Tuesday, May 29, 2012

9 Month Doctor Check-up

9 months old...

Where has the time gone?!?! :( I know, I know,  I say this every time Josselyn has a doctors apt, but it really does seem like just yesterday that my little princess was born. I can not believe that in 3 months she will be 1 year old!!!

Well anyways, her 9 month doctors apt went great (well sorta). The good news is, she is a healthy baby girl! She is still a tall super model! Josselyn is in the 95% for height; she is 29 1/4 inch tall. She is a bit skinny weighing 17lbs 6oz, which is in the 25% (don't ask me how she is skinny when she still breast feeds 5X a day!!! lol). Developmentally Josselyn is right on track and the doctor did not have any concerns. Now for the not so fun part...The mean mean mean nurse pricked Josselyn's toe to draw some blood so they could check her iron levels for anemia (her finger was too skinny). Josse absolutely hated the whole process and she screamed, kicked & held her breath for about 5 minutes while the slow nurse squeezed Josselyn's toe to get enough blood out. I know my daughter is probably a little dramatic (since she is my kid) but the nurse had no sympathy & she kept saying, "Wow someone is having a temper tantrum". Ummm...I thought Josselyn was doing pretty good considering she had someone squeezing blood out of her poor, cold, big toe! I ran out of the Dr's office at 16 years old when they tried to give me a tetanus shot and when I was a child it took 2-3 nurses to hold me down for any shot, so compared to that Josselyn was an angel! Unfortunately, things only got worse for poor Josse after the toe prick. Before I could even calm Josselyn down from her first traumatic experience the mean nurse jammed a huge needle into her thigh for her last round of hepatitis B shots :( If you read my "Controversial Ear Piercing" Blog then imagine the horrific picture of Josselyn's crying as they pierced her ears and then multiply it by 10! That was what poor Josse's face looked like after the hepatitis B shot. This was definitely the hardest doctors appointment I have experienced, but at least it is over and we have 3 months to prepare for the next doctors appointment.

 It is amazing how much has changed for Josselyn over the past few week...

First of all, Josselyn now LOVES table food! We have introduced her to foods like avocado, green beans, black beans, tomato, pancakes, bread, watermelon & bananas. Luckily, Josselyn still loves baby food so I can still feed her those awesome organic baby food pouches when we are out & about.  Josselyn also loves to drink from a straw lol (so anytime I go to Starbucks I have to order Josse a tall ice water lol).

My little big girl is also on the move, she can now army crawl or "inch worm" all over the house. She also likes to walk if you hold both of her hands (she thinks she is so big!). I now need to  child proof my house ASAP and I am not looking forward to doing that!

We also found out that Josse is a water baby! She went swimming for the 1st time on Memorial Day and she absolutely loved it!!! She even kicked her legs as she floated around in her baby floaty. We are going to have a lot of fun in the pool this summer.


It comes as no surprise that my daughter also loves to talk! You have to watch out because she is a little parrot and she will repeat almost any word you repeatedly say to her. Some of the words she repeat besides "mama" & "dada" are: Cat = "a", Thank You = "tain too", Please = "peese", Good Bye = "bye bye", Hi = hu, Dog = "do" and Book= "boo". Every time she comes home from her YaYa's house she is saying a new word (I am pretty convinced that my mom has some weird way of brain washing babies to talk haha).

Josselyn has also learned how to shake her head back & forth (to the left and right), so anytime you ask her a question it looks like she is saying NO. I seriously can't believe my daughter is already telling me NO!!! Can't you just see the attitude in the 2 pictures below? haha

Oh, and I can not forget to mention Josselyn's new favorite trick...she has mastered how to RIP OFF HER HAIR BOWS :( I am devastated! I am sure most of you are laughing or cheering Josselyn on because you think the bows & flowers I put on her head are way to big & ridiculous but I love them and I have invested wayyyy to much $$$ on them for her to boycott them all together lol, therefore I am currently trying to figure out a clever way to keep them on her head (if you are pro-big bows and you have a suggestion please let me know!)

Well, that about sums up what is new in our life. My little buddy keeps my busy 24/7 but I absolutely love it! These past 9 months have with out a doubt been the best months of my life & I look forward to the many months & years to come.

I always loved the quote "My greatest blessings call me MOM" but I never truly understood it until now.


  1. Those vaccine appointment are draining. I cried the first time, I hated seeing someone hurt my child. Way to go for the nursing. It is such a wonderful time to have with her and not to mention oh so organically natural! The bows are cute and I just love the femininity to them. Dress her the way you want to for as long as you can. Soon enough you'll be wishing you still could. They like the funkiest things sometimes! If I could show you some things Sarah has wanted, YIKES!

  2. Oh and seriously, the thing about your mom...I believe it, all those years of day care I'm sure she gained a few super human powers! :-)

  3. @Kandice I dread the day Josselyn says, "I hate pink" haha & Yes those many years of daycare must have something to do with my moms super grandma powers haha :) Miss you girl XOXOX