Thursday, April 19, 2012

Very 1st Pearly White

Drum roll please....

 I would like to announce that at 7 months & 3 weeks old Josselyn Grace Alcala has got her very 1st TOOTH! 

Well, I guess I should rephrase that statement...Josselyn has had her 1st tooth "break through"   Right now you can just see the top part of a little white toothy ;) The whole thing basically happened over night. A few of my friends who have little ones and both of Josselyn's grandmas kept saying, "she is going to get a tooth any day!" I guess experienced mom's know what puffy gums look like (I had no idea what they were talking about at first) Then, all of a sudden last Sunday I noticed that there was a swollen area on Josse's lower gum. I could actually see a tooth right under her gum. By Monday morning her bottom (left) tooth had pushed through!


 I was actually surprised how well-behaved Josse was while cutting her first tooth. We did not experience any fevers, runny noses or diarrhea (just her normal every other day poop explosions). Josselyn is the type of baby that goes nuts when she is hungry and she has total melt downs when she gets tired. I can't say that I blame her, who wants to be hungry or tired?  Anyways, as long as Josse has a full stomach and gets her 10 billion naps a day (actually 4 naps a day) she is great. Well, I did assume that my daughter would be one of those babies that cries non stop during the day and even through the night while they are cutting a tooth. I was presently surprised that this was not the case at all (fingers crossed that this will not change as the other teeth come in!) 

Now, I am not saying Josselyn was perfect by any means. I am currently having to see a dumb chiropractor 3 times a week because last week Josselyn decided to start screaming bloody murder while John and I were on an evening walk. Let me explain...I am one of those crazy women who like to power walk (well pre-pregnancy I liked to power walk) I actually hadn't power walked since the evening I went into labor lol But last week I decided that I needed to start getting active again. Well, after already power walking once with my friend Krista in the morning I decided to talk John into going on a power walk (John hates power walking so I have to trick him by calling it a "walk") with me and Josselyn that evening. It seemed like a great idea at the time...but boy was I wrong! My first mistake was that we started our power walk a little too late in the evening. You see, currently Josse likes to go to bed around 8:30pm every night (her early bed time does not fit with our life style!!!) Anyways, John and I were on the last leg of our walk when all of a sudden Josselyn started to fuss (it was 8:25pm). Quickly her fussing turned into screaming and we still had a couple blocks to go until we reached our house! My second mistake was that I thought it would be a good idea to hold my 18 pound baby while power walking back to the house (let me re-remind you that I am totally out of shape and I have not exercised since the week I went into labor almost 8 months ago!) I didn't want tired, teething Josselyn to scream so I figured I would hold her while John pushed the empty stroller (that was such a dumb idea!) To make a long story short, that night at 2:00am I woke up in excruciating pain. By the next morning I was stiff as a board and so sore I could barely move. I guess this is all a result of teething Josselyn having a complete meltdown during our evening  power walk. 

So, as you can tell, Josselyn has not been a total angel while cutting her 1st tooth but she has definitely been wayyyy better behaved than I expected! I do not imagine that it is very pleasant having a razor sharp tooth push through your gum, so I will definitely cut Josse some slack!

These pictures were 2 days before Josselyn cut her 1st tooth...she is still so happy!

Now Josselyn's 1st tooth has definitely brought about some mixed emotions. I will admit I got a bit teary-eyed when I realized that soon Josse wont have her sweet toothless gummy smile. I adore her precious, little, gummy smile and I will definitely miss it once she has a mouth full of teeth. Basically, my baby girl is growing up and for some reason it does make me a little sad. Life is constantly going forward and you can never turn back time, so this is a reminder once again for me to enjoy every moment I have with my baby girl because she will not always be a baby.

 Now, onto another mixed emotion I have about Josselyn getting teeth...
I know I have to keep my Blog PG rated & my husband always proof reads it so I will be vague. The thought of Josselyn getting teeth definitely brings about some anxiety when I think of poor "Lavern" & "Shirley" If you are not one of my faithful Blog readers then you will have to look back at some of my pregnancy posts to find out who "Lavern" & "Shirley" are. Anyway, I am a little concerned on their well being when I think about a nursing baby having teeth!!!

I love this gummy smile

 Well, that about sums up our latest adventure in the Alcala household! Stay tuned for more updates about our little teething princess.

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