Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Word for 2014

One word...

I have spent the last few days thinking about my goals for 2014.  Now I am all about New Year resolutions and I actually have a list of things I am always working on (i.e. spending more time in the Word, praying, etc) but this year I decided to pray that the Lord would give me ONE WORD to focus on. I wanted to have one special word that could be my personal "goal" for the year. I wanted it to be a word that would challenge me, sharpen me, & make me a better wife, mother & friend. The word that came to my mind every time I prayed and thought about it was the word "INTENTIONAL". My prayer is that in 2014 (and every day from here on out) that I would be intentional with everyone/everything in my life. When I am home with my girls I don't just want to be present in the room with them, I want to be intentionally there and focused on them. It is so easy to always get distracted on my phone, Instagram, Facebook, or come up with a million to-do lists in my head but instead I want to get on the floor and play pretend with my girls, read books to them, help them put together puzzles and listen to them ramble on and on. And then when my girls are in bed and I am with John, I want to once again be "intentional" in the few moments we may have (alone). I want to give my husband, my 100% undivided attention when we are together whether it be at home, driving or whatever special moments we may be able to steal. I do not want to be one of those people always preoccupied or distracted when I am around my loved ones...I want to give my all to everyone in my life. We can never get a day back or turn back the hands of time. We are not promised tomorrow and our days are numbered, so I want to be sure to be intentional with each and every one of those priceless days. We only have 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, 86,400 seconds in each day so it is up to each and everyone one of us to decide how we are going to spend that precious time we will never get back. I challenge you to join me in making this decision to be intentional with the time we have been blessed with in this upcoming year. Lets make the most of 2014.

I came across this picture & it reconfirmed why my word for 2014 is INTENTIONAL

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