Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weaning Confusion...

Well I am beginning the whole weaning thing...

So far the beginning stages of weaning have been bitter-sweet which is no surprise. Every new stage that Josselyn begins, definitely brings about a flood of mixed emotions for this mama. The "bitter" part of weaning that I am having to accept is the fact that, my first born child is indeed GROWING UP & becoming a toddler instead of a baby :( However, it is "sweet" because I did decide to breastfeed for 1 full year & to be honest and blunt I am ready to have "lavern & shirley" back to myself, lol If you can not figure out who lavern & shirley are then you may have to go back & read some of my old pregnancy blogs lol I am extremely glad I made the choice to breastfeed for the entire first year but I am ready to have a little more freedom back! If you read my blogs then you know that Josselyn would not even drink pumped breast-milk from a bottle for over 6 months and even after that sometimes she just chose to starve instead of drinking from her bottle.

Anyway, I am doing good with the emotional part of weaning but I am unfortunately very CONFUSED & overwhelmed with which "milk product" to wean her to!!!!! I love getting other mothers feed back; so feel free to comment or email me ( if you have any suggestions on what type of milk to transition her to. So far I have been trying to introduce Josselyn to both organic whole milk & almond milk. Unfortunately she thinks it is funny to spit both of them out... Some days I am lucky and she will take 4 or 5 sips of the milk but other than that she seems to HATE ALL MILK!

I was told by Josselyn's pediatrician to give her whole milk. He said that the whole milk has the calories & fat that babies need for good brain development. He also said that the American Association of Pediatrics recommends whole milk for all children at age 1 as long as they are not lactose & tolerant. The confusing thing is that I keep reading and hearing that whole milk is too strong for infants and it is extremely hard for their little bodies to digest. For some reason that totally freaks me out! Whole milk did give Josselyn horrible diarrhea the first day we tried it but it is probably becasue I did not gradually ease her into it. Ugh not sure what to do about whole milk...

I have heard tons of positive things about almond milk. It has more calcium than cows milk as well as other vitamins that cows milk does not have (like Vitamin E). The negative seems to be that it does not have as much fat, carbohydrates and calories as whole milk. However that may not matter if I supplement by giving Josse other healthy high fat foods like avocado, egg yolk, etc. Hmmm.... Almond milk keeps sounding better and better!

I keep hearing mixed reviews about soy milk. My nurse said that if I do not give Josselyn cow's milk then the next best milk she would recommend is soy milk. However, online I keep reading about how recent studies are showing that soy milk has unhealthy high estrogen levels etc. I am definitely not educated enough on the ingredients etc in soy milk to have my own opinion yet, so I am going to definitely do some more research on soy milk.

I am not very familiar with rice milk. I have read on a few sites that rice milk is very easy on infants tummy's, but it does not have enough fat, etc and it is high in sugar. Once again I am going to have to research more about rice milk especially since I have some very close family members & friends who gave their little ones rice milk and they had nothing but positive things to say about rice milk.

It seems like goats milk is recently becoming more popular. I have read that it is the best mammals milk to give an infant other than breast milk. I have also heard that it has a distinct, strong, taste that some children do not like. I have honestly never really considered goats milk but I guess it could be an option..

Well those are the milk options that seem to be the most popular for infants. However I have read a little about coconut milk, raw milk & flax milk but it does not seem like those are as popular choices for infants. With all of this said, I am by no means a milk pro & I definitely have a ton of research & reading to do on all of the milk options out there. Once again, if you have any advice or you would like to share you thoughts I would love that! I know that every mother has a different opinion and ultimately I have to chose what I feel is best for my daughter but I still LOVE hearing other educated mothers feedback!

Wish me luck with this whole weaning thing!!!


  1. Don't do coconut or flax milk! Unless you want to change 20 poopy diapers a day! :) I would suggest almond milk or rice and just supplement the lacking fats with naturally fatty foods. My kids drink unsweetened vanilla almond milk and like it. It was an adjustment but they like it. Animal milks such and cow and goat have proteins in them that our bodies aren't meant to break down or intake. There are healthier ways and more beneficial ways for our littles (and ourselves) to get the vitamins and fats we need then cows milk:) you are on the right track. Phillip has done ALOT of milk research! If you have questions hed love to help:)

    1. @Jenna Awesome thanks for the info!!! From what I have been reading it seems like Almond may be the best choice, so it is good to hear that you guys have researched it & your kidos drink it! Now I just have to get Josselyn to actually drink it & not spit it

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  3. If it makes you feel any better... Kiptyn wouldn't wean to milk either and he's 2 now and has still not taken a bottle of milk. He hates ALL milk, and our pediatrician was fine with it. By the time they're one they're starting to get nutrients from other things now, so I wouldn't worry about it. I tried all kinds of milks, but he refused. So when he would wake up starving at 5 am, as weird as it seemed, I would stick a snack cup of cheerios and a sippy cup of water into his bed and he was perfectly happy. It definitely hasn't stunted his growth - he's VERY healthy and growing.

    My caution about Almond milk would just be the whole "don't try nuts until they're at least 2" for allergy reason. And Dr. Nabulsi doesn't recommend rice milk at all because it lacks so much nutrition.

    You could also try a toddler formula. I highly recommend Baby's Only Organic formula.

    1. Thanks for the info! :) Good to know she is not the only little one who is refusing milk lol

  4. ugh i'm glad you're going through it first LOL! I can just see how Josse does then decide what to do. lol

  5. I'm like a month late on reading this, but I say almond milk, totally because I think the unsweetened vanilla tastes delicious and a baby would like it, also soy is the devil. I've read that it can cause infertility...and I desperately want babies in my future like REALLY BAD, so I won't do soy. And I've been turned off of most dairy by what it does to my tummy and research I've done. So I agree completely with Jenna Knight. :)