Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Family Maternity Pictures

Maternity Pictures...

For some reason pictures never seem to go as "planned" for us! Josselyn seems to always have a poop explosion, get tired/cranky or she just refuses to smile! And then I usually always hate how I look; whether I have a fake smile, bad hair day, fat day, etc lol. Once again this time around our pictures did not quite go as planned. First of all, one of my girlfriends was going to take some family maternity pics for us the weekend before my baby shower. My hostess wanted to frame a couple pics at the shower, so having the pictures taken a week before seemed perfect. Well, unfortunately Josselyn ended up getting an ear infection and a runny nose the day before we were scheduled to take pictures so we had to completely cancel the session. Well, even though I didn't have any pictures for my baby shower I still didn't want to wait too long to take some prego pics. The longer I wait the larger I get!!!  It's true...every week baby Julianna gets bigger and bigger the scale goes up and up :( Right now I am a whopping 20 lbs heavier Ugh!!! Anyways, last weekend I was able to schedule a time to have Allie (the sweetheart who took pictures for Julianna's Shabby Chic Baby Shower) take some pictures for us. These maternity pictures were 2 weeks later than I had originally panned but oh well at least I was getting them done!

8 Months Pregnant

One word comes to my mind when I think of last Saturday (the day we took our pictures) and that word is STRESSFUL!  That afternoon I made a hair appointment in Dallas (because the salon I usually go to in Plano was booked). I had never been to the salon in Dallas and I didn't leave my house early enough, so I arrived 10 minutes late for the appointment.  Not only was I late to the appointment but then I ended up not liking how they styled my hair! I had 30 minutes to get to our pictures appointment from Dallas and my 25 minute drive turned into a 1 hour and 25 minute drive because of an accident on the freeway! I ended up being 45 minutes late for our pictures appointment (because I was stuck on the freeway for over an hour) and our 1 hour picture session turned into a 30 minute session. John and Josselyn were on time for pictures so poor Josse had already been there for 50 minutes by the time I arrived (and she was not in the mood for pictures!) To make matters worse the wind was out of control and my hair was blowing all over the place. My hair that I already wasn't crazy about got even worse and I was seriously on the verge of total tears. Some how in the midst of all that Allie was still able to capture some beautiful pictures (thank the Lord!!!)

So here is a sneak peek of some of my favorite shots

My big girl 18 months old

*It is always fun to compare maternity pictures with each baby ... here are the ones we took when I was pregnant with Josselyn: Maternity Pictures!

Here are a few more of our family maternity pictures

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  1. Love these!!! And I think your hair looks gorgeous! Before I even read this post, I saw the pic on Instagram and thought how pretty your hair looked.....honest!!