Monday, April 2, 2012

It is a MIRACLE!!!

Last week the Alcala household experienced a MIRACLE!

If you are close with me or if you read my blogs, then most likely you know the "bottle" battle issue we have had with little miss Josselyn Grace! For some reason my daughter decided that she would rather starve than drink a bottle (I am dead serious!).  So for the past 7 months I have been a milk machine having to breast feed my daughter every 3-4 hours during the day. I have been stripped of my pride and dignity and I am now one of those weird moms who breast feeds in public :( YES! I most definitely use a nursing cover & I do try to be extremely discreet! My first option is always a mothers room/bathroom area but unfortunately many places do not have an area to nurse an infant and sitting on a toilet is extremely uncomfortable (sorry if this is TMI) but needless to say I have had to whip out the huge pink nursing cover or apron (which is what my friends like to call it) and I have had to feed Josse in practically every restaurant I eat at!

I own 3 of these dumb things!

Well, like I said last weekend we experienced a MIRACLE!!! You see, my best friend from high school, Ashley came to visit me all the way from Napa! Now I knew for about a month that Ashley was going to come for the weekend and I was trying to figure out how to balance being a milk machine, yet still have fun with Ashley. I am a shopping girl and there are not many people who can OUT SHOP me but I will be the first to admit Ashley probably can- lol. Since we were young Ash has always been a bargain shopper. She would always find the absolute best stuff at Nordstrom Rack or the outlets! I on the other hand have no patience when it comes to digging through racks to find the good deals, therefore I always end up paying full price for everything... lol Well, Ash really wanted to hit up one particular store while she was here in Dallas and that was....Neiman Marcus's Last Call :) There is not a Last Call in Sacramento or Napa so whenever Ashley comes to visit we spend a minimum of 3 hours in that store (I am not exaggerating!) I knew it would be impossible to bring Josselyn and shop for that long so I came up with a plan. My sister in law Stacey said that she would watch Josselyn and if I pumped; she guaranteed that by the end of the day she could get Josselyn to drink from a bottle. I was a little weary about the situation but I figured what do I have to lose? Worst case we leave Last Call and in 20 minutes I will be home. So Stacey along with her sidekick Krista took on the challenge of trying to give Josse a bottle.

Sissy & Ashy

Now, I wish I had some fun, humorous story to tell you about what happened, but things played out rather simple. This time Josselyn did not scream at the sight of the bottle (like she did the last time Stacey & Krista tried to give her a bottle) This time the whole situation went smoothly! Stacey took Josse to Gymboree, she came home and took a good nap and when she woke up it was time to eat. Stacey started out giving her sweet potatoes which she loves and then she pulled out the freakishly, realistic, boob like bottle called the Mimijumi. Stacey warmed up the breast milk, put it in the bottle and she and Krista were prepared for a long battle with Josselyn. To their surprise (and mine) Josselyn said Mmmmmm when she saw the bottle and slurped down 4oz without shedding a single tear! She hummed her little eating song (Mmmmm) like she does when I feed her and she played with Stacey's hair just like she would with me. The whole thing went PERFECT! 

I know it is weird...

So Ashley & I spent 5 hours in Last Call & Josselyn drank 4oz from a BOTTLE!!! YAY :) Now, since then my mom has gotten her to drink 3oz and John has gotten her to drink about 2oz. She is not quite taking a full feeding from the bottle but hey, anything is better than nothing!

Who says miracles don't happen....

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