Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Meeting Goompa!

Last week Josselyn went to Phoenix, Arizona for the very first time!

Josselyn meeting her great-grandfather

Mommy, Daddy & Josse took a very special trip to Phoenix for a few days. You see, my grandfather (Josse's great-grandfather) who we call "Goompa" turned 90 years old! My Aunt & Uncle decided to through Goompa a special family birthday party. Now don't let Goompa's age fool you, he is still one feisty Greek man! He is as stubborn as mule, a proud democrat and he is known for his jokes which can be a little R rated at times haha. When he was asked, "How does it feel to be 90?" his response was, "TERRIBLE!" lol Thats right there is My Goompa for you! One thing is for sure though, Goompa loves his family more than anything in the world and he has left a great legacy to be remembered by. It was absolutely priceless to have Josselyn meet her great-grandfather Goompa! Josse also had the wonderful pleasure of meeting my Dads only brother Uncle Nick & his wife Aunt Jane. She also met one of my best friends/cousin Dominique (who was my maid of honor),  my cousins Nycole & her daughter Amara, my cousin John & cousin Monique. It was also very special becasue my cousin Becca flew in from San Diego for Goompa's birthday. Becca's son Jack, who is only 3 weeks older than Josselyn also came along for the festivities! So Josselyn and her 2nd cousin Jack finally got to meet :)

Me & my cousin Dominique

Me, Josse, my cousin Becca & Jack

My cousin John, Daddy, Josse, Uncle Nick & Jack

Josselyn & my cousin Nycole

Josse meeting her 2nd cousin Amara

For the past few years it has been a little bitter-sweet every time I see my dad's family. Being around my Dad's brother (Uncle Nick) and Goompa always makes me miss my Dad. Ever since Josselyn was born, there has always been this part of me that is really sad that my daughter will never get to meet my Dad. My Father loved kids more than anything in the world and I know he would have been the absolute best grandpa. I just know that Josselyn would have had him wrapped around her long skinny finger just like I had him wrapped around my finger ;) I was definitely daddy's little princess and Josse would have definitely been grandpa (Papou's) little princess.

On the sweet side, I do feel like this weekend Josselyn got to almost meet my dad! When you combine Goompa's stubbornness with my Uncle Nick's goofy, crazy, love for kids, then you pretty much have a spitting image of my Daddy. So, since Josse will never know my dad I feel extremely blessed that she had the opportunity to meet his dad and his brother. We had a great time celebrating Goompa's birthday! There is nothing more fun than getting together a bunch of loud Greek's. Josselyn literally met every cousin on my dad's side except for 2, so that was pretty awesome. 

Now, not only did Josse get to meet the "Couvdos" side of the family this weekend, but she also got to meet some of our dear friends who are practically family! While we were in AZ we stayed with one of my very best friends Becky & her husband Ben (Auntie Becky & Uncle Ben to Josselyn). Becky spent tons and tons of time with me during my pregnancy but she & Ben ended up moving to Phoenix just 2 weeks before Josse was born, so they had never met! Josselyn absolutely adored Auntie Becky & Uncle Ben!

Auntie Becky & Uncle Ben

Ben & Becky weren't the only Aunties & Uncles Josselyn got to spend time with! Josse got to hang out with Auntie Kim & Auntie Nyccole one night (Nyccole I swear Josselyn does love you!!!) She also met Auntie Angel & Auntie Alison and she got to see Auntie Nina again :) It was great to spend time with friends that I know will be in our life forever! In the words of my niece Isabella "Not best friends, life long friends" 

Some of my dearest Phoenix friends

John & the Guys

Auntie Nina, Nana Cathy, Auntie Stacey & Auntie Angel

My dear friend Alison

Now I couldn't write this Blog and neglect to mention some of the delicious restaurants we ate at! When you got out of town you have to eat at fun, new spots, and Ben & Becky made sure that we hit up all of the yummy hot spots in Phoenix :) One night we ate at the Compass Grill which is a place I had always wanted to try. The restaurant is at the top of the Hyatt in downtown Phoenix and it slowly rotates 360 degrees while you eat! All of the walls are made of glass, so you have a gorgeous view of downtown Phoenix while you eat. It was a fabulous atmosphere but the food unfortunately did not blow me away. At least I can check that place off of my bucket list though. John's favorite spot that we ate at was LoLo's Chicken & Waffles (Surprisingly it was just as good as Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles in LA) John & Ben LOVED the Kool-Aid, the RED Kool-Aid that is haha (They even went back for 2nds later that day!) We also ate at the Windsor one evening and then had homemade ice cream from a fun spot called Churn which was right next door (delicious). One day we had coffee & cookies from Lux (everything was heavenly) and I can't forget to mention our night out at Pita Jungle (one of my favs). I loved Sunday brunch with my cousin Dominique at Olive & Ivy (it is definitely one of my new favorites). Well, that pretty much sums up our dining experiences! It was a blast trying all sorts of fun, new spots :)

It was wonderful visiting the desert & seeing family & friends, but I will admit it is great to be back in the South! What can I say...I do love good ol' Texas

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