I love you my precious, angel, baby. You truly are a "jewel" to our family and our life is so much better because of you. I can not wait to watch you grow and witness the incredible things things you are going to do for the Kingdom of God. You are going to be a mighty, fierce world changer for the Lord and I am honored to be your mama.

Happy Birthday baby girl

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Visit From Uncle Nick!

Last month Uncle Nick came to Texas for a visit!

Believe it or not in the past 6 years I have only seen my little brother Nick one time! He had never even met Josselyn or Julianna until his past visit. It is so hard when life takes you in different directions. We live in Texas and my brother lives in Los Angeles and the long distance kept us from seeing each other for far too long! My brother's band Bleaux was recently signed by Interscope records & one of their first out of town gigs was to play at SXSW (South by Southwest) a huge music festival in Austin, TX. Our entire family was so excited that Nick would be stepping foot in the lone star state. My mom and little sis drove to Austin to pick Nick up as soon as he finished his final show and brought him to Dallas for a few days of R&R.

Josselyn & Julianna absolutely loved their Uncle Nick! Josse & Nick were inseparable the entire time. They played, danced, sang & jammed out every second they could. She even made Nick give her horsey rides (which is exactly what I use to make him do for me when we were kids!) lol I have come to the conclusion that everyone needs that silly, fun, crazy, loving Uncle Buck Nick! My girls could not get enough of their Uncle and it is easy to see why...

Uncle Nick showered the girls with goodies but the best surprise of all was a keyboard for Josse & a baby toy piano for Jewel. Nick is a talented musician so of course he had to start training his little proteges with their instruments as soon as they met. I can't explain how precious it was to watch them play together & witness my little brother fall in love with my girls. They stole his heart immediately & they both managed to wrap him around their teeny-tiny fingers. Family truly is priceless and irreplaceable. This trip was a good reminder that no matter how crazy, chaotic and busy life is, it is so important to find ways to see your loved ones who may not live so close.

We had the best 4 days ever and I did not want it to come to an end. We did some shopping, went to the Grapevine Aquarium, Dallas Arboretum & enjoyed the most amazing dinner at this Jazz restaurant called Buttons. The time flew by wayyy to quick and it was really hard to say goodbye. A lot of tears were shed (by all of us) and Josselyn still asks if Uncle Nick is coming over every other day. We are counting down until Nick's next trip to Dallas in June!

I am so proud of my baby brother and all of his accomplishments! He has taught me to dream big and he has proven that with hard work & determination anything is possible. I love you Nicky & I can not wait to see what the future holds for you. Keep dreaming big & with God all things are possible.

Monday, April 14, 2014

My 30th Birthday

The big 30

You may have read my Farewell to my 20's Blog a few weeks ago so you know that I wasn't exactly thrilled about leaving behind my 20's but looking back I couldn't be more happy with the last decade of my life. Now although turning 30 was bitter-sweet for me I must say that I had the most incredibly perfect 30th birthday!

The day began with my oldest daughter Josselyn coming in my room to tell me "Happy Birthday" and to escort me downstairs for a special breakfast. My sweet hubby had made an early morning Starbucks run and had nutella banana crepes for me from my favorite breakfast spot. 

John then told me to go get ready becasue at 11:00am my mom and sister were coming over to take me shopping and out to lunch. We went to Neiman Marcus becasue my mom said she wanted to get me a few MacKenzie Child's items for my kitchen. As we were shopping my sister said she was hungry so we headed to La Meriposa the delicious restaurant inside Neiman's. As We walked in I was completely shocked to see all of my girlfriends standing there yelling "SURPRISE". I was completely speechless! Not only were all of my friends there but the whole area looked so lovely. There were the most beautiful pink flower arrangements on the tables and a gorgeous pink cake and cookies. My sweet friend Lauren had made all of the arrangements for us to enjoy the most delicious "high tea". It was such a fun afternoon and I felt so blessed and thankful as I looked at the table of incredible women that God has placed in my life. Friendship truly is one of the greatest treasures in my life and I am so honored to get to live life with so many beautiful women that continually sharpen me and challenge me to be a better friend, wife & mom. Thank you Lauren for orchestrating that wonderful birthday tea, you are such a gem in my life.

After the tea we went home to another surprise. My 2 year old is not the average 2 year old. For 2 days she talked and talked about this party she was having for me! She told me I was going to have a colorful Elmo party with balloons, and party horns and cake. We all laughed everytime she talked about this party becasue it was all in her imagination there was no Elmo party in John's plan. Josselyn called YaYa (my mom) the night before my birthday to thank her for the new princess gown YaYa gave her. Before they hung up Josse said, "YaYa would you like to come to my mama's Elmo Birthday party tomorrow? There will be lots of balloons and cake" hahaha Right then and there John and my mom new they had to help Josselyn turn her little imaginary birthday party for mommy into a reality. Needless to say when I walked in the door from the tea with my friends Josselyn and John yelled "SURPRISE" and I had another surprise party (Elmo themed of course). Josse is definitely a chip off the old block and a future party planner like her Mama & YaYa!

After my perfect Elmo party John took me to get a couples massage which was just what we both needed! I don't think either of us have had a full nights sleep in oh... about.... 2.5 years lol I guess that is as expected with a 11 month old and 2 year old. And I for one always have a baby girl in my arms whether it is Josse or Jewel ;) So the massage was definitely relaxing! 

After that we came home and got all dolled up to go out to dinner. One of John's favorite restaurants is called Del Frisco's. He goes there frequently for work dinners and I have some how never been! I love sea food and John has been telling me for years that I would love the sea food tower there and lobster so we decided to celebrate there with just the 2 of us. 

John planned the whole day out and it really was perfect. I was blessed to spend time my incredible husband, precious girls, amazing mom & sister and the very best friends a girl could ask for. I guess turning 30 isn't so bad after all...

Cheers to the next 30 years!