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Thanksgiving in New York City 2012

We spent this past Thanksgiving in New York City! 

Thanksgiving Day 2012

I will confess, I am a few weeks late writing this Blog but I couldn't let Christmas come around without at least mentioning our Thanksgiving vacation.
Amazing Times Square

This was the 2nd year that we have spent Thanksgiving in NYC. We have some dear friends, the Arrington family who have made Thanksgiving in New York City an annual tradition and every year they invite a large group of friends & family to join them. We had such a wonderful time with them last year, we knew we had to join them again this year when the invitation was presented!

Me & Josselyn with the beautiful Arrington girls


Last Thanksgiving Josselyn was only 3 months old! She had no idea that she went to the Radio City Rockettes Christmas Production, or that she strolled through central park & went ice skating! And she definitely had no idea that she went on a subway to China Town. Here is a look back at last year's blog post Thanksgiving in New York City 2011 Look how tiny Josselyn was!!!

This year was a whole other story! Josselyn was absolutely amazed by the bright lights & all the action that took place in the big city. One of Jossleyn's favorite things of the entire trip was the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Last year the parade meant nothing to her but this year she watched with wide open eyes the entire parade. Josselyn had a reserved spot on the window seal & she did not let anything distract her from the big floats & marching bands that went by.

After a delicious Thanksgiving lunch at the fabulous Essex House Hotel, we decided to take Josselyn on a horse & carriage ride in Central Park. Josselyn absolutely LOVES horses! She makes the most hilarious horse sound & she say's "Yee-haw" thanks to YaYa. Even though poor Josselyn had not had a nap yet & was beyond exhausted, she still absolutely loved the horsey ride.

Once again Thanksgiving evening we went to the amazing Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular! This year Josselyn did not join us (she stayed with a baby sitter from the hotel) but John & I had an incredible time and we were once again blown away by those phenomenal leg kicking Rockettes!

Black Friday would not be Black Friday without a little shopping and there is no better pace to shop than in NYC! John & Josselyn once again came along with mama & the girls to all the fun hot spots including my favorite spot Canal Street! I can not forget to mention that Josselyn had the most awful, smelly, disgusting poop explosion in the NYC Taxi Cab! Of course I did not have a change of clothes (and there was poop everywhere)! Basically that was not only the stinkiest, but the most expensive taxi ride of my life (we had to wait in the taxi while John brought a change of clothes for Josselyn from the hotel)

You can not go to NYC and not see one of the fabulous Broadway productions! This year we went and saw Phantom of the Opera. I just love that musical and like always I was blown away by the talent & excellence in the show.

I have been to New York a couple times but I have never been to the gorgeous Waldorf Astoria Hotel. We had the privilege of seeing the world famous Millionaires Magician show.  John and I were both speechless through the entire show and we still can not figure out how those mind-blowing tricks were done.

Another first for this trip was visiting the HUGE FAO Schwarz Toy Store.  Josselyn was in heaven the entire time we shopped around.  Out of all the toys in the entire store, Josselyn decided to bring home a pink toy car and a horse Christmas ornament.  I have to admit, John and I had quite a bit of fun in the store as well!

Our last evening in New York City, we eat at the delicious restaurant China Grill.  We all 3 loved everything we tasted, especially the dessert!


Flying can always be a little scary with a baby and the older Josse has gotten the less well-behaved she has become on flights.  However, Josselyn was a total trooper this time around.  She slept half of flight and watched Elmo on our iPad for the rest of the flight.  She may have annoyed a few people with her constant waving and occasional high pitched screams but hey, I'm not complaining.


That about sums up our 5 days in NYC.  We had the time of our lives and we will always treasure the sweet memories we made there. There is nothing quite like the holidays, family & friends!

Beautiful Central Park

Below is a Shutterfly photo album I made of our trip


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