Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happily Ever After...

June 17th was our 6 year Anniversary!

I know, I know, it was also Father's Day...I am still a little bitter that Father's Day tried taking over "MY HOLIDAY". But I guess if I had to share my day with some other special occasion then I am glad it was Father's Day. I would have absolutely hated sharing my anniversary with a day like Mother's Day, because I am sure my sneaky husband would have tried to combine my gifts into just one lol JK ;) Anyways, it was a wonderful anniversary and my amazing hubby did sweet little things to make the whole week special!

On Wednesday my hubby surprised me with the mot beautiful flowers. I absolutely love receiving flowers and John had the florist put together the most gorgeous sunflower & wild flower bouquet. John knows that I love large arrangements so he made sure that this bouquet was over the top!

On Thursday, John did the most romantic thing ever. First of all I absolutely love hearing my husband sing (he has a great voice!) but for some reason John never ever wants to sing for me. I always try to get John to sing the most random songs for me while we are lying in bed but for some reason he will never cooperate. Well, John had secretly learned the chords to the sweet song "God Bless the Broken Road" & while I was just watching TV in the living room John came in with his guitar and said,"I have something I want to play for you." I am so not a crier but I definitely shed a few tears as he played & sang that beautiful song (I am going to blame the tears on my post pregnancy hormones). That was such a precious moment that I had to snap a quick picture with my iPhone so I could always remember it lol. John had no idea that I had taken a picture until the next day when he saw it in Facebook Oops....

Friday was a wonderful day as well. Some of our very best friends (the Martinez family) came to town for a visit. John took off work Friday so we could spend some quality time with them. We had so much fun going to breakfast, visiting the Dallas Aquarium, hanging out at the pool & just relaxing. Friends & family are two of life's greatest blessings & I am so thankful that I have not only an amazing family but dear friends who are just like family!

Sunday June 17th was our actual anniversary & it was a great day. John was so excited about his Anniversary/Fathers Day gift (a Weber Grill) that he cancelled our Sunday lunch reservation & instead he BBQ'd steaks & shrimp on his new grill! John was not the only one who got spoiled though...even though I told John NOT to buy me anything since we will be celebrating our 6 year anniversary with a cruise to Mexico in August (we wanted to wait until Josselyn was at least 1 year old before we left her for a week).  John did not listen (which now I am kinda glad lol) & he surprised me with a gorgeous amethyst DY bracelet. John picked it out all by himself & I absolutely love love love it!

John and I had a wonderful 6 year anniversary & I can not wait to enjoy many more anniversaries in our future. I feel so blessed to be married to not only my best friends but the love of my life. When I think back at the past 10 years we have been together (6 of them we have been married for) I can not help but think of the incredible journey we have been on. We have definitely had our share of both up's & down's. We have experienced loss, grief, heartache & disappointment as well as joy, blessings, new life & fresh beginnings. I honestly can not imagine walking through life without John by my side. He has been such an amazing strength & support to both my family & I. I thank the Lord every day for blessing me with such a loving, Godly husband. I truly believe that I married the exact person that God created for me. Writing about this reminds me of the beautiful song "When God Made You" that my dad walked me down the aisle to on my wedding day. The chorus of that songs says, "I wonder what God was thinking, when He created you. I wonder if He knew everything I would need, when He made all my dreams come true. When God made you, He must've been thinking about me." Those words are exactly I feel. I never dreamed or imagined that I would marry someone as incredible as John. The Lord gave me everyone of my heart's desires & more! I am so lucky to have found my soul mate!

Since this Blog turned out a little mushy I decided to just go ahead and make it even mushier! I know that most of you were not there with us on June 17th 2006 in South Lake Tahoe as we exchanged vows, so I decided to post a little clip from that special day. I must admit watching the video below definitely brought back a flood of unexpected memories. Our wedding is a day that I will always cherish & hold dear to my heart for so many reason. June 17th 2006 was the day that I married the man of my dreams, it was the last day my whole family spent together, & it was one of the very last times I saw my father. I am so thankful for all of those things & I can definitely say that June 17th was one of the BEST DAYS of my life. I hope you enjoy this little glimpse inside our wedding day. 


And They Lived Happily Ever After...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bitter-Sweet Fathers Day

Fathers Day...

Fathers Day is a holiday/special occasion that can bring about so many different emotions. In a way it is a bitter-sweet day. 

For some people it is a day full of love & celebration. For many sons & daughters it is a day that reminds them how lucky & blessed they are to have such a wonderful father in their life. Children of all ages take a moment to express their love & gratitude to their amazing fathers on this day.

For some, it is a day that brings about sorrow. Unfortunately, in our society today there are many children who grow up with an absent father. Maybe their father walked out on their family, maybe they never even met their father or maybe their father has passed away. I lost my father 6 years ago and honestly the past 5 Fathers Day's have been some of the saddest days in my life. 

Whatever your story is I want to remind you that we all have a Heavenly Father who loves us unconditionally & will never leave us nor forsake us. 
Psalms 68:5 tell us that, "his name is the Lord. A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows"  
2 Corinthians 6:18 tells us, "God will be your Father, and you will be my sons and daughters" 
1 John 4:8 tell us that, "God is love"
So whether you had the greatest father in the world, the worst father in the world, or even if you did not have a father at all in your life, let me remind you that you have a heavenly Father who watches over you, cares for you & loves you more than you could ever imagine.

So, as I sit back and reflect on this Fathers Day I am reminded that not only do I have the best heavenly Father in the world but I was also blessed with an incredible earthly father. Even though it is hard not having my dad here with me now, I did have 22 precious years with him. My dad was such a great father and I am so thankful that the Lord blessed me with him. My dad loved his family more than anything and he always put us first. Everyone that knew my father knew that we were his pride & joy. He talked about my brothers, sister and I constantly. I never once had to questioned my fathers love for me. 

So I have a perfect heavenly father, I had a loving earthly father and now I am married to an amazing man who is a wonderful 1st time father! I knew John would make an amazing father but he has surpassed everything I ever imagined. John absolutely adores our baby girl and she already has him wrapper around her long, skinny, finger lol I just love the way John gazes at Josselyn and I can not even explain how much I love watching my daughter light up when she sees her daddy. Josselyn is one lucky little girl to have John as her daddy! 


To my surprise, today has been a really wonderful Fathers Day. I decided to count my blessings this year instead of throwing a pity party for myself. I reminded myself how blessed I am to have a heavenly Father who sent his son to die for my sins. I am thankful that I was raised by a loving earthly father who took such just good care of me for 22 years and I am so blessed to be married to an incredible man who is an amazing father to my daughter. So Happy Fathers Day to all of the wonderful dad's in this world!

I decided to put this photo album together for John in honor of his 1st Fathers Day

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Floating Turd!

Summer time means swim lessons!

Yesterday, Josselyn had her very 1st swim lesson at Emler Swim School. Overall the swim lesson was...well...adventurous! Things started out a bit rocky. Josse decided to take a nap right before it was time to leave for her "water baby" swim class. I ended up having to wake-up sleeping beauty so we wouldn't be too terribly late to her over priced, 30 minute, swim lesson.  Poor Josse had no clue what was going on...I undressed her, put on a Huggies swim diaper, bathing suit & then I threw her in her car seat. While we were driving I heard half asleep Josse making her "pooping sound" which came as no surprise since Josselyn only likes to poop when we are in the car! By the time we arrived at Elmer Swim School we were already 5 minutes late so I decided not to check her diaper (dumb mommy). I just took Josse out of her car seat and ran into her class, which had already started...

I must brag on my daughter for a minute...she is a total water baby! She loves the water & I can already tell she is going to be a little dare devil (hmmm where could she possibly get that from???) lol She is fearless and she tries to just jump into the water & take off swimming all by herself! I know 9 months may seem a bit early for swim lessons but I figured that since she already loves the water, it can't hurt teaching her a few little things like how to kick, hold her breath & float on her back (the teacher swears kids her age can learn all that...but we will see). Worst case scenario mommy & Josse have a little water bonding time once a week this summer ;)

Well, Josselyn loved the swim class! She especially loved playing with the water balls. I actually had to hide the balls that were floating around becasue Josse would not pay attention to the teacher or me when a ball were anywhere in sight (she absolutely LOVES balls!) Now, during the last 10 minutes of the class I noticed a brown flake like substance floating near Josselyn. It did not look like poop but all of a sudden I became a bit concerned. A minute or so later I saw another brown flake thingy and then I really started to worry. I thought about taking Josse out of the water to check her diaper in case the brown stuff was poop from her diaper, but then I figured her class was almost over and we already showed up late to begin with. So, I decided to ingnore the flakes. As the class was coming to a close I noticed even more brown flakes, by this point I was too embarrassed to say anything and I did not want to draw any attention to us or the possible poop flakes! The teacher casual mentioned to me and only me...that it was best to use the non disposable swim diapers & she even suggested doubling them up (my guess is that she knew the floating turd pieces were from Josselyn!) lol I told her Josse was wearing those Huggies swim diapers & then she proceeded to tell me that those swim diapers did not work, they just fall apart & the poop comes out everywhere (ooops...) She even told me that those diapers are not allowed at most community pools & rec centers. Ummmm why did they not tell me this when I was signing Josselyn up for a WATER BABY SWIM CLASS that is for ages 6 months - 18 months. Obviously children in that age bracket are in diapers still! Anyways, the class was over so the teacher had to hold Josselyn while I got out of the pool (it's a safety thing). Well, while the teacher handed me Josselyn Ms. Poopy Pants I noticed a yellow color on the poor teachers swim shirt! I grabbed Josse, threw a towel around her & rushed over to the changing station. Sure enough Josse had a poopy diaper! The crazy thing was that it wasn't your typical poopy diaper. The poop looked likes brown flakes (the exact flakes that were floating around in the pool!) And the teacher was right, it did not stay in her diaper. Josselyn's towel had a yellowish/brown color on it, her swim suit had a yellowish/brown tint all over it and I now had a poop colored tint on the front of my cover up! So needless to say, my daughter is one of those nasty kids that poops in a public pool!!!

 I will be using the the washable swim diapers instead of the Huggies or Pampers swim diapers!

 I will no longer use those worthless Huggies swim diapers. I am going to buy at least 4 of those washable swim diapers and I may even triple them up on my poop machine daughter! I promise that Josselyn will never again be the child who POOPS IN THE POOL!!! So hopefully this was our first & last pool explosion. I will keep you posted on how her future swim lessons go :)