Friday, August 23, 2013

The Past 2 Years...

Oh my where do I even begin...

This Monday, August 26th my first born baby girl will be 2 years old. In the blink of an eye she went from this tiny, wide eyed a happy, little girl, who is always dancing & singing! At (almost) 2 years old Josselyn Grace can talk up a storm, say her ABC's, identify every letter in the alphabet, count to 15 and sing a variety of tunes. She has some killer dance moves, she loves to play "mama & baby" and she can shoot a mean free throw in her basketball hoop. Her favorite books are Good Night Moon, The Hungry Caterpillar, Where's Maisy & Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Her favorite TV shows include, Sesame Street, Yo Gabba Gabba (which I can not stand), Daniel Tigers Neighborhood & Blues Clues. Her favorite thing to eat is a lemon cake pop from Starbucks or a McDonald's ice cream cone haha She also loves eggs, avocados, watermelon, yogurt & apple juice. She enjoys going to her My Gym class, swimming, playing at the mall play ground, going on carousel rides and going for walks in our neighborhood (looking for hop hop's). Josselyn has started to go pee pee & poo poo in her princess potty chair so in the next couple weeks we are going to really work on potty training her. Right now Josselyn's best friend is Giovanni Alcala; she absolutely loves him! She also adores her two big cousin's Isabella & Alexandrea. Our big girl has grown to LOVE her baby sister Julianna aka "JuJu" and Josse always makes sure that JuJu has a blanket on her and a pacifier in her mouth (even if Jewel does not want the paci or a blanket!) haha Josselyn light's up our life and we can not even begin to imagine life without her.

Josse & Jewel

Josse & Jewel with their cousins Isa & Aly

Josse with her best friend Gio

To be honest I have been an emotional wreck this past week. There is something that is just gut wrenching about my baby girl turning two. I guess I really feel like she is now no longer a baby but instead a full on toddler. Before long she will be out of diapers and no longer in her crib. You would think that I would be happy about those changes but thinking about them actually makes me sad. When I look at Josse I still see that dark haired baby girl that completely changed my life for the better on August 26th 2011. She made me a "Mommy" and next to salvation, that has been the greatest gift of my life. In the past two years Josselyn has taught my how to love more, be more patient, kind & selfless. She has made me stronger, wiser & more protective. She has given my life a new meaning & purpose and I thank God every day for choosing me to be her mother.

The moment I became a mother

Josselyn lights up any room that she walks into & she is a complete representation of the joy of the Lord. She is a natural born leader who loves people. I have no doubt in my mind that she is going to be history maker & world changer for Jesus! My prayer is that her mission in life would always be to know God & make Him known. I can not wait to see the incredible things Josselyn does for the kingdom of God.

I love you so much Josselyn Grace Alcala. I wish I could just freeze time but I can't. Instead I will make it my goal to cherish every day I have with you and enjoy the journey. I look forward to making a life time of memories with you baby girl!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my 1st born princess

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