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Planning an "Under the Sea Mermaid Party"

I can not believe it is already AUGUST!!!

11 Months Old

What does August mean? It means that on AUGUST 26th my little princess is turning ONE! It seems like just yesterday that Josselyn made her grand entrance into the world. Well, her 1st birthday has definitely brought about some mixed emotions for Mommy. I have definitely shed a few tears (even Sunday on the way to church) but on the flip side I am having a total BLAST planing Josselyn's 1st BIRTHDAY BASH!

Speaking of Josse's 1st birthday party, I wanted to share my inspiration board with ya'll :) Yes I do have an inspiration board that has helped me plan Josselyn's party. I will admit that I am a bit over the top and as embarrassing as it may be, I have been seriously planning my daughters 1st birthday for the past 3 months haha. Believe it or not this does not surprise my close freinds or any one that knows me well. You see, I am the "party planning friend" that always plans everyone's parties! I have planned/hosted countless bachelorette parties, wedding showers, lingerie showers, baby showers & birthday parties. So of course, I would go all out on my 1st child's FIRST BIRTHDAY BASH :) And to be honest, planning Josse's party has helped keep my mind off of the fact that my princess is moving on from the whole baby stage and becoming a toddler (that is a whole other Blog in itself)

So let me share with you some of the ideas, pictures, etc that have inspired me along the way, as I have been planning Josselyn's very own UNDER THE SEA MERMAID PARTY.

Step 1 was coming up with a theme. After surfing the web and various blogs I decided to go with a "MERMAID THEME" since Josselyn has a summer birthday & she is a total water baby! I then decided to have the party at my moms neighborhood club house since they have a very specious ballroom, plus they have a fabulous outdoor pool. Even though I chose a "mermaid party" I did not want to go with the whole Disney Little Mermaid theme, so I continued my search for ideas for more of a mystical mermaid themed party. After finding pictures of lots of gorgeous mermaid parties I quickly decided that the our colors would be aqua, sea green & purple. I also found some great ideas for decorations and I became pretty set on wanting to decorate with live Betta fish, sea shells, fish nets, hanging lanterns and more!!! Below are some of my inspiration pictures :)

These are the perfect COLORS

I love the fish net

Once again perfect colors

I absolutely love the hanging lanterns

I loved the simple idea of putting sand & sand dollars in vases

I love the live Betta fish!!!

Well, for some silly reason I fell in love with this little brunette paper mermaid cut out that I kept seeing online lol. My compulsive self searched for hours trying to figure out where to purchase her or how to maker her. I eventually stumbled across cut out's of her for sale on Etsy! Different online Etsy shops were selling the cupcake toppers & birthday banners (below) with the brunette mermaid on them for astronomical prices! So, after another couple hours of research I discovered that the mermaid was made from a "Cricut machine".  Believe or not I had never even heard of a Cricut machine (in case you haven't either, it is basically a fancy paper cutter). Well, instead of paying the inflated prices for these paper cut out's my mom decided to just buy a Cricut machine so we could make our own mermaids lol! That may seem a bit extreme to buy the whole machine just to make a couple mermaids, but if you know my mom and I then you know that this machine is perfect for 2 party planners like us! In just 1 month we have already used the machine for my girlfriends Olivia's baby shower and for our Bloom Women's Ministry Brunch! It turned out to be a great investment & now we can make tons of cute mermaid, sea horse & sea shells for Josselyn's party haha

These 3 cupcake toppers were $6 each

This happy Birthday sign was $40

Next, I wanted to find some cute ideas for a fabulous under the sea "candy buffet".  After lots of browsing on the internet I basically came to the conclusion that I am going to make sure all the candy for the candy bar matches the party colors which are purple, aqua, blue & sea green. I also decided that I want to put ribbon and tags around the glass jars so they look more uniform (like in the second photo below). I can't wait to create Josselyn's candy bar!

I love how the colors go with the theme!

I love how they tied ribbon around the jars & stuck on tags!

Gorgeous colors & I love the pretzels!

You can not have a party without good food! I knew I wanted to keep the food KID FRIENDLY since this is a 1 year old's birthday party but once again I wanted to make sure it went along with our under the sea mermaid theme. I searched for a variety of fun, simple appetizers & finger foods and then I tried to come up with creative "under the sea" names for the dishes. Here are some of the great ideas I came across.

Star fish sandwiches!

Aqua colored punch!!!!

It is hard to think of games for a 1 year old's birthday lol but I did find a great site that gave me ideas for games, party favors & more! Now, if only I lived near the beach...

limbo, sand pales & messages in a bottle!!!

Speaking of the beach...I must mention one of my favorite things I found online. In my search for mermaid party ideas I stumbled across a couple parties that displayed card board sand castles.  I love love love these adorable DIY sand castles for decoration.

On my mermaid quest I found more than enough cute decoration ideas.  I love the use of sequin material as table cloths, I love the idea of putting gold fish crackers in fish bowls & I love the "Mermaids this way" sign!

I love fun invitations because in a way they set the theme for the I began my hunt for mermaid themed invitations! I found the perfect ones online and thanks to my sweet friend Christina we even took the invites to the next level by adding velum on top to give them an "under the sea" look! I must also give a shout out to my sis in law Stacey, my friend Jen & my mom...who all helped me design the perfect invites ;)

These are the invitations I chose!!!

The Birthday girl's outfit is just as important as the party itself! Unfortunately I am still not 100% sure what my littler mermaid Josselyn is going to wear for the party (I do have her swim  suit though!) I am trying to decide between a lace romper or a tutu/pettiskirt....We shall see!

I do like this ruffle romper & the colors are perfect

I have to find a fun bow for the Birthday girl

So there are a few of the pictures & ideas that helped inspired Josselyn's 1st "Under the Sea Mermaid Party".  I am still busy working on all the last minute details but my fingers are crossed that it will all come together by Sunday August 19th (which is the day of her party). Wish me luck & be sure to keep your eyes pealed for my next Blog which will hopefully have all of the PARTY PICTURES in it :)

*Click here for pictures from Josselyn's Party An Under the Sea Mermaid Party!

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