Monday, November 4, 2013

Hello Toddler Bed

Bye Bye Crib...Hello Toddler Bed

Tonight was a night I have been dreading for the past 2 years. Tonight we said good bye to Josse's crib and hello to her toddler bed. OK, OK, I am being a little dramatic. All we really did was take off one side of her crib and add the toddler rail (which is just a shorter side) in its place. It actually still looks exactly like her crib with just one shorter side. But, I honestly would let Josse sleep in her crib until she is 5...well maybe not 5 but at least until she is 3. But,  unfortunately Josse learned how to climb out of her crib  a few weeks ago, so every night she climbs out 3-6 times throughout the night. John and I started to worry she would fall climbing out at 2am or whenever she decides to hop out and come wake us up asking for breakfast. It seems a lot safer for her to climb over the little guard rail instead of the tall side of the crib. Plus, things can not really get worse with her climbing out since some nights she literally get's out every 2 hours!!! Even with all of this said, I still did not want to transform her sweet baby crib.

Josselyn helping daddy put together her toddler bed

It is not so much the transformation of her crib that is hard, I guess it is just that she is getting older and no longer needs a crib. It really does seem like yesterday she was sleeping in a bassinet in my room. I totally remember writing the Blog Empty Nest Syndrome when I first moved Josse out of my room into her crib! Having little ones really does put into perspective that our life is but a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow. In the blink of an eye newborns turn to babies, who then become toddlers, who before long will be starting school, then graduating and well you know the rest...

Josselyn's bassinet she slept in for 4 months in my room

 Josselyn in her crib for the very first time

I feel like I say this every time I write a blog now days but I am constantly being reminded to cherish the moments, be intentional with my time and embrace each and every season of my life. I was in the kitchen today and Josse dumped out a bag of pita chips on the rug and then Jewel started to cry and then to top it off Candy my dog threw up! I just stood there with chaos around me and all I could do was sing in my head the song "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor haha. But then tonight as I laid in Josse's toddler bed with her and read her a story I wished I could freeze time right here right now forever and ever. What's my point? Life will always have its chaotic, stressful, crazy moments but it will also have its beautiful, priceless, precious moments. We just have to learn to not sweat the small stuff, learn from the hard times and cherish those happy moments in our day with the ones we love.

My big girl sleeping in her toddler bed for the very 1st time