Sunday, April 8, 2012

Josselyn's 1st Easter

Today was Josselyn's 1st Easter! 

Once again having a little one makes the holidays a little bit more fun :) I haven't visited the Easter Bunny since I was probably 10 years old but this year Josse and her BFF Eliana got to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap and get their pictures taken! Josse & Elley are brave little souls, the Easter Bunny didn't scare them one bit! Well, actually they did not even notice that they were sitting on some crazy person's lap who was wearing a huge, some what scary, gigantic, bunny costume lol Our girls were completely oblivious to the entire experience. I am sure next year will be a whole different story but getting Easter bunny pictures this year was a breeze!

Easter time means more than just bunny's here in Texas! Easter means that the Texas bluebonnets are in full bloom. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing field after field of those pretty blueish/lavender colored bluebonnets. I just had to get my little bluebonnet (Josse's) picture in one of those fields! Josselyn wasn't to sure about the bluebonnet field at first, but as soon as she realized she could pick those purple flowers and rip them to shreds she had the time of her life! (Shhhh don't mention Josse illegally picking the Texas state flower to our local law enforcement). I actually hope to make one more trip to the bluebonnet field with John so we can get a full family picture.

Now, if you know me then you know that I had to take Josselyn to get Easter pictures, especially since this was her first Easter. You would think that by now I would have learned from our previous experiences not to put Josselyn in her picture outfit until we are ready to actually snap the pictures. Well, for some stupid reason I got Josselyn totally dressed at our house (like I did back in February) and then I loaded her in the car to head to the picture studio. I guess I was thinking that not much could happen in just 15 minutes, but boy was I wrong. My little princess had a total explosion and pooped through her diaper and not only did it get all over her legs, back and car-seat but it also managed to get on her brand new Easter chick onesie and yellow tutu :( Luckily, we were able to somewhat clean it off and it was still wearable. Unfortunately, the poop on the Easter outfit quickly became the least of our worries. After I stayed home all day to make sure Josselyn had both a morning and afternoon nap, Josse decided to completely fall apart and start rubbing her eyes right when the photographer was ready to start taking pictures. This was the worst behaved Josselyn has ever been for pictures (and she has been pretty naughty in the past lol). My daughter decided that she was NOT going to crack a single smile and she did not budge! We could not even get a smirk out of her. When the photographer tried putting Easter eggs next to Josselyn...she decided to start hitting them. When the photographer tried laying Josselyn on her stomach...she decided to scream at the top of her lungs. Basically the whole experience was a disaster and we ended up just leaving. The good news was we tried again the next day and Josse was in a much better mood and we got quite a few adorable Easter pictures!

These are pictures of picture so they are not the best quality

You can not talk about Easter and not mention an Easter egg hunt! Don't worry Josselyn did partake in her very first Easter egg hunt today. John and Josselyn made sure to join in on the fun at our church Easter egg hunt. People always give me a hard time saying Josse will probably turn out to be a tom-boy who hates pink, but I beg to differ! Guess what 2 Easter eggs Josselyn almost face planted trying to grab...2 PINK EGGS!!! According to John she zoned in on these two pink eggs and reached directly for them. Like mother like daughter ;)

 Now the best thing about this Easter was not the Easter Bunny pictures, Texas bluebonnets or even the Easter egg hunt it was simply that fact that it was our first Easter as a family of 3. There is just something so amazing about having a child of my own. There is a huge responsibility that comes with being a mom but there is an even greater excitement that comes with it. Sure, Josselyn is still a little too young to understand what "Easter" is all about but I can't wait to one day share with her the incredible resurrection story of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ! Every day I pray that my baby girl will grow up to be a world changer who lives her life for Jesus.                                   

Well that about sums up our Easter...I guess our next holiday will be the 4th of July!

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