Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Dreaded Bump...

12 weeks prego...

At times I feel like this pregnancy has flown by! In 1 week I will be in my 2nd trimester (Thank God) But then when I think back of how long ago I found out I was pregnant (August 29th) and I think about all the weeks I have spent sick as a dog, stuck on my couch, then I start to feel like I have been pregnant forever!!! Anyways, at 12 weeks pregnant I do have a small yet visible baby bump. I think it looks more like a beer gut then a baby bump, so I am going to steer clear of tight fitted clothes when I leave the house. However, having a baby bump is definitely bitter-sweet in my books.

 It is bitter because, the adorable "baby bump" does not stay small, cute & tiny for long. It starts out that way and then over night none of your clothes fit! You are then stuck trying to squeeze into your looser clothes (which you will just end up stretching out) and then you have no choice but to shop at the horribly, ugly, over priced maternity stores (I despise maternity clothes!!!) For some reason the words fashionable & maternity do not fit in the same fact they do not even fit on the same paragraph or page! You can even go to the high dollar maternity boutiques like Pickles & Ice Cream or A Pea in the Pod Collection and find clothes by amazing designers like Ella Moss, Vince, Ali Ro, Splendid, etc but lets get real if I am going to spend $100+ on a shirt I want it to be gorgeous and even those fabulous designers have not seemed to master how to make maternity clothes cute!!! Look below at how totally boring and ugly the shirts form their fall collection are. Someone needs to design a good maternity line & no Heidi Klum, as gorgeous as you are, your line is just as ugly. So not only are there no cute clothes to wear when you are prego but then the "bump" turns into a "mound" and just when you think you could not possibly get any bigger at like 8 months, you prove yourself wrong and grown another size or two! The cute bump, becomes a basket ball, and then it turns into an enormous beach ball. I will never forget walking in the mall when I was prego with Josse and I heard a group of boys say "Holy Pregnant" as I walked by :( lol So that right there friends is why I am not a huge fan of the BABY BUMP!

Ella Moss $155
Splendid $125
Vince $245

Man, after all that I forget why it is bitter-sweet...Oh yah, it is sweet, because typically having a bump means that the dreaded, awful, miserable 1st trimester morning sickness is coming to an end! When I was pregnant with Josselyn, I was sick until about 20 weeks but I started to feel a ton better by 16 weeks. It was also at about 16 weeks that I took my first pictures of my baby Josse bump (you can the see the pictures in my old Bog Introducing the BUMP.... ) Unfortunately this time around my bump is starting to protrude a bit sooner then it did the first time around (apparently you show faster with baby #2) but I am still keeping my fingers crossed that saying hello to the bump means saying good bye to nausea! I am praying that as I begin to expand I will at least be able to eat normal food again, no longer be best friends with the toilet bowl and will get to dump my dumb Zofran that makes me constipated! As much as I do not like growing bigger, I would rather out grow all of my clothes then be nauseous 24/7! Now, before all of you begin to think that I am a cold, heartless, woman I will definitely admit that there is another sweetness that comes with getting a baby bump. A growing belly means that there is a growing baby inside and as much as I do despise being pregnant, the prize at the end of it all is absolutely PRICELESS and oh so worth it! In my 28 years of life I have never experienced anything as sweet as holding a precious newborn baby. I absolutely adore newborn babies and this did not happen until I held Josselyn for the very 1st time. I could not get enough of my sweet little girl when she was born and I literally cried every time I thought about her getting bigger. Sure, I have absolutely loved every stage Josselyn has gone through from the infant stage, to the baby stage, to the crawling stage & now to the walking stage but in my opinion there is something so special and priceless about that NEWBORN STAGE which only lasts a few short weeks. So if being nauseous, tired, moody, fat & uncomfortable for 9 months means that I get to hold that teeny tiny newborn baby at the end...then BRING IT ON!

So although I may not be one of those women who absolutely embraces pregnancy, the growing belly, and the whole nine yards and I am without a doubt, 100% thankful & grateful that the Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to once again experience motherhood and all the wonderful blessings that come along with it. I would not trade this moment for anything in the entire world!

So CHEERS to the dreaded baby bump! 

I will be sure to post plenty pictures of the growing bump mound

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