Friday, November 1, 2013

6 Months With Our Little Jewel

6 months old... Where has all the time gone?

I can not believe that my precious Jewel is 6 months old. And I really can not believe that in 6 more months she will be 1 year old!!! Don't worry I have already started thinking about her 1st Birthday bash. Let me give you a little baby Jewel update: Right now Jewel weighs 15.6lbs (40%) and she is 26in long (60%). She can roll over and even sit up for a few seconds (then she topples over!). She sleeps through the night anywhere from 8-12 hours (praise the Lord). Little Jewel does not have any teeth yet but she sure likes to put everything in her mouth.....especially her thumb!!!! Julianna is always smiling and can babble up a storm. We have heard her say "dada and papa" once while she was in her crib (of course she had no clue what she was saying but it was still cute!) Jewel has a pretty boring diet of only breast milk (5-7X a day) but we did try giving her avocado last week (she hated it). I just bought some organic rice cereal to introduce to her this weekend so hopefully she likes that.  Jewel just got her ears pierced (Daddy was traumatized) so look for her new bling in all the pictures I post.

Julianna really has been a God send to our family. She is the happiest, sweetest, baby I have ever seen. She is so laid back and just goes with the flow. It is by no means easy having a 2 year old and 6 month old but Jewel definitely makes it as easy as she can for mama :) Although I get sad thinking about my littlest princess getting bigger I can not wait for Josse & Jewel to become play mates & best friends. It is crazy to think that this time next year Jewel will be 1.5 years old and Josse will be 3 years old and I just know they will be playing house, kitchen, etc together.

In my life right now God is continuing to teach me to slow down, relax and enjoy the ride. Every day may not be perfect but there will be something perfect in every day. We have our good days and crazy days in the Alcala house but I just have to remind my self this is just a "season" and one day I will miss this season of my life (even if it was a crazy one).  Although it is cliche my goal daily is to just live, laugh and love. I want to LIVE my life 100% for God, I want to LAUGH daily even if it may not be the best day & I want to LOVE everyone around me unconditionally.


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