Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Halfway There...

I am 20 weeks Pregnant!

Which means I have reached the halfway point. In a way this whole pregnancy has just flown by but then again being in Mexico on Aug 26th (John's 29th Birthday) finding out I was pregnant seems like forever ago! This pregnancy has been full of both up's & down's.

We found out I was pregnant on a cruise to Mexico

There was the initial mind blowing shock of finding out I was pregnant! I am learning that some of life's greatest blessing's are those unexpected, unplanned, surprises lol and sweet baby #2 was most definitely a jaw dropping surprise!

Then there was the awful morning sickness. John swears I was way more sick with Josselyn but I don't know. There were definitely some rough weeks when I could not get dressed, brush my teeth or even shower. Thank God for my mom who would come over & get Josselyn out of bed and feed her breakfast because the smell of food literally made me vomit! I was so nauseous that I lost 7lbs my 1st trimester and that never happened with my first pregnancy!

Well, then there was the fun, anticipation of finding out baby #2 is a GIRL! I honestly felt like baby #2 was a boy becasue this pregnancy has been so different than my first, but apparently no pregnancy is the same. Yesterday, at my 20 week check up the doctors once again had a very clear shot that confirmed for the 3rd time that baby #2 was most definitely 100% a girl :) YAY for sisters!!!

My favorite part of the pregnancy so far has been feeling the wonderful 2nd trimester baby kicks. I just love feeling my baby girl kick and twirl all around. These adorable, pain free, kicks are such a wonderful, comfort that my baby girl is healthy, active and moving all around.

Currently, I am experiencing  one of the down's of pregnancy... which is out growing all of my current clothes :( Even though I  have only gained 1 pound so far (due to the weight loss I experienced in my 1st trimester) I am starting to not fit into my normal jeans & leggings. Ugh...that means that I am going to have to pull out all my old maternity clothes from the attic (Boo!) Anyways, all of these up's & down's make-up my pregnancy journey which is already half way over...

Now these next 20 weeks I will start to become very busy preparing & planning for the arrival of my 2nd princess. I have an entire nursery to decorate (right now baby #2's room is completely empty!) We sold all of the furniture that use to be in that room so I have already began the search for more baby furniture. I have to decide on a paint color, possible wall paper, crib bedding, decor etc. I also have to sell my beloved Bugaboo Chameleon stroller that was Josselyn's (I am so sad about having to sell my dream stroller) but I have to find a double stroller for both of my girls! I also have to think about possible maternity pictures, and then in May newborn pictures. And then I get to figure out what to wear to the baby shower (yipee!)

The empty nursery

I am looking forward to these next few months & I will be sure to keep you posted on all of the new up's & down's that continue to make up "my pregnancy story"

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