Sunday, March 3, 2013

30 Week Update

I can't believe I am 30 weeks along..

Once again I feel like the weeks just keep flying by! All of a sudden I realized I hadn't posted a new blog post since February 10th (ooopps) Well I am going to take this time to update you all on everything baby/mommy related:

Baby Julianna Update: I had my 30 week doctor's apt last week and it went well for the most part. Baby Jewel is head down and ready for delivery (well as soon as she fattens up a bit) They estimated that she was around 3.8 lbs (64%) I was pretty happy with that because Josselyn was always in the 80-90% for size in my 3rd trimester and she ended up weighing 7.7 lbs at birth which was a little large for someone with my build. Now baby Jewel's head was measuring quite large (eeeek!!!) They said it was measuring a couple weeks ahead of schedule so they want to monitor how much it grows the next few weeks. They scheduled another sonogram in 2 weeks so hopefully her head will slow down growing these next couple weeks.

Mommy Update: I do not want to be a "Negative Nancy" but I have had a rough few weeks!!!  I some how got an ear infection, strep throat and I have these crazy chronic allergies which just seem like a never ending cold. I wake up 4-6 times a night sneezing and having to blow my nose. I basically sleep sitting up because I can not breath when I am lying down. My husband complains that I honk my schnoz all night long and he can't sleep (ooopps). As for the 3rd trimester pregnancy symptoms...they haven't been much better! I am now seeing a chiropractor regularly because I have the worst back pain that shoots down my butt and left leg (apparently it is caused by the sciatic nerve!) I am experiencing the worst acid reflex and it's crazy because I have never ever in my life had acid reflex. Even dry toast will cause this nasty burning feeling in my chest & throat! Tums have become my best friend and I pop at least 8 of those suckers a day. Well, that's enough complaining for now and don't worry, I already know the saying "this too shall pass..." I just need to suck it up & keep trucking becasue I have less than 2 months left of this pregnancy journey!

Nursery Update: Baby Julianna's nursery is almost complete (Yippee!) I am just waiting for a few final items to come in the mail and as soon as I get it all in I will post pictures! My husband can now breath because I am done buying things for the room. It turned out precious and I am very happy with it all.

Bathroom Update: While I was working on baby Jewel's nursery I got the bright idea to update the upstairs bathroom that is attached to Jewel's nursery. John and I have wanted to remodel it since we moved in but we just never could justify spending money on a random upstairs guest bathroom. Well, since that bathroom is attached to the baby Jewel's room and it will be the bathroom Josselyn uses as well, I decided that there was no way on earth I could leave it the way it was! Now the bathroom was not necessarily "out dated" our house was built in 2001 so nothing is horribly dated but the bathroom shower was covered in blue porcelain tile with a primary color border lol I did my best to decorate that bathroom in red and white polka dots and hang 1950's inspired pictures to make it work the last 4 years but that was not going to work anymore especially when both of my girls have these soft, baby pink, girly nurseries! Unfortunately John and I are not the best DIY people and we especially had no idea how to re-tile a shower, so we found a contractor to come and re-tile/paint the bathroom. The bathroom is shoe box sized so Josselyn and I only had to endure banging and pounding for about 2 days. As soon as I finish re-decorating it I will post some good pics!

Life Update: I have had a few other things going on in my life as well...One of my best friends Lauren, is also pregnant so this past Saturday I helped host her baby shower. She was a beautiful mama to be and the shower turned out just lovely! I am speaking at a women's ministry service in Killeen, TX tomorrow night so I have been trying to prepare for that as well. Keep me in your prayers as I speak to a group of 200 women or so tomorrow night. Today we were supposed to take our maternity pictures but since Josse came down with an ear infection & respiratory infection we had to reschedule them :( I am sad becasue that means there won't be any maternity pictures to sit out at my shower next weekend and it means that in 2 weeks when we take them I will be 2 weeks fatter! Oh yah, we did manage to some how make it to the store to  register for baby Julianna last weekend and that was a rather.... exciting stressful experience! This time around it wasn't stressful because of all the different baby items you have to chose from, it was stressful becasue we made the mistake of bringing our little side kick "Josselyn" along for the ride! She wanted to hold the registry gun, get out of the cart, run around and touch every toy in the store. It was an interesting experience to say the least but it will definitely be an experience we will never forget! Well, anyways that about sums up what has been going on in my life the last few weeks. I will try to blog more & post nursery, baby shower & maternity pictures as soon as I can!!!

At Laurens baby shower

Registering for baby Julianna

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