Thursday, July 4, 2013

2 Months with my Angel Baby

The past 2 months... 

Precious Baby Julianna has been in our life for 2 months now! These past few weeks have just flown right by. The hospital stay is a total blur and so were the first few weeks at home. I guess I do not do well with sleep deprivation + total exhaustion + recovering from a surgery! Anyways in the midst of the craziness I could not have been more blessed to have such a sweet, good, baby like little Jewel.

I call Julianna my "Angel Baby". She really is a total angel. I could not have prayed for a more laid back, easy baby (my fingers are crossed that nothing changes) haha. Josse was a completely different baby than Jewel!!! Josse was a wonderful baby but definitely not an "easy" baby. Josselyn hated her car seat, hated her stroller, refused to take a pacifier or bottle and she never slept when we went out & about. John and I dreaded taking her to restaurants and if I took her to the mall or to run errands there was a 50% chance she would just start crying in the middle of the store. Juliana is the polar opposite. She took a pacifier from day 1, she took a bottle the 1st time we gave it to her (at about 3 weeks) & she rarely cries unless she is hungry, poopy or tired. It is kind of funny because Josselyn cried the moment we 1st put her in her car seat when we left the hospital. Julianna on the other hand LOVES her car seat & almost immediately falls asleep every time we put her in it. Not to mention that she already sleeps 6-8 hours every night!  Now, I know Jewel is only 2 months old so a lot could change these next few months but the fact that Jewel will go in her car seat, take a pacifier & drink from a bottle make things soooooo much easier than they were with Josse.

I really think the Lord knew how overwhelmed I was already going to be with 2 babies under the age of two so he decided to cut me a break & give me a daughter who is a little more laid back with a more "mild temperament" haha. Even when Julianna was still in my womb I knew she was going to have a completely different personality & temperament than Josselyn. You see, Josse never ever stopped moving around, kicking me, or jabbing me when I was pregnant. There would be nights I would be up all night because Josse wouldn't stop moving (not much changed once Josse was born!) Jewel on the other hand barely moved! At times I had a hard time even counting the 10 kicks you are supposed to count each day in your 3rd trimester. She is just so much more mellow than her big sister. From the moment Julianna was born I knew immediately that she was going to be my angel baby.

Last week in church a couple was praying over John and I, and then they began praying over Julianna. They said that she was going to one day be a "connector" & "bridger" who connects people to Jesus and bridges the gap between the world & the Lord. They said that she had a gift of love and was going to love the unlovely & go places others don't want to go. I really do feel that what they spoke was a word from the Lord. I can already tell that Julianna Faith Alcala has a gift of love and is going to show God's love to everyone she encounters. It is pretty incredible that at only 8 weeks old God gave someone a word "prophecy" to speak over Julianna's life. I can not wait to see the woman of God that she becomes & the incredible things that she does for the Kingdom of God.

I truly believe in my heart that I am raising 2 little world changers. I have my energetic, natural born leader, Josselyn Grace and my loving, little angel baby, Julianna Faith. Each one is so beautiful, different & unique and I am honored and blessed to be both of their Mama's.

Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it"

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