Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

What a wonderful Christmas our family had...

As I start to reminisce and think back on the last few Christmases I am blown away by how much has changed!

In 2010 My mom and sister MaryBeth moved from Sacramento, CA to Dallas to be closer to John & I. Their move was PERFECT timing because one week before Christmas I found out I was pregnant! December 23rd 2010 (the eve before Christmas eve) we surprised our family with the good news of Baby #1. A few weeks after Christmas I began this BLOG & I have been faithfully documenting our milestones & new adventures ever since. Here is a look back at my very 1st blog post Bun in the oven

Christmas 2010 (5 weeks pregnant)

Christmas 2011 was a blast! That was Josselyn Grace Alcala's 1st Christmas. I have learned that the holiday's are even more fun (which is hard to imagine) when little ones are around. Children have such a sweet way of bring joy to everyone around them. Even though Josse was only 4 months old last year she still brought so much joy to the Christmas season. In my blog  CHRISTMAS BABY I talk about how much joy Josselyn brought to us that Christmas.

Christmas 2011 (Josselyn Grace Alcala 4 months old)

 This year Christmas 2012 was once again a wonderful holiday full of some new experiences! Combine the last two years and that will tell you a little bit how this year was for me. I once again am pregnant on Christmas plus I have my baby girl Josselyn running around :) I did not realize Christmas could any more fun than last year but believe it or  not it did! This year Josselyn was very aware of all the fun festive things we did with our family & friends and she enjoyed every minute of it!

Christmas 2012 (Josselyn Grace Alcala 16 months old & mommy is 5 months pregnant!)
This year Josselyn loved all of mommy's Christmas decorations! It was a little difficult for her not to touch them all but surprisingly she listened quite well. Instead of touching the ornaments she decided to get as close as she could possibly get to the tree and wave at them all lol It was soo funny watching her wave at the different balls & figurines on our Christmas tree.

Trying hard not to touch the tree

This year Josselyn was definitely aware of Santa Clause (although she does not quite comprehend that he is the one who delivers the presents on Christmas morning). I think she just thought that he was a old, fat, scary man who seemed to appear everywhere she went lol She was not to keen on the idea of sitting on his lap (even though we tried twice!) She would however, wave at him from a distance but that was about all the love she was gonna give him this year. Hopefully she will warm up to the whole Santa Clause thing next year.

She would sit on the rocking horse but NOT on Santa's lap

 Josselyn loved going on our annual Couvdos/Alcala horse & carriage ride to see all of the beautiful Christmas lights in Deer Field. For the entire hour she pointed at the lights, made horsey sounds & was as wide eyed as could be. It was so much fun just watching her light up at everything she saw.

Josse loves horses!

Christmas Eve was such beautiful day. We always spend Christmas Eve with my brother & sister in law Joey & Stacey. This year we decided to spend the morning at the Dallas Arboretum. It was so breathtakingly beautiful there. We took some gorgeous pictures and more importantly we got to spend time with our family. Josselyn always has a blast when her older cousins Isabella & Alexandrea are around so she did her best to try and keep up with them! Who knows maybe Christmas Eve day at the Dallas Arboretum will become a new tradition! Every Christmas Eve we go to a Christmas Eve service. This year we went to the service at the Oaks Fellowship (the church Joey is now on staff at). Although it was a beautiful service Josselyn was tired, cranky & basically not the best behaved. Hopefully next year she will get a good nap in before the evening service!

 This year our little one definitely loved getting presents. She did not really understand the whole unwrapping thing (although she did like shredding & eating pieces of wrapping paper) but she definitely loved getting new toys! Christmas morning was a blast. When I brought Josselyn down stairs she was amazed at the toys by the Christmas tree. It was so funny because she was scared to touch them at first haha. It took her about 15 minutes to warm up to her new Sesame Street ball pit but once she mustered up the courage to climb inside of it she hasn't wanted to get out! It was so much fun to watch Josselyn play with her new toys Christmas day.

 John's 1st time playing Santa Clause on Christmas Eve

Happy girl Christmas Morning

 We were blessed with a white Christmas this year! Josselyn experienced her 1st snow and boy did she love it. You would think that a 16 month old would not want to be in the cold, wet, snow but Josse loved everything about the snow. Having it snow on Christmas Day really is a dream come true. Growing up in Sacramento I never once experienced a "white Christmas" so I am definitely cherishing this gorgeous Christmas Day gift from above!

The view in our backyard

I've been dreaming of a White Christmas
Not only did we have a beautiful white Christmas but we were able to spend the day with our beloved family. It is a tradition for everyone to come to our house for Christmas day lunch so after Santa, presents, etc everyone made their way to our house. John's whole family was able to come, along with my mom & sister and Ron & Cathy Pegg (Stacey's parents). I do wish both of my brothers could have been there as well but unfortunately it is not easy getting everyone together now that we are older & live in different states (maybe next year!). Anyways, Josselyn just LOVES having her whole family together & it was a real treat for her to get to spend some time with Gigi & Papa (John's parents) who she does not see quite as often. The older I get the more I realize how precious family is. Time is a gift and you never know how long you will have with your loved ones so it is so important to cherish the sweet times the Lord blesses you with!

2012 was a wonderful year for our family & I can not wait to see what God has in store for us in this next year. I can only imagine how different next Christmas will be with a 2 year old & an 8 month old! I am sure it will be quite an adventure & I am going to do my best to cherish every moment.


Love: John, SheriLynn, Josselyn & Baby #2


  1. Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories! Your pictures are beautiful and it I love your heart for family. I am the same way. There is nothing better than family and the holidays.

    Hope the pregnancy is going well!!!