Sunday, February 10, 2013

Project Nursery Update...

Project Nursery Continues...

Daddy painting baby Jewel's room

Since my last blog post "Project Nursery" I have finally made some decisions regarding baby Julianna's nursery! I want to give a special thanks to all of you who gave me your feedback/opinion regarding the nursery decor. For some reason I have had the most difficult time making decisions this time around. Let me fill you in with what I have decided so far...

I already told y'all that I had picked out & ordered the crib bedding & drapes. The bedding was finally finished & I received it in the mail last week. I absolutely LOVE IT & I really think it is even more beautiful in person. If you ever need adorable crib bedding I strongly recommend checking out Dimples & Dandelions Anyways, I am still waiting on the 2 drape panels to come in the mail (they should arrive any day). And if you remember from my previous blog, I mentioned really wanting the beautiful paisley window shade that went with the drapes (but I was trying to stay in budget). Well, my sweet sister & brother in law ordered us the shade as a baby gift for Julianna (YAY!!!) So I am waiting on the shade to be made and come in the mail. Woohoo the window treatments are done!

These are the drapes and middle shade I ordered

After wrecking my brain and going back and forth trying to decide if we should buy Josselyn a big girl bed and pass down her crib to Julianna or just buy Julianna her own crib. We finally decided to leave Josselyn's crib in her room since she still sleeps in it (plus it does convert to a toddler bed). We figured that since Josselyn in only 17 months old right now there is no rush in trying to transition her to a twin/full size bed when her crib/toddler bed will work great until she is probably 4 or 5 years old. That decision meant I had to find a crib for baby Julianna. I ended up choosing another Brat Decor crib which is the same type of crib Josse has. This time around I went with the "Casablanca Crib" in an antique white finish. I wanted Jewel's crib to look a little different then Josse's crib so I chose another style & color but I still had to go with a wrought iron crib becasue those are my absolute FAVORITE 

Bratt Decor Casablanca Crib in antique white

I thought I was pretty set on the furniture for the nursery, I had narrowed it down to my top 2 favorite furniture lines, but one day it all changed! I went with my mom & friend to a little area called downtown McKinney. This adorable area is full of restaurants, antique shops, children's boutiques, etc. We stumbled into the most precious shabby chic looking antique store called "Shabby Chea's". I instantly fell in love with EVERYTHING in the entire store including an antique furniture set. I was immediately drawn to this 1900's refinished antique white dresser with mirror & chest! It looked so shabby chic yet very feminine. Although it is not technically children's furniture it is very petite and would fit perfectly in baby Jewel's nursery. Now I was slightly concerned that it is over 100 years old lol but the more I thought about it, the more I convinced myself that if it has lasted 100 years why wouldn't it last another 18 years or so haha. Anyways, I rather compulsively put a deposit down to hold the furniture and I figured John would be on board since it was even better priced then the other 2 sets of children's furniture I was looking at. John picked up the furniture yesterday & he actually likes the 100 year old furniture!

Paint is honestly one of my least favorite things to pick out. I feel that I am pretty good at decorating and piecing together rooms but choosing paint is absolutely not my gift!!! When I was decorating Josselyn's room I wanted to find a very subtle light pink shade of paint and after trying at least 10 shades of pink I chose one and as soon as it was painted I freaked out and thought it was way too pink. My husband refused to re-paint but luckily the paint toned down once we added the furniture, crib and other decor into the room. Well, this time I wanted to find a creamy, egg-shell color with a hint of pink. The walls needed some color because the furniture, crib, rocking chair & ottoman are all antique white/cream. I did not want the furniture to get lost into the walls but I did not want the paint color to be the 1st thing people noticed when they walked into the room. I went to Home Depot and picked a million paint cards and then I bought 3 small samples of paint and my girlfriend Lauren and I came home to test the paint out in the nursery. We forgot to buy a paint brush, paint pan or anything else you need when painting so we had to make due by using one of my old blush brushes as a paint brush haha! Anyways, I hated all 3 shades of pink....they just seemed too bright and actually kind of whiteish. I went to Sherwin Williams a couple days later with my mom and once again I was overwhelmed by all of the paint choices and I had no idea where to begin. Unfortunately, Sherwin Williams does not sell the little $3 paint samples so you have to basically buy full quarts (which is so dumb!) Well, I some how picked 2 shades to try "White Dogwood" & "Romance" and this time I also bought a mini paint roller & paint pan. We came home tested the colors and I absolutely hated the color "White Dogwood" but to my surprise I loved loved loved "Romance" So somehow I found a beautiful shade of shabby chic pink to paint the nursery with.  I was worried I wouldn't still love the paint once the whole room was painted but John & his friend Kim painted the room on Friday and I LOVE IT!!!

Sherwin Williams "Romance"

I thought the sheep skin rug would be super hard to find but it actually ended up being not too difficult to find. I tried going to a few stores (Ikea, Target, Pottery Bark Kids, Bed, Bath & Beyond, etc) and I had no luck but as soon as I started surfing the web I found some great options for sheep skin rugs. Etsy had quite a few but none of them were large enough (I really wanted a 4X6 or 5X7 size) I knew that I wouldn't find those exact dimensions but I did want something large enough to go in the middle of the room. I ended up finding one on ebay and praise the Lord it was even on sale! It is the bottom rug in the picture below. The rug has already been delivered and I love it!

I ordered the bottom rug in this picture

For some reason this time around I had a really difficult time deciding on a chandelier. I think the problem is that every chandelier I picked out is only sold online. Even the Pottery Barn one I liked was an online only item so there was no way of seeing any of the chandeliers in person. I could not decide between a pink wrought iron chandelier or antique white wrought iron chandelier, all I knew for sure was that I wanted it to be wrought iron since Josselyn's chandelier is all crystals. Yesterday, I finally just made myself choose one! Since I went with a pinkish paint for the nursery walls I decided to order the antique white chandelier. The good news is, it is from the same online lighting store that I ordered Josselyn's chandelier from and I loved hers, so my fingers are crossed that I will love this one when I actually get to see it in person!

 Another difficult decision I have had to make is deciding on what to put above baby Jewel's crib. I have been going back and forth between a cornice, crown, or mosquito net, or canopy. Once again these are all online items so I have to just guess what they will look like in person :( I ended up ordering the ruffle pink Pottery Barn tulle canopy (all the stores were sold out so I had to order it online). I am not at all sure if I am going to like it or not. Part of me thinks it could be perfect becasue the crib bed skirt is made of pink tulle and so is the tulle on the canopy but, I am also worried that the shades of pink won't match. I guess we will see as soon as it comes in the mail! I am glad that I finally chose something but this is the one purchase that I am least confident about...

Now I am just itching to start buying pictures, nick nacks, etc to hang and sit around the room but I am trying to use self control until I see all the furniture in the room and the drapes are hung. You never really know how much wall space you have until everything is in the room. I will admit that I may have bought a bird cage to sit some where and ordered Julianna's monogram to go on one of the wall's but I promise that I am not buying anything else yet. I am currently on the hunt for a 28"- 30" square antique white 6 window panel for a project I have in mind.  If anyone knows of a good place that sells them let me know! I have found a couple on Etsy but after shipping they are just so pricy. Anyways, until I am onto Project Nursery Phase 3 I am going to use restraint and not buy anything else (hopefully...)

Well...that is my nursery update! Sorry this blog was soo long I am sure very few of you actually read everything I wrote haha Hopefully by my next nursery update there will be less typing and more pictures of the actual nursery :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Hello 3rd Trimester!

I have officially entered into my 3rd Trimester! 

John busted me diggin into the ice cream!

It really does seem like this pregnancy has just flown by yet when I stop and really think about it, It seems like that August day in Mexico when I found out I was pregnant was an eternity ago... Either way I am on the home stretch of this pregnancy journey.

My 1st trimester really drug on forever. I was not even 5 weeks pregnant when I took that 1st  pregnancy test, so those first few weeks really went by slow. Like I have mentioned before, I am one of those women who gets that horribly awful morning sickness so being sick on top of having a very active 1 year old really made the days drag on forever...

My 2nd trimester on the other hand really flew by! Maybe it has to due with the fact that I was sick until about 20 weeks and for some reason I just associate the whole "sick period" with my 1st trimester (even though it carried on well into half of my 2nd trimester). Luckily, by about 18 weeks I could get off the couch and start showering & brushing my teeth again (which my husband was very grateful for). And from then on I have been feeling pretty good! I will admit that I have been a lot more tired this time around, but I just found out I am Anemic so hopefully the iron supplements the doctor prescribed will give me a little energy boost along with some other not so fun side effects :(

This pregnancy, my weight gain has been a little interesting. I some how went 21 weeks and did not gain a single pound (I am sure it was because of the morning sickness) Well, no need to worry at my 25 week appointment the nurse informed me that I had made up for lost time & I had packed on 14lbs in just 4 weeks!!!!! My doctor definitely brought up the growth spurt lol He said I did need to catch up since I hadn't gained weight the first 5 months, but he also said I should not make it a habit to gain 3-4lbs a week haha Ooooopppsss. Apparently the second my morning sickness vanished my appetite came back in full swing. I have now vowed not to eat 2-3 ice cream sandwiches a day (since I do not want to follow in Jessica Simpson's foot steps!!!) Even though the 3rd trimester is when you usually blow up like a whale, I am hoping to some how grow at a slow and steady pace this last trimester (that may just be wishful thinking).

I do have a slight idea of what this 3rd trimester may have in store. If I remember correctly back aches, sleepless nights, growth spurts, swelling, exhaustion & even more bathroom trips are all just around the corner! I also remember some pretty painful baby kicks in the ribs and bladder that were not too fun. But all those not so fun pregnancy side effects mean that my little princess Julianna Faith is almost ready to make her debut into this world Yippee!!!! The 3rd trimester also means the finished baby nursery (which I am currently working on daily!), maternity pictures, registering, baby showers & lots more fun. When I think back on some of the best days in my life I think about asking Jesus into my heart at age 6, passing my drivers test at 16, getting engaged, my wedding day, buying our 1st house, finding out I was pregnant, Josselyn's birth & I can not wait to add Juliana's birth to the list.

I will be sure to keep you all posted on both the fun and not so fun adventures I face these last couple months of my 3rd trimester!