Monday, November 5, 2012

Welcome 2nd Trimester

I am officially in my 2nd trimester & am 13 weeks and 4 days pregnant!

I have been looking forward to this trimester more than you know! The 2nd trimester is kinda of known as the glorious, smooth selling trimester. And honestly these next 3 months have a very good reason to have such a wonderful reputation in the pregnancy world. For most, your first 3 months (1st trimester) are spent being nauseous, tired, exhausted & trying to remember why or how in the world you ended up pregnant! Your last 3 months (in your 3rd trimester) are spent feeling big as a whale, looking big as a whale, being very uncomfortable due to the lack of sleep, swelling, your uncontrollable bladder and the periodic jab in the ribs, etc from the full size baby still in your uterus. Now, don't get me wrong your 2nd trimester is not symptom free. I have still had multiple bouts of morning sickness this past week but if this pregnancy is anything like my 1st, then by 16 weeks the morning sickness will be begin to subside (Yippe!!!!) I also remember my energy coming completely back during my 2nd trimester & I actually wanted to shower again! My love for the mall, shopping, and being out & about also returned during this trimester & I am so ready to no longer be a hermit in my house.

This is also the trimester where you can find out the gender of your baby!!! I have an appointment right before Thanksgiving (in 2 weeks) and I am so excited to find out if this will be another little princess or our 1st baby boy! Also, I love getting sonograms and seeing my baby in my belly. And I sorta have a way of getting a few more sono's then the normal prego women lol Anyways, my favorite sonogram pictures are in the 2nd trimester! In your 1st trimester your baby looks like a blob and then in your 3rd trimester the baby is so big you can not see the whole baby in one picture but you do get to see parts of the the baby in different photos (face, feet, hands, etc). But in your 2nd trimester you can see the whole, adorable, little baby in one picture! You can also see the baby flip & turn and kick its legs & feet because the whole baby fit's on the sonogram technician's screen. It is absolutely incredible to watch that little baby move all around, suck its thumb and open and close its little mouth. No matter who you are or what you believe are you can not help but have faith that there has to be a God out there who knit this tiny being into existence. These kind of miracles do not just happen...

Now there are some negatives to this trimester (but they are few) I do remember having some growing/stretching pains in my ligaments during this time but hey, it was nothing a couple Tylenol & a pregnancy support band couldn't handle. I also remember feeling a bit dizzy at times & having some lower back pain. However, if I am going to rank the 3 trimesters this one is definitely my FAVORITE and I am going to enjoy these next 3 months the best that I can (and this is all coming from a women who is not a big fan of the whole pregnancy thing)

Baby Alcala 13 weeks old
Sweet baby hands

So all of this to say....I gladly welcome you 2nd trimester with open arms!

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