Monday, April 22, 2013

My Hospital Bag Is Packed!

My bags are packed & I am ready to go...

This past weekend I finally decided to pack mine and baby Jewel's hospital bags! At times I still feel like it will be forever until baby Julianna makes her debut but then reality sets in. Last week 2 of my girlfriends who had the same due date as me had their babies! One of them was induced because of complications but the other one's water just broke. After visiting both of these precious babies in the hospital I quickly realized that Julianna could come literally any day now. I am 38 weeks pregnant which is considered FULL TERM and there is no predicting when this little one will come. All of this to say, after having two girlfriends go into labor and after having my mom harass me for the past week I finally decided to get my hospital bag packed.

You would think that I would know what to pack since it was only 20 months ago that I was packing my hospital bag for Josselyn's delivery but believe it or not I completely forgot what I needed to bring! Luckily I blogged my entire pregnancy journey with Josselyn (I was way more consistant blogging the 1st time around). I knew that some where in the archive was a blog about what to take to the hospital. I looked back and came across the old blog Our Hospital Bag Is Finally Packed! In that blog I had a list of what I need to pack, along with what I need to pack for the baby & John. It was actually crazy reading that old blog because I wrote it at 38 weeks pregnant (which is exactly how far I am now).  It is kind of funny because the reason I decided to finally pack my bag back then was because one of my girlfriends who had the same due date as me then went into labor early lol. Well, needless to say I spent this weekend buying a new nursing bra, nursing tank tops, warm socks & some new PJ's for my hospital bag :) I still need to get a few things for baby Jewel to add to her bag but we are basically all packed & ready to go!!!

I can't believe this pregnancy journey is coming to an end. I get a little emotional when I think about it because it really does seem like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant on John's birthday August 29th, 2012. In the blink of an eye almost 9 months have gone by, and that is was makes me sad (not that I won't be pregnant anymore). Josselyn had just turned 1 when I found out I was pregnant and now she is almost 20 months old. Once again I am reminded to cherish every hour of every day becasue life just flies by and there is no way to slow it down. In less than 2 weeks baby Julianna will be here and then before I know it she will be growing up before my eyes! I know I can not freeze time but I can be intentional and make the most of each day I have with my precious girls, husband, family and friends. I think the whole Boston marathon bombing and explosions in West, Texas have also reminded me how precious every single day is. Life is like a vapor and we are not promised tomorrow. All we really have is "TODAY" and I want to make the most of my "TODAYS".

Sorry I got a little sappy on you...I know this blog entry is supposed to be about "packing your hospital bag" not a reminder of "how short life is" haha. But if you need a good hospital bag packing list then here is the list I came up with when I was pregnant with Josselyn...

Mom's stuff
-Warm socks
-Nursing bra/underwear
-2 pairs or yoga pants
-2 tank tops
-Zip-up jacket for going home in
-Flip flops
-Tooth brush, tooth paste, floss
-Shampoo, conditioner, body wash
-Hair brush, make-up, deodorant & chap stick
-Madela lanolin cream (eek!)

Dad's stuff
-Socks, undershirt & underwear
-Warm-up pants & jacket
-Tooth brush, etc
-Gum & mints

Baby's stuff
-Baby gown's
-2 Swaddle blankets
-Burp cloths
-Go home outfit
-Car seat (in the car)

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