Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pregnancy Hormones Take 2

What is with these pregnancy hormones?!?!

Well, If I had to describe my emotions in 3 words I would simply say "EMOTIONAL BASKET CASE" Now, lucky for John I have not been one of those mean pregnant women (well this last week I have been tad irritable) But if you followed my pregnancy Blog when I was pregnant with Josselyn, then you probably read about the flying grilled cheese incident in "Going Mad VS Pregnancy Hormones" This time around I have not thrown any grilled cheese's (although my husband has refused to make grilled cheese) and I have not abused my dogs with a dish towel. Instead, my emotions involve crying at literally anything and everything. I am no longer sure what is worse bring moody or being completely emotional!

The crying began when I didn't even know I was pregnant.We went on a trip to Mexico in late on August and I cried every day for the first 3 days because I was so sad that I was going to be away from Josselyn for an entire week. Then I cried for about a week when I found out I was pregnant (that was just ridiculous). I cried when I watched the movie "What to Expect When Expecting" there is really no need to cry in that movie and then I cried watching the movie "A Little Bit of Heaven" & that movie is just plain sad and the crying is definitely justifiable but I am NOT a movie crier (ask anyone!). I did not cry watching Titanic, or The Notebook, or even My Sisters Keeper. Unless I am pregnant I do not cry at movies! Well, not only have I cried at every movie I have seen since becoming pregnant but I even cry at dumb reality shows. I cried multiple times during the X Factor auditions and even got teary eyed watching Survivor! Of course I balled like a baby watching Greys Anatomy (I still can not believe they killed off Lexi & gorgeous Mark Sloan!!!) and I cried many times catching up on my Private Practice episodes. As you can see I have been a total emotional wreck and John really needs to ban me from all TV!

Not only have a cried like a baby but I have been ultra sensitive. I do not typically get my feelings hurt easily by friends or family but the last few weeks I think I have read into everything wayyy too much and my feelings have been not only hurt but crushed multiple times. It is actually a little funny now that I am thinking back on the last few weeks but hey, emotions are emotions and when you are pregnant it is a little hard to really control them. I have been blessed with amazing friends in my life & thank God they do not know how many silly incidents I have cried over the last few weeks hahaha. Well, as my 2nd trimester is approaching in just days I am hoping to get rid of this softer side and go back to being ME; even if it means that I have tough skin, a callused heart and only cry at the thought of starving orphans & animal cruelty lol

I sure hope this emotional roller coaster ends soon...We shall see what the 2nd trimester has in store!

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