Friday, November 30, 2012

Planning a "Gender Reveal" Party!

BOY or Girl?

In just a few days me & the rest of the world will know that answer!

I am 17 weeks pregnant and believe it or not for the last 2 weeks I could have known if I am having a little man or a little miss, but because I wanted to find out the gender of Baby #2 at our gender reveal party I told the sonogram technician not to tell me even though she had a very clear wide open view of baby's "southern region". Some days I really wish I would have just had the sono lady tell me pink or blue, but I thought it would be fun to find out the gender together with our family and a few close friends at a gender reveal party. So my curiosity and anticipation will just have to wait a few more days until December 2nd!

I never did a gender reveal party with Josselyn, instead our whole family came to my gender sonogram. There was 8 of us crammed in a tiny room and unfortunately the sonogram lady was rude and ended up saying that the baby's legs were closed, so we left that appointment not knowing the gender! Luckily, the next day I went back and we could all definitely see that Josselyn was a girl. Anyways, that was not the most pleasant experience so I wanted to do something a little different and fun this time around.

If you know me, then you know that I love to plan parties and host parties, so a gender reveal party is right up my alley. Now if you saw Josselyn's Birthday pictures in my An Under the Sea Mermaid Party! blog, then you know that I can throw a huge, over the top, party. However, this time John told me that I had to keep this party "small" & "in budget" so I was not able to go all out like I would have normally liked haha. Anyways, it has still been FUN to plan & thanks to my mom & girlfriend Christina it is coming along quite well. I might should not admit this but because I had such bad morning sickness the last few months, plus I have a 1 year old baby running around & we have been out of town,  I actually just started working on the party this week... Ooops! Hopefully it will still come together :)

Here are a few of my inspiration pictures for Baby #2's Gender reveal...

This 1st gender reveal party I stumbled across is my absolute favorite! I just love the look and theme of the whole party. It was a New Years Eve party so they went with the whole Christmas/winter theme. I am definitely going to do the same thing since my whole house is already decorated for Christmas! I also love the color scheme of gold, brown, black & cream it looks so classy. I am also obsessed with the hot cocoa bar idea that they did!

I love the cupcakes with the question marks!

 I love the chalkboard that says "Baby it's cold outside"

 Such a cute idea for bottled H20 & I love the question marks 

After I saw the 1st gender reveal party that I fell in love with I decide to search for hot cocoa bar's and get some ideas! I love these two below.

 Such a great idea to have toppings for the hot cocoa

 I love anything glitzy!

The next gender reveal party that caught my eye was an adorable one that incorporated mustaches & bows! I just loved the whole idea of "little man or little miss".  I also fell in love with the cute silhouettes of the little girl & little boy. I am also obsessed with the tissue paper balls. This party is so sweet!!!

I love everything about this precious party 

I love the mustache & bow idea so much but I want to have them on sticks instead of clothes pins! I think staches & bows on a stick will make for some great photos!

I just love this!!!

I absolutely love cake balls and once again I think the question marks are so cute! I totally want to have these at my party but in different colors.

 I am a sucker for cake balls & these are adorable! 

I decided that I wanted to "reveal" the gender of baby #2 with a cake. I just think it is so cute when the mom and dad cut it open and the frosting is pink or blue. I have not found a cake I love online, but hopefully I can figure something out (at times like this I really wish my sweet, talented friend, The Cake Diva Kylie lived closer)

 I love the pink or blue frosting

 I definitely want to have a question mark somewhere on the cake!

I can't forget to mention the invitations. I loved these invitations below, once again it had the whole mustache and bow thing going on! Luckily, my sweet friend Christina is a talented graphic designer, so she custom designed some adorable invitations for me that are very similar to the one below!

Well those are a few of my inspiration pictures! I just hope my party comes out half as cute as those. Stay tuned for the big gender reveal this Sunday December 2nd

Sweet Baby Alcala 17 weeks

* Click here for pictures of Our Gender Reveal Party!!!


  1. Such great ideas! Your creativity inspires me.

    Can't wait to hear what you're having!! :o)

  2. Can I just say that I LOVE the bows and mustaches thing?!

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