Saturday, April 7, 2012

Birthday Bliss

March 31st was my 28th Birthday!

This birthday was very special. First of all, this was my first birthday with little miss Josselyn. Like I have said before, she always has a way of making every occasion a little brighter & my birthday was no exception. Just waking up to her sweet smiling face made this the BEST birthday ever. Unfortunately, Josse is dealing with a little separation anxiety :( But on the flip side, I am currently her very favorite person in the world and that in it self will melt any mama's heart :)

Josselyn is not the only person who made my birthday special. My handsome, incredible, sweet husband always makes sure to completely spoil me on my birthday. I will admit that I have been sucked into The Hunger Games trilogy frenzy.  The week before the movie premiered I decided to quickly read all 3 of the books in the series. Now, even though John has not been sucked into the trilogy he still got all of our friends together to go see a matinee showing of The Hunger Games movie! About 15 of our friends & family came along to watch the movie that I have been dying to see! We had a blast pigging out on junk food and spending the afternoon watching an awesome movie with awesome friends!

After the movie John planned a little party at our house with some of our close friends & family. What better thing is there to do on your birthday then spend time with friends and eat yummy sweets :) John ordered the most fabulous, delicious cake in the world! He picked it out all by himself & I was blown away! It was not only the best birthday cake that I have ever had but it was the most delicious too (it tasted even better than my wedding cake lol) I am a choclate queen so one layer of the cake was chocolate hazelnut & the other layer was german chocolate (my 2 favorites!) I had such a great time stuffing my face and spending time with everyone :)

I do have to highlight one of my very special birthday presents.  This was honestly the very best birthday present I have ever received! And no I am not going to blog about the awesome Tory Burch shoes John surprised me with. OK, OK, maybe the TB shoes weren't a surprise. I did sorta pick out the shoes and then conveniently text John the style, color & size I wanted...but hey, John did find the exact store that carried them and picked them up all on his own lol. But enough about the shoes, the real surprise happened today. You see, John some how remembered that years ago I had said that a hot air balloon ride was on my bucket list. Well, this year John decided to make that wish come true! John decided to completely surprise me on my 28th Birthday with a hot air balloon ride over Dallas!!! The slight bummer was that becasue of the Texas wind the balloon ride had to be postponed a week. The good news was, my birthday celebration continued through March and into the first week of April lol. So today we woke up at 5:00am, got ready, went through Starbucks and then watched the sunrise 2000 ft up in the sky :) It was one of the most spectacular experiences of my life floating through the clouds in this enormous balloon! We would float high up in the sky & then we would drop down so low I could almost reach out and grab a piece of wheat from the wheat was unbelievable! I will never ever forget this incredible experience! It was also a bonus that a photographer came along to snap pictures from the ground as we cruised through the sky!

So, thanks to my incredible husband today was the perfect end to a great birthday. I am sad that my twenties are quickly coming to an end...but I am excited to see what God has in store for me and my family in the future!


So cheers to the last 2 years in my 20's!

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