Thursday, October 4, 2012

1st Trimester Cravings...

Cravings Cravings Cravings...

In my opinion pregnancy cravings have to be one of the strangest things ever! If you are a chocolate lover it is one thing to crave a chocolate sundae (I mean, that's normal) or if you are the type of person who loves sour candy then it is pretty understandable for you to crave sour patch kids. But pregnancy cravings on the other hand make absolutely no sense!

I am only 9 weeks pregnant and whatever hormone it is that makes women like myself crave random foods that are not normally apart of our daily diet, has definitely gone into effect. If you know me then you know that I can be a bit of a health nut. I am the annoying girl that orders a cobb salad but wants to leave off the bacon, cheese, eggs & then have the "fat-free" dressing on the side. You may be wondering why I don't just order a chicken salad to begin with (good question...) lol I buy non-fat everything (if it comes in non-fat) and I refuse to eat anything fried or cooked in oil. I consume very little dairy especially cheese. If I drink soda it must be diet but I try to only drink water because I hate to drink my calories (coffee & non-fat Starbucks drinks are the exception). I am not a big meat eater; I have not eaten red meat in at least 10 years and I do not cosume lamb or pork either. Basically, I occasionally eat chicken, turkey & sea food (I LOVE SEA-FOOD).

Well since baby #2 has come into the pictures my taste buds have definitely changed! Right now fall is approaching, and one of my favorite things about fall is Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes! I absolutely love pumpkin spice latte's...well I did love them until a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately coffee in general, including my beloved pumpkin spice latte's, makes me completely nauseous. I have ordered 2 pumpkin spice latte's and I have had to throw them both away. That is so unlike me! In the last 8 years I can honestly say that I have probably never gone more than a week without a Starbucks drink (please do not tell me how much money I could have saved up if I would have cut out Starbucks...I married a math major who has already calculated it for me!) I am proud to be one of Starbuck's gold card customers and I like enjoying chi tea latte's in the spring, iced hazelnut lattes in the summer, pumpkin spice lattes in the fall & peppermint mocha's in the winter (don't worry I always order decaf, non-fat & with no whip). Well, when I was pregnant with Josse the same thing happened for a couple months so I guess it is happening again :( I hope to get over this cofee = nausea thing soon!

Not only can I not stand coffee right now but I also can not stand even the thought of sea food. Shrimp, salmon, talapia, crab & lobster all make me want to puke! Even the smell of sea food brings about a wave of nausea. Like I mentioned above, I am not a big meat eater but I have always loved sea food. Apparently, that has all changed for a while. The only good thing about avoiding sea food is that when you are pregnant, you have to be careful not to consume too much mercury anyways, becasue it can be dangerous for the baby. I guess I do not have to worry about high levels of mercury since I won't be enjoying any under the sea delights.

Now I am going to talk about a few of my current CRAVINGS! Some of these exact foods I craved when I was pregnant with Josselyn. I blogged about a few of those cravings in one of my old Blogs called "Eating For Two…" but a few of the items I am craving this time around are completely new!


1) Smoothies: I craved smoothies my last pregnancy & now I want them again! 

2) V8: I never drink V8 but strangely enough, I craved it my last pregnancy & now I want it again.

3) Orange Juice: I craved this last time & once again it helps easy my nauseous stomach.

*So much for not wanting to "drink my calories"

4) Cheez-its: What the heck? I hate cheese & junk food! I have no clue why these taste so good.

5) Lucky Charms: I typically eat Kashi/Fiber One. I never eat sugary cereal w/ no nutritional value!

6) Corn Flakes:  I guess this is not a bad craving but it is a little random...

7) French Fries: Uh oh...I hope this craving does not last! So far I have given in & ordered fries 4X

Well...hopefully these random cravings don't get the best of me!!! I will be sure to keep you posted ;)


  1. HA! I love crazy pregnancy cravings! They make for good memories!! I wanted grilled hot dogs with Beckham. Not bun just the hot dog and I wanted them black!! dipped in mustard. Which is wired because I HATE hotdogs... They are gross mystery foods and I normally would never have eaten them! and With Parker is was mashed potatoes. I ate them for 6 months! Thats all I wanted ;)

    We have been vegan for a while. If you want my to share any recipes let me know! ;)

    1. Yah! I would love any EASY vegan recipes you have ;) My email is THANKS GIRL!!!!

  2. I had some pregnancy cravings but they weren't what I expected. I expected to be craving something so bad and want it for a while. I would crave things so bad but the second I got them,I would be over it. I'm trying to remember some of mine...Oh, chili cheese Fritos. Yum! I remember I sent my hubby to 7-11 for them and he came back with regular Fritos. He said they didn't have them. I drove my pregnant butt to 7-11 and found exactly where the chili cheese Fritos were. He didn't live that down for a while.
    Lemon...I also craved anything lemon for a while. Oh, and those circus cookies. You know, the pink and white ones with sprinkles. Yah, hubby ended up eating the whole bag before I could even get 1. Haha. He gained some sympathy weight. :)

    1. haha that is funny about the chili cheese Fritos! Randomly I ate some of those last night ;)Must be a prego thing!!! lol