Monday, December 10, 2012

First Baby Kicks

I am 18.5 weeks pregnant (week 19) and last night I felt my 1st baby kick!

I have been feeling flutters & tons of movement the last 2 weeks, but last night I began to feel the first sweet, little, kicks. Who knows if the baby was kicking before last night, but thankfully last night I paused for a minute in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season and I just sat on the couch with my hubby and relaxed for the first time in I don't know how long! It is always in those still, quite, moments during the early stages of pregnancy that you are able to feel that little tiny miracle move around inside of you. John even got to feel a few little movements! I looked back at one of my old blogs  First Flutters, Nausea or Gas... and it was at this exact time when I was pregnant with Josselyn, that I began to feel flutters (but not actual kicks). It really is true that you can feel your 2nd baby move a lot sooner than your 1st! I guess you know what to feel for the second time around. It really is a spectacular thing and although I am still not a huge fan of the whole pregnancy process I do absolutely love & adore the sweet 2nd trimester baby movement.

Now, in about 4 months don't ask me how I feel about sweet baby kicks, because it will be a whole other story! I will never forget the kicks, I mean karate jabs that Josselyn gave me while still in my womb. Her long, skinny, foot or elbow would end up stuck in my ribs, or down im pelvic. She would jab so hard on my bladder that I would literally pee my pants (sorry TMI). Half of the time she would curl up on one side of my stomach and I would look like I had a deformed stomach with an alien baby inside. I know, I know, it doesn't last long and feeling the baby move (or do Tae bo) is a good thing becasue it means the baby is healthy & active, but it does not mean that it is comfortable or enjoyable for that matter. Anyways, like I said I love the teeny, tiny, 2nd trimester kicks & movements so I am going to treasure this time & enjoy it for the next couple months. I just know that before long my whole stomach will be shake, rattle & rolling with round house kicks, upper cuts & elbow jabs from this little princess!

I will be sure to keep you posted on our new adventures & milestones as they come along!

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