Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Name Reveal!

Drum Roll Please...

Baby #2 does have a name, even though it took us quite some time to decide on it! Her official name will be... 

Julianna Faith Alcala

John and I have this love for "J" names and we decided a while ago that we will most likely name all of our kids with "J" names. I had always known that I wanted to name my 1st daughter Josselyn but I had not put a lot of thought into a 2nd girl name. Well, as soon as we found out baby #2 was a girl we quickly started to brain storm some of our favorite names. We both instantly agreed on the beautiful first name Julianna but we had a tough time coming up with a middle name (the same thing happened with Josselyn). Eventually, we narrowed the middle names down to Faith, Rose or Kate and then we narrowed them down to Faith or Rose. Now the final decision was not easy. We went back and forth for weeks trying to decide! We even sent out a group text message to some of our family members & close friends and there were 12 votes for Faith and 12 votes for Rose...thanks for nothing guys! Anyways, although we both love the way Julianna Rose sounds, we can't help but think that Julianna Faith goes just too perfect with Josselyn Grace.

In the end we decided to go with Faith and the more I say that sweet name the more I love it! I also love the meaning of the name Faith (confidence/belief/loyalty/to trust). What wonderful attributes for a name to mean. I also love the fact that the name Faith is of Greek origin and I am Greek! And although we chose the name Julianna because it is a "J" name that name is of Spanish origin which is perfect becasue John is Spanish. I also find the meaning of the name Julianna adorable. Julianna means (youthful/young).

Now that the decision is finally made I am very confident that Julianna Faith will be the perfect name for our 2nd little princess. Now if you know me, then you know that I am all about nicknames. I give anybody and everybody a nickname, even my dogs! Anyways, we call Josselyn "Josse" for short and we are going to call Julianna "Jewel" for short. I am sure she will have plenty of other nicknames but Jewel is what I am going to call her. Well, now I can finally start monogramming some cute baby girl stuff Yippee!!!

So there you have it our 2nd baby girl's name is Julianna Faith Alcala