Wednesday, April 17, 2013

3rd Trimester California Trip

"I wish they all could be California girls..."

I am a true blooded California girl. I was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. Although I absolutely love love love Texas (and I honestly don't ever want to leave the south) there is something so comforting and refreshing about going home. This past weekend we took a 3 day trip to Los Angeles. Now although Nor-Cal and So-Cal are quite different they are still both apart of the golden state and going back to LA brought back some sweet memories dear to my heart (I lived at the LA Dream Center for 4 months during my 1st year of Masters Commission). I will give you a little recap of the trip...

First of all I will address the question: "Are you allowed to fly at 36 weeks pregnant?" The answer is according to my doctor NO (he doesn't like you traveling past 32 weeks) but according to American Airlines you can travel up to 4 weeks before your due date (36 weeks). So since I was exactly 4 weeks from my due date I was technically allowed to fly according to the airlines not my doctor. I figured since I did not go into labor until 39 weeks and 6 days with Josselyn that I would be fine this time around as well. Was that the smartest decision...probably not lol but I just had to squeeze in one last trip before I become a mommy of 2 baby girls! ;) Now although the flight was really uncomfortable (fat, pregnant women are just not meant to fly) I had an absolute blast these 3 days.

So... why did we jet off to Los Angeles for the weekend? Well, 2 of our precious friends who we have been waiting on and waiting on and waiting on to get married (for the past 5 years) finally decided to get married haha. I thought we would be attending this wedding in August or September after baby Jewel had arrived but last minute things changed! Jessica & Eveni were chose to be featured on David Tutera's reality show "My Fair Wedding Unveiled". They found out in March that the wedding date was April 12th!!! Let me just say that if there is one couple that deserves to have their dream wedding then it is this couple! Jess is a drop dead gorgeous fashionista who has an incredible heart for the Lord and Eveni is one of the most talented, yet humble guys I have ever met. They are both Masters Commission graduates who are sold out for God. Anyways, we almost didn't go since I am 9 months pregnant but then we decided why not?!? We didn't want to miss this awesome couple get married and we did not want to miss getting a chance to see so many of our other friends who are basically family! It was pretty awesome getting so spend time with so many special people from our Masters Commission family. Unfortunately, we no longer all live in the same state we are spread out everywhere (Texas, Arizona, California, etc) so it was really awesome to all come together to celebrate an amazing couple on such a special day. *I can not post any pictures from the wedding until the TV show airs but I can assure you that this was the wedding of the year!!! It was absolutely gorgeous and everything from the decor to the entertainment seemed just perfect for the bride and groom! I will definitely add some pictures into this Blog once the episode airs :) Until then here are just a few pre-wedding pictures!

The Groom & Bride

This trip was a double bonus for me as well! My younger brother Nick has been in LA for the past 4 years. He graduated from the Los Angeles Recording School and has been perusing his dream of music. Nick became a part of an awesome band called "Blow" and right now they are negotiating with 4 different record labels and are about to get signed! Woohooo. It is really incredible to see all my baby brothers hard work paying off. It had been 4 years since I had seen Nick so I was really excited about getting this chance to spend some time with him as well.

My brother & the other members of "Blow"

We ate at some awesome restaurants while we were in LA: Roscoes Chicken & Waffles, The Nickle Diner & The Waffle. I am pretty sure I gained at least 5lbs eating fried chicken, hazelnut donuts, red velvet waffles and so much more!!!

We also walked around Hollywood Blvd and saw the stars and hand prints in front of the Chinese Theater. Now you may be thinking what is so special about that??? Well exactly 10 years ago John and I had our very 1st date right there in LA and we walked along Hollywood Blvd and saw the stars and celebrity hand prints :) I can not believe 10 years has gone by and the crazy thing is we have not been back to LA since then!!! It was really awesome to reminisce and relive that night.

That about sums up our California trip: Beautiful wedding, great friends & family, awesome food & an uncomfortable plane ride haha. Thank goodness baby Jewel did not make her debut in Cali!

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