Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pregnancy Hormones Take 2

What is with these pregnancy hormones?!?!

Well, If I had to describe my emotions in 3 words I would simply say "EMOTIONAL BASKET CASE" Now, lucky for John I have not been one of those mean pregnant women (well this last week I have been tad irritable) But if you followed my pregnancy Blog when I was pregnant with Josselyn, then you probably read about the flying grilled cheese incident in "Going Mad VS Pregnancy Hormones" This time around I have not thrown any grilled cheese's (although my husband has refused to make grilled cheese) and I have not abused my dogs with a dish towel. Instead, my emotions involve crying at literally anything and everything. I am no longer sure what is worse bring moody or being completely emotional!

The crying began when I didn't even know I was pregnant.We went on a trip to Mexico in late on August and I cried every day for the first 3 days because I was so sad that I was going to be away from Josselyn for an entire week. Then I cried for about a week when I found out I was pregnant (that was just ridiculous). I cried when I watched the movie "What to Expect When Expecting" there is really no need to cry in that movie and then I cried watching the movie "A Little Bit of Heaven" & that movie is just plain sad and the crying is definitely justifiable but I am NOT a movie crier (ask anyone!). I did not cry watching Titanic, or The Notebook, or even My Sisters Keeper. Unless I am pregnant I do not cry at movies! Well, not only have I cried at every movie I have seen since becoming pregnant but I even cry at dumb reality shows. I cried multiple times during the X Factor auditions and even got teary eyed watching Survivor! Of course I balled like a baby watching Greys Anatomy (I still can not believe they killed off Lexi & gorgeous Mark Sloan!!!) and I cried many times catching up on my Private Practice episodes. As you can see I have been a total emotional wreck and John really needs to ban me from all TV!

Not only have a cried like a baby but I have been ultra sensitive. I do not typically get my feelings hurt easily by friends or family but the last few weeks I think I have read into everything wayyy too much and my feelings have been not only hurt but crushed multiple times. It is actually a little funny now that I am thinking back on the last few weeks but hey, emotions are emotions and when you are pregnant it is a little hard to really control them. I have been blessed with amazing friends in my life & thank God they do not know how many silly incidents I have cried over the last few weeks hahaha. Well, as my 2nd trimester is approaching in just days I am hoping to get rid of this softer side and go back to being ME; even if it means that I have tough skin, a callused heart and only cry at the thought of starving orphans & animal cruelty lol

I sure hope this emotional roller coaster ends soon...We shall see what the 2nd trimester has in store!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Dreaded Bump...

12 weeks prego...

At times I feel like this pregnancy has flown by! In 1 week I will be in my 2nd trimester (Thank God) But then when I think back of how long ago I found out I was pregnant (August 29th) and I think about all the weeks I have spent sick as a dog, stuck on my couch, then I start to feel like I have been pregnant forever!!! Anyways, at 12 weeks pregnant I do have a small yet visible baby bump. I think it looks more like a beer gut then a baby bump, so I am going to steer clear of tight fitted clothes when I leave the house. However, having a baby bump is definitely bitter-sweet in my books.

 It is bitter because, the adorable "baby bump" does not stay small, cute & tiny for long. It starts out that way and then over night none of your clothes fit! You are then stuck trying to squeeze into your looser clothes (which you will just end up stretching out) and then you have no choice but to shop at the horribly, ugly, over priced maternity stores (I despise maternity clothes!!!) For some reason the words fashionable & maternity do not fit in the same fact they do not even fit on the same paragraph or page! You can even go to the high dollar maternity boutiques like Pickles & Ice Cream or A Pea in the Pod Collection and find clothes by amazing designers like Ella Moss, Vince, Ali Ro, Splendid, etc but lets get real if I am going to spend $100+ on a shirt I want it to be gorgeous and even those fabulous designers have not seemed to master how to make maternity clothes cute!!! Look below at how totally boring and ugly the shirts form their fall collection are. Someone needs to design a good maternity line & no Heidi Klum, as gorgeous as you are, your line is just as ugly. So not only are there no cute clothes to wear when you are prego but then the "bump" turns into a "mound" and just when you think you could not possibly get any bigger at like 8 months, you prove yourself wrong and grown another size or two! The cute bump, becomes a basket ball, and then it turns into an enormous beach ball. I will never forget walking in the mall when I was prego with Josse and I heard a group of boys say "Holy Pregnant" as I walked by :( lol So that right there friends is why I am not a huge fan of the BABY BUMP!

Ella Moss $155
Splendid $125
Vince $245

Man, after all that I forget why it is bitter-sweet...Oh yah, it is sweet, because typically having a bump means that the dreaded, awful, miserable 1st trimester morning sickness is coming to an end! When I was pregnant with Josselyn, I was sick until about 20 weeks but I started to feel a ton better by 16 weeks. It was also at about 16 weeks that I took my first pictures of my baby Josse bump (you can the see the pictures in my old Bog Introducing the BUMP.... ) Unfortunately this time around my bump is starting to protrude a bit sooner then it did the first time around (apparently you show faster with baby #2) but I am still keeping my fingers crossed that saying hello to the bump means saying good bye to nausea! I am praying that as I begin to expand I will at least be able to eat normal food again, no longer be best friends with the toilet bowl and will get to dump my dumb Zofran that makes me constipated! As much as I do not like growing bigger, I would rather out grow all of my clothes then be nauseous 24/7! Now, before all of you begin to think that I am a cold, heartless, woman I will definitely admit that there is another sweetness that comes with getting a baby bump. A growing belly means that there is a growing baby inside and as much as I do despise being pregnant, the prize at the end of it all is absolutely PRICELESS and oh so worth it! In my 28 years of life I have never experienced anything as sweet as holding a precious newborn baby. I absolutely adore newborn babies and this did not happen until I held Josselyn for the very 1st time. I could not get enough of my sweet little girl when she was born and I literally cried every time I thought about her getting bigger. Sure, I have absolutely loved every stage Josselyn has gone through from the infant stage, to the baby stage, to the crawling stage & now to the walking stage but in my opinion there is something so special and priceless about that NEWBORN STAGE which only lasts a few short weeks. So if being nauseous, tired, moody, fat & uncomfortable for 9 months means that I get to hold that teeny tiny newborn baby at the end...then BRING IT ON!

So although I may not be one of those women who absolutely embraces pregnancy, the growing belly, and the whole nine yards and I am without a doubt, 100% thankful & grateful that the Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to once again experience motherhood and all the wonderful blessings that come along with it. I would not trade this moment for anything in the entire world!

So CHEERS to the dreaded baby bump! 

I will be sure to post plenty pictures of the growing bump mound

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sleep When Baby Sleeps

I never really understood the saying, "sleep when baby sleeps"

 Everyone always told me that sleeping when your baby sleeps is one of the most important things you can do when you have an infant. Unfortunately, my problem is that I am a total busy body and I never ever take naps. Not only do I not nap but I don't even like to sit still (unless I am checking my email, on Facebook, or writing Blog and I am not sure if you would classify that as sitting"still") Anyways, when Josselyn was born I did definitely experience sleep deprivation and I was basically a walking zombie for a few weeks. I guess it would have made sense to take a nap when Josse was napping during the day, but for some reason I just could not do that. When Josselyn napped I held her 50% of the time...seriously! It is kinda funny now when I look back but I was a first time mom & my little princess slept longer when she was in her mama's arms so I held her for her entire 2 hour nap hahah. There were times that I did try to lay her down after I had sang & bounced her to sleep, but my kid was way too smart for that. She would open her little wide eyes the second I laid her down so what did I do...pick her back up of course! So half of the time I held my daughter as she slept and then the other half of the time I did one of the million things on my never ending to-do list. I would try and straighten up the house, do the dishes, take a shower for once in an entire week, do the laundry, check my e-mails, start a Blog or a million other things. I always heard mom's say, "the dishes & laundry can wait". But how can they wait?!?! What underwear & socks are my husband going to wear to work when all of his are piled high in the dirty clothes hamper??? How am I going to get a simple glass of water when every dish in my house is dirty??? See, unless you have a maid those things can't really wait. Well, that was my first time around but this time may be a tad bit different....

This time around I am experiencing fatigue & exhaustion like never before. I am so tired I can barely stand it. I may have not been a napper in the past but right now NAPS are my best friend! I can barely watch TV without falling asleep let alone make it to bed time without some sort of rest. It is so hard to even wake up in the mornings, my poor daughter has to yell MAMA for about 15 minutes before I can drag myself out of bed. The last few weeks I have been laying on the couch for half of the day while my sweet, angel baby plays with her toys. I know this whole tiredness will pass once my 1st trimester comes to an end but man, I can not wait for this to end. Being pregnant while taking care of a 12 month old is definitely harder than I ever expected.  I continually remind myself that a million women have done this (I am just not sure how they do it!) So for the first time in my life I am in need of sleep and I am willing to let my husband go commando to work if it means I can get some rest lol. I know the famous saying "this too shall pass" But I am just ready for it to pass now!

I guess I can finally say that I now know what those wise women mean when they say, "sleep when baby sleeps" and I am definitely going to take their advice!

Good Night Friends...

Friday, October 5, 2012

Morning Sickness...

My least favorite thing about pregnancy is morning sickness...

Unfortunately when I was pregnant with Josselyn I experienced horrible  morning all day sickness until 20 weeks (it did ease up a little after 12 weeks). This time around the horrible wave of nausea has hit me like a dump truck. I am 9 weeks pregnant and I am sick as a dog! I was prescribed Zofran & Phenergan and the medicine is bitter sweet. Zofran does keep me from puking my brains out but I do still stay nauseous & one of the side effects is constipation. If you know me and my bathroom issues then you know that I am already plugged up half the time and I do not need to be any more constipated then I already am! Then there is Phenegran...this pill does keep me from vomiting but once again I stay nauseous even after taking it. The major side effect with Phenergan is drowsiness. I am already experiencing the awful 1st trimester tiredness, fatigue & exhaustion so drowsiness on top of everything else just knocks me out for the night.

So what can I do...nothing! Basically showering has become a twice a week routine (There is just something about warm showers that make me even more nauseous & dizzy). I have become a homebody/hermit. All of my close friends can attest to this. Normally I am the one planning play dates with the kids, story time at the library on Wednesdays, Gymboree, girls breakfasts on Fridays, etc but for the past 3 weeks I have been completely out of commission :( This time last year I think I had already planned 4 trips to the pumpkin patch (ask John) and this year I have not even been to my favorite pumpkin patch at the Dallas Arboretum!!! I have even missed church & Invictus which I absolutely hate. My mom's car has been in the shop for 3 weeks and she has had my car for those 3 weeks...the crazy thing is I have not even missed my car or needed it! That is how reclusive my life has been. I literally spend my days laying on the couch (while Josse plays with her toys), sleeping in my bed (when Josse is taking her naps) and puking in the toilet (while Josse is stuck in her bouncer). But I am trying to stay positive and remind myself once again of that annoying famous quote "This too shall pass..."

Now I don't mean to complain because although this little 1 1/2 inch prune sized baby inside of me has definitely brought about a heavy dose of morning sickness, I would not trade it for anything in the world! Sure, I wish I could hit the fast forward button and skip a few weeks but I have gotten through this before and I can do it again (although this time does feel worse!) The good news is I know how amazing it is to hold that precious newborn baby in just a few months and honestly as time goes by not only do you forget about all the pregnancy pains but you even forget about the labor pains lol.  One more positive note is that as I was looking back at some of my old 1st trimester Blogs from when I was prego with Josse I came across the Blog Eating For Two… In that Blog I am complaining about my 5 pound weight gain at only 9 weeks. For some reason, this time around the morning sickness has really decreased my appetite and I have actually lost 4 lbs. Woohoo that is something I can actually smile about haha (although it is only a matter of time before none of my clothes fit & I feel like a huge whale).

If you think about it keep me in your prayers that this morning sickness will end soon! I sure am ready to enjoy this Holiday season and not be trapped in my house...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

1st Trimester Cravings...

Cravings Cravings Cravings...

In my opinion pregnancy cravings have to be one of the strangest things ever! If you are a chocolate lover it is one thing to crave a chocolate sundae (I mean, that's normal) or if you are the type of person who loves sour candy then it is pretty understandable for you to crave sour patch kids. But pregnancy cravings on the other hand make absolutely no sense!

I am only 9 weeks pregnant and whatever hormone it is that makes women like myself crave random foods that are not normally apart of our daily diet, has definitely gone into effect. If you know me then you know that I can be a bit of a health nut. I am the annoying girl that orders a cobb salad but wants to leave off the bacon, cheese, eggs & then have the "fat-free" dressing on the side. You may be wondering why I don't just order a chicken salad to begin with (good question...) lol I buy non-fat everything (if it comes in non-fat) and I refuse to eat anything fried or cooked in oil. I consume very little dairy especially cheese. If I drink soda it must be diet but I try to only drink water because I hate to drink my calories (coffee & non-fat Starbucks drinks are the exception). I am not a big meat eater; I have not eaten red meat in at least 10 years and I do not cosume lamb or pork either. Basically, I occasionally eat chicken, turkey & sea food (I LOVE SEA-FOOD).

Well since baby #2 has come into the pictures my taste buds have definitely changed! Right now fall is approaching, and one of my favorite things about fall is Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes! I absolutely love pumpkin spice latte's...well I did love them until a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately coffee in general, including my beloved pumpkin spice latte's, makes me completely nauseous. I have ordered 2 pumpkin spice latte's and I have had to throw them both away. That is so unlike me! In the last 8 years I can honestly say that I have probably never gone more than a week without a Starbucks drink (please do not tell me how much money I could have saved up if I would have cut out Starbucks...I married a math major who has already calculated it for me!) I am proud to be one of Starbuck's gold card customers and I like enjoying chi tea latte's in the spring, iced hazelnut lattes in the summer, pumpkin spice lattes in the fall & peppermint mocha's in the winter (don't worry I always order decaf, non-fat & with no whip). Well, when I was pregnant with Josse the same thing happened for a couple months so I guess it is happening again :( I hope to get over this cofee = nausea thing soon!

Not only can I not stand coffee right now but I also can not stand even the thought of sea food. Shrimp, salmon, talapia, crab & lobster all make me want to puke! Even the smell of sea food brings about a wave of nausea. Like I mentioned above, I am not a big meat eater but I have always loved sea food. Apparently, that has all changed for a while. The only good thing about avoiding sea food is that when you are pregnant, you have to be careful not to consume too much mercury anyways, becasue it can be dangerous for the baby. I guess I do not have to worry about high levels of mercury since I won't be enjoying any under the sea delights.

Now I am going to talk about a few of my current CRAVINGS! Some of these exact foods I craved when I was pregnant with Josselyn. I blogged about a few of those cravings in one of my old Blogs called "Eating For Two…" but a few of the items I am craving this time around are completely new!


1) Smoothies: I craved smoothies my last pregnancy & now I want them again! 

2) V8: I never drink V8 but strangely enough, I craved it my last pregnancy & now I want it again.

3) Orange Juice: I craved this last time & once again it helps easy my nauseous stomach.

*So much for not wanting to "drink my calories"

4) Cheez-its: What the heck? I hate cheese & junk food! I have no clue why these taste so good.

5) Lucky Charms: I typically eat Kashi/Fiber One. I never eat sugary cereal w/ no nutritional value!

6) Corn Flakes:  I guess this is not a bad craving but it is a little random...

7) French Fries: Uh oh...I hope this craving does not last! So far I have given in & ordered fries 4X

Well...hopefully these random cravings don't get the best of me!!! I will be sure to keep you posted ;)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Unexpected Unplanned Surprise...

Surprised, Shocked, Disbelief, Impossible, No Way!

I am no quite sure where to begin...

Lets see...if you follow my blogs then you know from my last few posts that first of all, I recently weaned my daughter.  In my Blog, " Weaning Confusion... " I talk about how after 12 months of breast feeding I finally weaned Josselyn. Weaning was definitely a challenging & a confusing transition, but we did it. After being pregnant for 9 months & having that area constantly sore and then breast feeding for 12 months I was extremely relieved & ready to have that northern area go back to NORMAL!

I also recently blogged about, " Shedding the Baby Weight! " In that post I talk about how after 12 months I am finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight & I can fit into all of my clothes. After Josselyn was born it was pretty easy for me to lose the first 20 pounds but the last 7-8 lbs did not want to leave. I am not saying that I am 100% happy with my post-baby body but I am definitely on a good road (well, I WAS on a good road).

My most recent post is called " First vacation without our baby girl " In that Blog I talk about our recent trip to Mexico. The truth is that I definitely do not tell you EVERYTHING that went on in Mexico...

What I neglected to mention is that the day we drove up to Galveston (which was where our cruise ship was ported) I began to feel nauseous. I figured the 5 hour car ride probably had a lot to do with my nausea. The strange thing was that my nausea did NOT go away. Our good friends the Summers, who we were vacationing with had an extra prescription motion sickness patch that they got from their doctor. You put the patch behind your ear and it keeps you from becoming sea sick. They offered me the extra patch and I gratefully took it and immediately stuck it behind my ear. I figured that if I was already sick from the car ride I would definitely get sick on a moving boat! The sorta good news was that the patch definitely helped ease my nausea. The bad news was....well I will get to that shortly! So on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday of the cruise I had no nausea but I had another horrible symptom creep up....fatigue! When I say fatigue, I am talking about total exhaustion. By 8:00pm I was totally tired and ready for bed! That was not a good thing, especially since we booked the late night dining time of 8:30pm. Not only was our dinner time at 8:30pm but the show on the cruise ship (one of my favorite things about cruises) was at 10:30pm! Basically, I was falling asleep at dinner & really falling asleep by the show. So now that you all know how I was feeling let me tell you a little bit about Wednesday August 29th (John's Birthday). We spent the day in Progresso, Mexico. We rode dune buggies to see the Mexico Mayan Ruins and then we drove down to a gorgeous private beach & spent the day laying out. By that evening I was beyond tired and exhausted. I tried to enjoy a lobster tail for dinner but I could barely stay awake. For the first time I told John, Jeremy & Lisette that I was wayyy too tired to go to the show that night but I wanted them to enjoy it, especially since it was John's Birthday. I was not feeling like myself and I knew I needed to just go back to the room & sleep. It was about 10:00pm and I was in my PJ's in bed and all of a sudden my mind started going a million miles a minute! I started to think about how I have been so nauseous the last few days, I then started to think about how emotional I had been about leaving Josselyn for the first time. I busted out crying hysterically in the middle of Forever 21 when we stopped in Houston. I then started to think about how I had been ordering sea food/sushi every night for dinner but I could never finish any of it (that is so unlike me, I basically always clean my entire plate in a matter of minutes), then the last thing that came to my mind was that ONE TIME 2 weeks ago that hmmm how do I keep this PG rated? Let's just say that John & I may have unwisely done the "Tango" but I was still breast feeding so I didn't think it was a big deal!!! From then on we most definitely made sure that we had a variety pack of protection near by because we were not planning on EXPANDING our family until Josselyn was at least 2 YEARS OLD. Side note* We had done the TANGO for months before I got pregnant with Josselyn & I even used ovulation sticks so I knew when I was ovulating (so I was not one of those women who got pregnant the 1st try). Plus, how could I possibly be pregnant when I haven't had a menstrual cycle since October of 2010 right before I conceived with Josselyn (almost 2 years ago!) Anyways, After all of those crazy thoughts crossed my mind I started to well...hyper ventilate, have anxiety & basically freak out. I jumped out of bed, got dressed & found a pregnancy test to take. I was sure that there was no way on earth it could be positive I mean after all I had only not been breast feeding for 4 days, I was eating tons of under cooked sea food, I had some crazy medicated/prescription patch on my ear and I had not been taking prenatal vitamins for months.

Well, with my mind going a million miles an hour and with John & our friends out at the show I knew that I needed to just take the pregnancy test to ease my mind. So I peed on the stick and within seconds a dark (+) showed up! If you have never taken a pregnancy test or if you are a male then let me simply explain that a (+) indicates that you are pregnant and a (-) means that you are not pregnant/or there is not enough HGC hormone to indicate that you are pregnant. Basically, there can be false negatives but there are never false positives. All of this to say the test was positive & I was in total shock! I ran out of our room and headed straight to the theater where the evening show was going on. It was pitch black & the auditorium was completely packed. I had no idea where John was sitting so I just sat in the last row and tried to search for him whenever the stage was slightly light up. About 20 minutes later I saw our friends Lisette & Jeremy walk into the theater. I ran to Lisette and said, "I need to find John!" So she began walking up and down the aisles looking for him. Eventually she found John so I ran over and whispered to him that I needed to show him something. We went into the lobby and I whipped out the positive pregnancy stick. His face immediately light up & he smiled from ear to ear. I on the other hand freaked out & said, "WHY ARE YOU SMILING?" John replied, "This is awesome and this is the best birthday present ever!" I then started to cry & I think that may have freaked out John a little.

When we got home, I went to the doctor immediately (after I took 3 more pregnancy tests just to make sure!) I thought I was maybe 7 or 8 along since I was feeling so many of the 1st trimester symptoms but boy was I wrong. Come to find out, when I found out on the cruise I was only 3 weeks along! I can not believe the test even showed up positive that early. My fingers are crossed that the nausea & fatigue doesn't get worse these next few weeks. Anyways, we decided to tell our immediate families the "news" at John's belated birthday dinner. John broke the news by saying, "Last year on my Birthday we brought Josselyn home from the hospital, and this year on my birthday we found out Josselyn is going to be a big sister!" And boy were their reactions priceless. My mom's reaction had to be the funniest... especially when she said, "Oh my! 2 babies under 2 years old...that is going to be really HARD!" and then she made sure to re-state, "You guys are going to have 2 babies!" lol. Then my sister just shook her head back and forth and said, "Oh sissy....Let me guess every Thursday after school we are going to be bringing you Jamba Juice & Einstein bagels again." haha John's brother Joey's chin almost hit the table with shock and my niece Isabella was in total disbelief as she said, "AGAIN?" Our family is amazing and they are all super excited but I think everyone of them was definitely as SHOCKED as we were.

So there you have the story of the Unexpected, Unplanned Surprise! I will say that after a week of crying & freaking out I am now beyond EXCITED about Baby #2! Sure I am not the biggest fan of pregnancy, I despise getting fat, I hate being nauseous, I do not like to be slowed down by fatigue & exhaustion but I know that all of these bumps in the road are just part of the miraculous child birth journey...And I can confidently say from experience that it is so worth it in the end. John on the other hand has been experiencing pure bliss since the beginning! He is over joyed with the idea of another baby and he is already calling Baby #2 John Jr lol

I will be sure to document every step of the journey of Baby #2 So stay tuned for lots of my very own uncensored pregnancy stories :)

-Every good & perfect gift is from above (planned & unplanned)