Friday, October 5, 2012

Morning Sickness...

My least favorite thing about pregnancy is morning sickness...

Unfortunately when I was pregnant with Josselyn I experienced horrible  morning all day sickness until 20 weeks (it did ease up a little after 12 weeks). This time around the horrible wave of nausea has hit me like a dump truck. I am 9 weeks pregnant and I am sick as a dog! I was prescribed Zofran & Phenergan and the medicine is bitter sweet. Zofran does keep me from puking my brains out but I do still stay nauseous & one of the side effects is constipation. If you know me and my bathroom issues then you know that I am already plugged up half the time and I do not need to be any more constipated then I already am! Then there is Phenegran...this pill does keep me from vomiting but once again I stay nauseous even after taking it. The major side effect with Phenergan is drowsiness. I am already experiencing the awful 1st trimester tiredness, fatigue & exhaustion so drowsiness on top of everything else just knocks me out for the night.

So what can I do...nothing! Basically showering has become a twice a week routine (There is just something about warm showers that make me even more nauseous & dizzy). I have become a homebody/hermit. All of my close friends can attest to this. Normally I am the one planning play dates with the kids, story time at the library on Wednesdays, Gymboree, girls breakfasts on Fridays, etc but for the past 3 weeks I have been completely out of commission :( This time last year I think I had already planned 4 trips to the pumpkin patch (ask John) and this year I have not even been to my favorite pumpkin patch at the Dallas Arboretum!!! I have even missed church & Invictus which I absolutely hate. My mom's car has been in the shop for 3 weeks and she has had my car for those 3 weeks...the crazy thing is I have not even missed my car or needed it! That is how reclusive my life has been. I literally spend my days laying on the couch (while Josse plays with her toys), sleeping in my bed (when Josse is taking her naps) and puking in the toilet (while Josse is stuck in her bouncer). But I am trying to stay positive and remind myself once again of that annoying famous quote "This too shall pass..."

Now I don't mean to complain because although this little 1 1/2 inch prune sized baby inside of me has definitely brought about a heavy dose of morning sickness, I would not trade it for anything in the world! Sure, I wish I could hit the fast forward button and skip a few weeks but I have gotten through this before and I can do it again (although this time does feel worse!) The good news is I know how amazing it is to hold that precious newborn baby in just a few months and honestly as time goes by not only do you forget about all the pregnancy pains but you even forget about the labor pains lol.  One more positive note is that as I was looking back at some of my old 1st trimester Blogs from when I was prego with Josse I came across the Blog Eating For Two… In that Blog I am complaining about my 5 pound weight gain at only 9 weeks. For some reason, this time around the morning sickness has really decreased my appetite and I have actually lost 4 lbs. Woohoo that is something I can actually smile about haha (although it is only a matter of time before none of my clothes fit & I feel like a huge whale).

If you think about it keep me in your prayers that this morning sickness will end soon! I sure am ready to enjoy this Holiday season and not be trapped in my house...

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