Tuesday, January 15, 2013

No Pregnancy is the Same...

I am 6 months pregnant (24 weeks) 

And this pregnancy really is flying by (a lot faster than my 1st pregnancy). This blog entry may be boring to many of sorry in advance! But I was just thinking last night about how different this pregnancy (especially this 2nd trimester) has been compared to my 1st pregnancy. I know that no pregnancy is the same but I think I am really noticing the differences in my pregnancies because they are so close together. Anyways, I wanted to make sure to document/blog about some of those differences so I do not forget about them later on. But let me WARN you: If you are one of those women who does not like to hear "complaining" about pregnancy and you think pregnancy is pure bliss or women should just be grateful that they are pregnant and ignore all the un-fun symptoms that come along with pregnancy...then please spare your self the time and click out of this blog now. You should have learned by now that although I absolutely love my babies more than anything in the world and am so thankful/grateful that the Lord blessed me with them,  I still despise almost everything about the pregnancy process. So here ya go...

1st Trimester

I had the dreaded morning sickness with both Josselyn & Julianna until about 20 weeks! Thank the Lord for Zofran even though it didn't get rid of the nausea it did keep me from puking 24/7. However, this pregnancy I lost about 5lbs my 1st trimester and I had NO appetite for weeks. Lack of appetite & weight loss was so foreign to me because with Josselyn I gained 5lbs my 1st trimester & was always able to eat!  Even with that said, John still swears the morning sickness was way worse with Josse (maybe I just got a little tougher the 2nd time around haha)

>Weight Gain
With Josselyn I steadily gained weight through my entire pregnancy (28lbs in all). This time around I hadn't gained a single pound at 20 weeks. Unfortunately the last few weeks I have made up for lost time and gained close to 10 pounds. I guess the weight gain has begun in full force for me. I am sure I will make up for the lack of weight gain those first few months. (I now really need to lay off the ice cream sandwiches)

I did crave some of the same foods with both pregnancies (smoothies, bagels, cereal) but I did not really crave sweets in my 1st trimester this time around like I did with Josselyn. This pregnancy, my sweet cravings did not begin until around 20 weeks (I guess they began when my nausea ended). Unfortunately now I love my sweets again...

Well...I won't go into great detail about this wonderful 1st trimester pregnancy symptom but I am still not sure if it is just a side effect of Zofran or if it has something to do with pregnancy itself. Either way it is awful!

>Bleeding Gums
This gross pregnancy side effect is something I experienced horribly in my 1st & 2nd trimester with Josselyn. Even though I am an avid flosser who never goes a day without flossing my gums still bled when I would floss!!!! This time, I had a tiny bit of bleeding in my 1st trimester but then it magically went away. Unfortunately this past week the bleeding gums have returned. I am just going to stay faithful with my daily flossing and hope it ends soon.

2nd Trimester  

> Leg Cramps
With Josselyn I experienced the absolute worst "charley horse" leg cramps throughout my 2nd and 3rd trimester. They were soooo painful and there was nothing I could do to get rid of them. This time I have not had 1 charley horse yet!!!!! (fingers crossed) I am praying I wont get them this time around.

>Carpel Tunnel
1st time around I never had any carpel tunnel in my fingers or really any swelling. Sure I was a tiny bit swollen by 39 weeks but nothing unusual. This pregnancy I have been having the weirdest numbing in my fingers and wrists. Usually the numbing/tingling feeling comes when I am typing or texting but it is awful! My rings have also gotten a little snug and that sorta worry's me! Please Lord do not let me swell up this pregnancy...

>Back Aches
Unfortunately I had lower back pain when I was prego with Josse and now again with Jewel! So far I feel like the back aches were worse with Josselyn but I don't exactly remember when the unbearable back aches started the 1st time around. I am praying the aches will be much less severe this time.

>Sleepless Nights
Well this symptom really belongs in all 3 trimesters! I already have an issue with frequent urination so combine that with pregnancy and I am doomed! Currently I make between 2-3 bathroom trips in a typical nigh (and I wake up my husband each time). If I remember correctly it was pretty similar with Josselyn. However, one positive this time around is that I do think I am doing a little better at falling back asleep between potty trips. I think nerves, anxiety & excitement would keep me awake at night last time and although I am by no means ready & prepared to take on 2 little ones I do have an idea of what to expect in the next few months so I am not quite as anxious & nervous about what's to come...

>Lack of Energy
Last pregnancy I had all of my energy back by my 2nd trimester and I felt unstoppable! Unfortunately this time I am still sooo tired throughout the day. The tiredness may have something to do with my non-stop 1 year old that I am constantly entertaining and chasing around all day lol Who knows? But when your a mom lack of energy can't really slow you down so you just gotta keep trucking poking along!

Well...those are the BIGGEST PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS I am personally experiencing/ed. I am so excited that this time around I am not waking up with crazy charley horses at 2:00am but I am not a fan of the crazy carpel tunnel I am experiencing!!! Once again I am reminded that pregnancy is full of both those up's & down's but honestly it is going by so fast and most of the time my focus is on being a mommy to Josselyn so all in all things seem to be not so bad this time around! Wohoo :) I will be sure to keep you posted on the last couple weeks of this trimester and of course my 3rd and final trimester!!!

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