Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Not So Perfect, Yet Absolutely PERFECT Mothers Day

My 1st Mothers Day...

May 13th 2012 was my very 1st Mothers Day! I'll be honest, I have been looking forward to this holiday for my entire life (but for all the wrong reasons lol). You see, one of my "love languages" is gifts, so I love any excuse to get presents and Mothers Day seemed like the perfect additional holiday to cash in for some flowers, chocolates & maybe even something sparkly!!! I actually never even thought about the most special gift, which is just being a MOTHER until this year.

My very 1st Mothers Day started off a little rocky. We had just flown back into Dallas the night before. I had spent the last 3 days in Midland working, and John & Josse came along for the ride. The trip was a blast but unfortunately Josselyn does horrible when she is "off schedule" and she was completely off her normal napping/eating schedule due to the trip. On top of having a fussy/tired baby, Josselyn came back to Dallas with a cold :( Her nose was running nonstop!!! So on Sunday morning, "Mothers Day" Josse woke up feeling under the weather, plus she was teething. I ended up heading to church early to help my mom do some Mothers Day decorating and John & Josse were going to meet me there. Well, things only seemed to get worse. It took Daddy a little longer than normal getting Josse ready & I was anxiously waiting for them to arrive. I couldn't wait to see how cute Josselyn was going to look in her adorable coral dress. When I finally saw them walk in the church doors, I rushed towards them and put my arms out towards Josse. Immediately John said, "DON'T TOUCH HER...She exploded & we are both covered in poop". Yup, one of Josselyn's famous poop explosions on her new Mothers Day dress. The good news was, we were able to ditch the poop covered bloomers & save her dress. Well, the service started & when it came to Josselyn things continued to go NOT as planned. Josselyn usually naps during service, but today she decided to stay awake & scream so loud her Gigi & Papa had to take her out of service into the hall way. Since, Josse did not have her usual "church service nap" she began falling apart as soon as church ended. Josselyn's post church melt down was definitely going to put a damper on the lunch reservations we had with our entire family! John's parents were in town so his entire family plus my mom and sister had all planned on going to a nice Mothers Day lunch together. As we were headed to the restaurant my tired, teething, stuffy nosed princes began screaming bloody murder. I knew the lunch plans were not going to fly with her. John ended up dropping Josselyn & I off at the house so we could lay her down for a nap (Josselyn did wake up in time to still make part of the family lunch).

As you can see nothing was going according to "MY PLAN" and I really started to have a pity party for myself. My ideal, picture perfect "1st Mothers Day" seemed almost ruined. After lunch, John, Josselyn and I came back to the house. John & I sat on the floor playing with little Josselyn and it was then & there that I realized that this day was the furthest thing from being ruined. I stopped and realized that I have a beautiful, happy, healthy daughter (besides her little sniffles) and I have an amazing, supportive husband (who is one of the best dad's I have ever seen). Right as I started realizing how FORTUNATE and BLESSED I truly am, my sweet little girl started giving the best, sloppy, open mouth kisses to both her daddy & I. Those kisses seriously made my day (of course I quickly pulled out my iPhone & John & I started snapping pictures lol). So all in all, I had the BEST 1st Mothers Day in the world. I am quickly learning that apart of being a mom is learning to roll with punches and go with the flow. When it comes to kids, your world can become very unpredictable so you just have to make the best out of every situation & have fun!

So CHEERS to all the great mothers in this world...Our job is by no means easy, but it is by far the best job in the world!

My 1st Mothers Day 2012

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