Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Project Nursery

Project Nursery has officially begun...

I feel like I am a little late starting baby Julianna's nursery but I just needed to get through the 5 months of morning sickness, a gender reveal party and then through the holidays! Anyways, I am now working hard trying to figure out exactly how to decorate my 2nd princesses room.

So far my biggest problem has been that I love BABY PINK (surprise surprise) but I already did Josselyn's nursery in baby pink & cream. Here is an old blog with pictures of Josselyn's nursery The Finished Nursery! As much as I adore Josse's nursery I do NOT  want my 2 girls to have similar rooms but for some reason I seemed to like the same things! I had friends suggest that I do Julianna's room in purple or hot pink but unfortunately I do not love purple and I am a sucker for soft, sweet, girly colors (while they are babies) and like I said I love pink! I spent forever pinning on my secret Pinterest board baby bedding and nursery ideas. Every time I would show John his reply would be "That looks like Josselyn's nursery" Ugh....and he was right! I needed to find the perfect bedding for Jewel's room that was nothing like Josse's bedding. And so the hunt began....

Finally after weeks and weeks of looking at bedding and fabric swatches I some how stumbled upon the most adorable baby girl bedding online at Dimples & Dandelions. This bedding was surprisingly not completely pink and it even had other colors in it! It looked nothing like Josselyn's bedding yet I absolutely loved it! The negative was that this bedding is a custom/made-to-order bedding, so there is not way of seeing it in person because it is not made until you order it. I had the option to even change it around a little (I could have added more pink) but I just loved it exactly how it was so I ordered it! This bedding has a shabby chic feel which is definitely the direction I am headed with baby Julianna Faith's nursery. I actually originally wanted to do Josselyn's nursery with a shabby chic touch but some how her's ended up being completely glam/princess style. This time around I am going to try hard not to veer from my shabby chic idea even though I am also drawn to oversize rhinestone chandeliers lol.
Here is the bedding I ordered! It came with the bed skirt, bumper & crib blanket.

Baby Julianna's crib bedidng

Below is the other side of the crib blanket one side is solid pink & the other side is the paprika & pink paisley print. Also below is the inside of the bumper (which I love) I actually may flip the bumper so the adorable patchwork shows!

I also ordered these drape panels (thanks to my wonderful mother in law). They are made from some of the same material that is used in the bedding and I just love them! I also really really really want to order the middle paisley shade but John has me on a budget so I may have to wait a bit...But at least I have the bedding & drape panels!

I am still trying to figure out what to do with the whole crib situation. By the time Jewel comes Josse will be 19 months old but will she be ready for a bed? I do not know if I should pass down Josselyn's gorgeous Bratt Decor Venetian crib to Julianna and then buy Josselyn a twin bed or a life time crib (which is a crib that convert into a full bed) or if I should just leave Josselyn's crib in her room and buy a crib for Julianna. The crib Josselyn currently has does convert to a toddler bed but not to a twin or full, so it would probably only work until she is 4 or 5 years old. Ugh... I have no clue what to do. Either way I will be purchasing a crib or bed in the near future!!! I am a sucker for wrought iron cribs and I think both of these are super cute if I end up getting Jewel a new crib.

One thing I have decided for sure is that this time I want to put a cornice, canopy, crown,  or something along those lines above the baby's crib! Josse's crib had optional high posts and canopy rods and I wanted to use them, so I felt like it was too much to put anything above her crib. This time around I am going to change it up and put something above the crib (If we pass down Josse's crib I just won't use the canopy rods). Now I have to decide what to put above Jewel's crib! Here are 4 of my favorite options. Please feel free to comment and let me know which one you like better!!!!

I am not completely sure what furniture to put in Jewel's room. One option would be just adding on 2 pieces that match Josselyn's furniture (maybe a long dresser/chest and a tall dresser) that way if we ever go to sell it we will have 4 pieces of matching furniture (that is my mathematician husband's idea haha) or there are 2 furniture lines I have fallen head over heels for. I am not sure exactly which pieces I would order from each line but I am just going to give you an idea of 3 pieces I like from each of the lines. Please let me know what style you like better!

This is option 1...I feel like it has a vintage shabby chic feel

 This is option 2...I feel like it has a Victorian shabby chic feel

I absolutely love chandeliers! I have one in my breakfast area, one in my dining room, a beautiful one in Josselyn's room and if my husband would let me take out ceiling fan's I would have chandeliers in every other room in my house. Well the problem I am having is picking a chandelier that is not too similar to Josselyn's and still gives off the whole shabby chic vibe. I was sorta thinking that a wrought iron one would be best but I still am not 100% sure. Here are a few chandeliers that I have found online and think are pretty. Please let me know which one is your favorite!

I have also decided that instead of looking for a feminine floral or paisley rug I am going to go with an off-white sheep skin fur rug. I think it will add a different touch to the nursery and if you know me then you know I love fur! Unfortunately I have not really found a good size fur or faux fur rug for a good price. All of the ones in my price range are tiny and I am thinking that I will need a 5X7 size for the center of the room. If you know any good spots for sheep skin rugs feel free to share the info!

Now this is about as far as I have gotten with project nursery. I still have so much to do! I have to decide on furniture, pick paint color & possibly wallpaper, figure out what pictures/frames/mirrors to hang, etc! All I really have so far is crib bedding, drapes and then some scattered ideas. I am hoping in the next few weeks I will be making lots of decision's and hopefully making lots of purchases lol. So I will be sure to keep you all posted on project nursery as it continues! I am open to any feedback, ideas, or suggestions you may have so please feel free to share them with  me :)

Here are a couple pictures of Josselyn's room. My goal is to make these two nurseries look completely different!

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