Thursday, November 21, 2013

All Things Fall...

Oh how I love the Fall

A cool breeze, leaves changing, the smell of the fire place, pumpkin flavored desserts, hay rides, pumpkin patches, Starbucks caramel apple cider and the list goes on and on of why I love the fall time. When I think about the fall, I think about family trips to Apple Hill in Northern California. It is a place my family went to every fall. We would go the pumpkin patch, visit the little shops and eat BBQ chicken, apple salad, caramel apples & drink fresh apple cider at Able's Apples Acers. Life can be so unpredictable and unexpected. I would never have thought that at 29 years old I would no longer have my father still with me or that both of my brothers would be living in different states literally across the country from where I am living. I think it has been 6 years since my sister, 2 brothers and I have all been together and due to different circumstances I do not know when the next time is we will all be together. Yet, when I close my eyes It seems like just yesterday we were all piled into the teel Astro mini van headed to Apple Hill to pick out our pumpkin. So 15+ years later all I have are those sweet precious childhood memories. But you know what...those memories are absolutely priceless and the thought of them still makes my heart happy. Sometimes, at the end of the day, all we have is memories to hold on to. It is so important to make sure to make those beautiful, priceless, memories with your family & friends.

So, this autumn season like always I have made sure to plan plenty of "fall outings" for my family. John is never too thrilled with the idea of visiting another pumpkin patch or driving to some community festival but once we get there he is always so happy we went. I know it would be so much easier to just stay at home with our girls (especially since they are 6 months old & 2 years old) but I just think it is so important to start making memories with them and establishing family traditions right now (no one is promised tomorrow). My prayer is that when my girls are grown and married with kids of their own that they will be able to close their eyes and smile at the sweet memories of their childhood with John & I here in good ol' Texas.

Here is a look at the Fall 2013 with the Alcala Family

Having Fun at the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch  

At our neighborhood Fall Festival

At YaYa's neighborhood fall festival

Our 2 Minnie Mouse's on Halloween

Alcala Family trip to the Dallas Arboretum 

The Texas State Fair (we went twice!)


Having a play-date at the Dallas Arboretum on "Tiny Tot Tuesday"

Click here for more pictures of  Tiny Tot Tuesday at the Dallas Arboretum

Happy Fall Y'all!


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  1. So cute! Your family will have so many great memories to look back on!! Happy Fall!