Monday, May 20, 2013

Baby Jewel's 1st Photo Shoot

Once again pictures never quite go as planned...

If you read my blog The Arrival of our Miracle Baby then you know that our little princess decided to grace us with her presence about 3 weeks early! Now, since this is my 2nd time around I know from experience that it is very important to book newborn pictures as close to the baby's birth as possible! We waited a little too long when we did Josselyn's newborn pictures Josselyn's 1st Photo Shoot "Newborn Pictures" so my plan was to book Julianna's pictures as close to her birth as possible. For the first week or so newborn babies go into this crazy, deep sleep. You can basically move them around, pose them, stick them in buckets, baskets, etc and they do not wake up or move an inch. It makes it easy to take all those cute naked, sleepy baby newborn pictures. Now after that first week it starts getting a little tougher to pose them and move them around without waking them up. Because Julianna was breech I had a scheduled c-section for May 3rd. So I made sure to book our newborn pictures the following week. Although I am so thankful that baby Jewel came when she did it completely messed up the timing for her newborn pics! Luckily, our sweet photographer Kylie was able to move up the date by a few days but Julianna was still 16 days old by the time we took her newborn pictures.

The pictures turned out beautiful thanks to Kylie but it was not an easy couple of hours. It was near impossible to get Julianna to stay asleep. Many, many, many, times we had Jewel in a precious hair bow, posed in some sort of cute basket or something and we could not get a single shot of her before she would wake up crying. I think I ended up feeding her 3 times in a 2 hour span just so so she would sort of fall asleep. If she wasn't crying then she was wide awake grunting and pooping! I am pretty sure she pooped at least 5 times in those 2 hours lol. And believe it or not, Josselyn actually tried cooperating a couple of times when we posed her with Julianna. Unfortunately Jewel refused to cooperate and she would wake up crying every time we were close to getting a cute shot!!! The good news is, we did some how manage to get some precious pictures of Julianna asleep but the sister pictures did not happen (maybe next time!)

Here is a sneak peek at some of my very favorite shots from Baby Jewel's 1st photo shoot. There are more photos on my Facebook page.

Nothing is as precious as a sleeping baby

We are so in love with our precious Jewel


I had no idea I could love another little princess this much


Beautiful Big Sister 

Our new family of 4


John, SheriLynn, Josselyn & Julianna

*Photos by Kylie Kristine Photography

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