Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sleep When Baby Sleeps

I never really understood the saying, "sleep when baby sleeps"

 Everyone always told me that sleeping when your baby sleeps is one of the most important things you can do when you have an infant. Unfortunately, my problem is that I am a total busy body and I never ever take naps. Not only do I not nap but I don't even like to sit still (unless I am checking my email, on Facebook, or writing Blog and I am not sure if you would classify that as sitting"still") Anyways, when Josselyn was born I did definitely experience sleep deprivation and I was basically a walking zombie for a few weeks. I guess it would have made sense to take a nap when Josse was napping during the day, but for some reason I just could not do that. When Josselyn napped I held her 50% of the time...seriously! It is kinda funny now when I look back but I was a first time mom & my little princess slept longer when she was in her mama's arms so I held her for her entire 2 hour nap hahah. There were times that I did try to lay her down after I had sang & bounced her to sleep, but my kid was way too smart for that. She would open her little wide eyes the second I laid her down so what did I do...pick her back up of course! So half of the time I held my daughter as she slept and then the other half of the time I did one of the million things on my never ending to-do list. I would try and straighten up the house, do the dishes, take a shower for once in an entire week, do the laundry, check my e-mails, start a Blog or a million other things. I always heard mom's say, "the dishes & laundry can wait". But how can they wait?!?! What underwear & socks are my husband going to wear to work when all of his are piled high in the dirty clothes hamper??? How am I going to get a simple glass of water when every dish in my house is dirty??? See, unless you have a maid those things can't really wait. Well, that was my first time around but this time may be a tad bit different....

This time around I am experiencing fatigue & exhaustion like never before. I am so tired I can barely stand it. I may have not been a napper in the past but right now NAPS are my best friend! I can barely watch TV without falling asleep let alone make it to bed time without some sort of rest. It is so hard to even wake up in the mornings, my poor daughter has to yell MAMA for about 15 minutes before I can drag myself out of bed. The last few weeks I have been laying on the couch for half of the day while my sweet, angel baby plays with her toys. I know this whole tiredness will pass once my 1st trimester comes to an end but man, I can not wait for this to end. Being pregnant while taking care of a 12 month old is definitely harder than I ever expected.  I continually remind myself that a million women have done this (I am just not sure how they do it!) So for the first time in my life I am in need of sleep and I am willing to let my husband go commando to work if it means I can get some rest lol. I know the famous saying "this too shall pass" But I am just ready for it to pass now!

I guess I can finally say that I now know what those wise women mean when they say, "sleep when baby sleeps" and I am definitely going to take their advice!

Good Night Friends...

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