Monday, September 12, 2011

Josselyn's 1st Photo Shoot "Newborn Pictures"

Baby Pictures...

In my opinion there is nothing more precious than newborn baby pictures. I love their tiny fingers, tiny toes, tiny tooshies, little rolls and innocent faces. Newborn babies are simply the cutest thing ever! Throughout my pregnancy one of the things that I was the most excited about was Josselyn's newborn baby pictures. I just Looovvvee naked baby girls with BIG BOWS on their head (I am sure that does not surprise y'all!) Anyway, I have been excited about Josselyn's newborn pictures since...well, before she was even born!

Now I was not quite sure how life with a newborn would be so I decided to schedule the pictures 2 weeks after Josse was born. At the time I figured a 2 week old would be easier to photograph then a 1 week old (I was obviously clueless about newborn babies). It probably would have made no difference when Josselyn's newborn pictures were. It actually might have been better to do them when she was a week younger because she slept non-stop that week! Anyway, the pictures did not quite go how I imagined...

Things started off GREAT! The photographer arrived at our house and Josselyn was sound asleep. It is a lot easier to work with a sleeping baby so we started immediately. She took the most precious pictures of Josse naked on our bed. They turned out sooo precious! Things were going perfectly until our sweet little princess decided to PEE all over our bed!!! Yes folks Josselyn peed all over our leopard blanket while she was sleeping lol

Well after the peeing incident we took some sweet family pictures with Josse and our two pups Sugar & Candy on our bed. Josselyn was back asleep at this point and she was much better behaved then both of our dogs. Luckily we did get some cute pictures (you may be seeing one of these shots on our Christmas cards this year!) ;)

Next, the photographer wanted to capture some natural, candid shots with John and myself interacting with the baby. At this point Josselyn was wide awake but luckily she was behaving quite well! The photographer had John hold Josse, talk to her, and kiss her sweet face (these are some of my favorite pictures). It was my turn next...I held my precious little girl and kissed her all over. Well while I was holding my beautiful, NAKED baby Josselyn decided to...ummmm....projectile POOP all over me and the floor! This poop shot out a good 3 feet and it got every where. It was on my dress, the blanket, the rug & the carpet! It was absolutely disgusting and it definitely slowed down the photo shoot.

It seemed like after the projectile poop incident things only got worse! Little princess decided that she was starving even though she ate 2 hours before. Josselyn was crying non-stop so I had to stop and feed her (let me remind you that we paid for a half session so we were only supposed to have 45 minutes and Josselyn wanted to waste time eating!!!) I thought I could just give Josse a little snack instead of a full feeding (BIG MISTAKE) so after she ate a little bit we went down stairs to continue the photo shoot.

I was really excited about the last part of the session. The photographer was now going to take pictures of Josselyn in a few of her tutu's and some cute naked pics of her in a big metal bucket with fun bows on her head. Well ... since Josselyn was not completely full so she decided to keep crying. We tried putting her in the metal bucket and this child screamed bloody murder! She was not about to put on a tutu, a hair bow or be put in a metal bucket. She was done with pictures and was not going to cooperate. Let's just say the photo session ended there :( No tutu pictures or bucket pictures. I was really disappointed at first but as soon as I saw the photos that the photographer did take, I fell in love with them and the tutu pictures no longer mattered ;)

Well that is the story of our photo adventure. I will say that the pee, poop & crying baby were all worth it for the beautiful pictures we will have to cherish for the rest of our life. I did learn from this experience that things never go as planned when there is a baby involved. Unfortunately I think I am on Josselyn's schedule more than she is on my schedule :)

P.S The photographer took some beautiful pictures of Josselyn's nursery, so I figured that I should share with yall :)

*Photos by Stephanie Davis Photography

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