Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Nap-time Stike...


Well for the past two weeks my 2 year old Josselyn has tried to boycott her naps! Actually she has tried to boycott sleeping in general. We have never really had issues with her sleeping before this. Sure, occasionally she would cry when it was nap-time or bedtime but these past couple weeks she has decided to not only cry for over an hour every time I lay her down but she started climbing out of her crib!!! I am not talking about climbing out once I am talking like 3+ times each time I lay her down. It really has turned into a total Nightmare at our house!

Someone does not want to take a nap!

I started to worry that maybe Josselyn was out growing naps. I had no idea when kids stopped taking naps now days. I remember having nap-time in kindergarten but maybe times have changed. I decided to do what any mom now days does when she has a question or needs advice... I posted a "status" on Facebook asking all the moms out there when their kids stopped taking naps! To my surprise within a couple hours I had over 40 comments and most all of them were from experienced mothers who were offering up some great advice! Sure there was the occasional mom that missed the part in my status where I was ASKING for advice & tips and instead proceeded to tell me how great her kids were sleeping during their naps haha but I really was utterly grateful for all the feedback  and advice I received! Sure, every mom has a different parenting style and we moms all do things differently but the consensus I got from the 40+ comments was that a 2 year old should most definitely still be taking naps and a large majority even went on to say kids naps (or have quiet/rest time) until Kindergarten! Wow!!!! I had no idea but I was thankful to hear that.

With the help of some of the comments I have come to the conclusion that Josse may just be "testing me" and the whole idea of naps/sleep. Josse has started a few games during sleep time. For example, when it is time to lay her down she all of a sudden decides that she wants to be rocked, or she wants a story read to her, or she needs milk, ice water and a snack. Plus she now refuses to even get in her crib without: her pink bear, her Minnie Mouse, Jewel's Minnie Mouse, her baby, baby's blanket, 2 of babies bottles, her pillow, 2 books, her water bottle and Jewel's blanket (it has to be one of Jewel's blankets!). It really is crazy but if we are missing even one of those items then Josse has a total melt down! I can not really change these crazy habits/games/routines that have been started but I am going to start the whole bed time routine 30 minutes earlier that way we can rock, read stories and make sure she has EVERYTHING she needs in her crib/bed and still be in bed by around 8ish. I am going to be consistent with nap time and really make sure that Josselyn knows that it is not an option. I also think I am going to lay her down between 1:30pm - 2:00pm because a lot of moms mentioned that as their kids got older they went down for naps later. I am hoping that all of this will help, so wish me luck!!!

Now as for the climbing out of the crib issue I am still a little unsure how to handle it. So far I have decided to transition her crib into a toddler bed. I really don't want to do that but I do not want to risk Josse climbing out in her delirious half asleep state at 2am and getting hurt. I don't want to get angry or spank her every time she gets out (which I did try a couple times & then felt horrible!!!) I figure it is better/safer for her to climb out of her bed then a crib. I am still trying to figure out how to keep her in the bed but hopefully I figure out something very soon (I am open to suggestions!). As of right now she climbs out at random times 12am, 2am, 5am, 6:30am and then we hear her in the baby monitor say, "I need breakfast" or "I watch Abby & Elmo show". At 6:00am or later I let her have breakfast on the couch and watch a show but anytime before then John or I just put her back in her crib (there is definitely some crying involved) UGH!!!!

This 2 year old may just be too busy to slow down & sleep...

Well...that is what we have been dealing with at the Alcala household! This is a first for us and we are hoping it is just a short phase. Be praying that our high energy, little busy body, Josselyn Grace Alcala decides to put down her sign and stops protesting sleep! This nap-time strike has got to come to an end...

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