Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Unexpected Unplanned Surprise...

Surprised, Shocked, Disbelief, Impossible, No Way!

I am no quite sure where to begin...

Lets see...if you follow my blogs then you know from my last few posts that first of all, I recently weaned my daughter.  In my Blog, " Weaning Confusion... " I talk about how after 12 months of breast feeding I finally weaned Josselyn. Weaning was definitely a challenging & a confusing transition, but we did it. After being pregnant for 9 months & having that area constantly sore and then breast feeding for 12 months I was extremely relieved & ready to have that northern area go back to NORMAL!

I also recently blogged about, " Shedding the Baby Weight! " In that post I talk about how after 12 months I am finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight & I can fit into all of my clothes. After Josselyn was born it was pretty easy for me to lose the first 20 pounds but the last 7-8 lbs did not want to leave. I am not saying that I am 100% happy with my post-baby body but I am definitely on a good road (well, I WAS on a good road).

My most recent post is called " First vacation without our baby girl " In that Blog I talk about our recent trip to Mexico. The truth is that I definitely do not tell you EVERYTHING that went on in Mexico...

What I neglected to mention is that the day we drove up to Galveston (which was where our cruise ship was ported) I began to feel nauseous. I figured the 5 hour car ride probably had a lot to do with my nausea. The strange thing was that my nausea did NOT go away. Our good friends the Summers, who we were vacationing with had an extra prescription motion sickness patch that they got from their doctor. You put the patch behind your ear and it keeps you from becoming sea sick. They offered me the extra patch and I gratefully took it and immediately stuck it behind my ear. I figured that if I was already sick from the car ride I would definitely get sick on a moving boat! The sorta good news was that the patch definitely helped ease my nausea. The bad news was....well I will get to that shortly! So on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday of the cruise I had no nausea but I had another horrible symptom creep up....fatigue! When I say fatigue, I am talking about total exhaustion. By 8:00pm I was totally tired and ready for bed! That was not a good thing, especially since we booked the late night dining time of 8:30pm. Not only was our dinner time at 8:30pm but the show on the cruise ship (one of my favorite things about cruises) was at 10:30pm! Basically, I was falling asleep at dinner & really falling asleep by the show. So now that you all know how I was feeling let me tell you a little bit about Wednesday August 29th (John's Birthday). We spent the day in Progresso, Mexico. We rode dune buggies to see the Mexico Mayan Ruins and then we drove down to a gorgeous private beach & spent the day laying out. By that evening I was beyond tired and exhausted. I tried to enjoy a lobster tail for dinner but I could barely stay awake. For the first time I told John, Jeremy & Lisette that I was wayyy too tired to go to the show that night but I wanted them to enjoy it, especially since it was John's Birthday. I was not feeling like myself and I knew I needed to just go back to the room & sleep. It was about 10:00pm and I was in my PJ's in bed and all of a sudden my mind started going a million miles a minute! I started to think about how I have been so nauseous the last few days, I then started to think about how emotional I had been about leaving Josselyn for the first time. I busted out crying hysterically in the middle of Forever 21 when we stopped in Houston. I then started to think about how I had been ordering sea food/sushi every night for dinner but I could never finish any of it (that is so unlike me, I basically always clean my entire plate in a matter of minutes), then the last thing that came to my mind was that ONE TIME 2 weeks ago that hmmm how do I keep this PG rated? Let's just say that John & I may have unwisely done the "Tango" but I was still breast feeding so I didn't think it was a big deal!!! From then on we most definitely made sure that we had a variety pack of protection near by because we were not planning on EXPANDING our family until Josselyn was at least 2 YEARS OLD. Side note* We had done the TANGO for months before I got pregnant with Josselyn & I even used ovulation sticks so I knew when I was ovulating (so I was not one of those women who got pregnant the 1st try). Plus, how could I possibly be pregnant when I haven't had a menstrual cycle since October of 2010 right before I conceived with Josselyn (almost 2 years ago!) Anyways, After all of those crazy thoughts crossed my mind I started to well...hyper ventilate, have anxiety & basically freak out. I jumped out of bed, got dressed & found a pregnancy test to take. I was sure that there was no way on earth it could be positive I mean after all I had only not been breast feeding for 4 days, I was eating tons of under cooked sea food, I had some crazy medicated/prescription patch on my ear and I had not been taking prenatal vitamins for months.

Well, with my mind going a million miles an hour and with John & our friends out at the show I knew that I needed to just take the pregnancy test to ease my mind. So I peed on the stick and within seconds a dark (+) showed up! If you have never taken a pregnancy test or if you are a male then let me simply explain that a (+) indicates that you are pregnant and a (-) means that you are not pregnant/or there is not enough HGC hormone to indicate that you are pregnant. Basically, there can be false negatives but there are never false positives. All of this to say the test was positive & I was in total shock! I ran out of our room and headed straight to the theater where the evening show was going on. It was pitch black & the auditorium was completely packed. I had no idea where John was sitting so I just sat in the last row and tried to search for him whenever the stage was slightly light up. About 20 minutes later I saw our friends Lisette & Jeremy walk into the theater. I ran to Lisette and said, "I need to find John!" So she began walking up and down the aisles looking for him. Eventually she found John so I ran over and whispered to him that I needed to show him something. We went into the lobby and I whipped out the positive pregnancy stick. His face immediately light up & he smiled from ear to ear. I on the other hand freaked out & said, "WHY ARE YOU SMILING?" John replied, "This is awesome and this is the best birthday present ever!" I then started to cry & I think that may have freaked out John a little.

When we got home, I went to the doctor immediately (after I took 3 more pregnancy tests just to make sure!) I thought I was maybe 7 or 8 along since I was feeling so many of the 1st trimester symptoms but boy was I wrong. Come to find out, when I found out on the cruise I was only 3 weeks along! I can not believe the test even showed up positive that early. My fingers are crossed that the nausea & fatigue doesn't get worse these next few weeks. Anyways, we decided to tell our immediate families the "news" at John's belated birthday dinner. John broke the news by saying, "Last year on my Birthday we brought Josselyn home from the hospital, and this year on my birthday we found out Josselyn is going to be a big sister!" And boy were their reactions priceless. My mom's reaction had to be the funniest... especially when she said, "Oh my! 2 babies under 2 years old...that is going to be really HARD!" and then she made sure to re-state, "You guys are going to have 2 babies!" lol. Then my sister just shook her head back and forth and said, "Oh sissy....Let me guess every Thursday after school we are going to be bringing you Jamba Juice & Einstein bagels again." haha John's brother Joey's chin almost hit the table with shock and my niece Isabella was in total disbelief as she said, "AGAIN?" Our family is amazing and they are all super excited but I think everyone of them was definitely as SHOCKED as we were.

So there you have the story of the Unexpected, Unplanned Surprise! I will say that after a week of crying & freaking out I am now beyond EXCITED about Baby #2! Sure I am not the biggest fan of pregnancy, I despise getting fat, I hate being nauseous, I do not like to be slowed down by fatigue & exhaustion but I know that all of these bumps in the road are just part of the miraculous child birth journey...And I can confidently say from experience that it is so worth it in the end. John on the other hand has been experiencing pure bliss since the beginning! He is over joyed with the idea of another baby and he is already calling Baby #2 John Jr lol

I will be sure to document every step of the journey of Baby #2 So stay tuned for lots of my very own uncensored pregnancy stories :)

-Every good & perfect gift is from above (planned & unplanned) 


  1. WOW!!! Congratulations!! I absolutely loved the suspense of this entry. :) I have been following your blog since the beginning and I've told you this before but our babies are 2 months apart. I love seeing where my little man will be in 2 months through the stories you share with sweet Josse.

    Congratulations on "John Jr." and I can't wait to read all about how this pregnancy treats you!


  2. I'm so excited for the newest member!!!! Can't wait to meet her/him

  3. Expected or not you are truly blessed my friend! God knows you can do it! Love you sis!

    1. Thank you my dear friend ;) Love you! & You and Benny must take a road trip to Dallas this Spring!!!