Thursday, March 15, 2012

Alcala Family Pictures

Family Pictures...

Boy do they never go as planned! Well, I decided that we needed some updated family pictures. The last time that John, Josselyn & I took a family pictures was when Josselyn was 2 weeks old. It is crazy how much babies change monthly, weekly & even daily. Josse looks like a completely different child now then she did at 2 weeks old. Sure, I try to take tons of phone pictures & I even try to take pictures with our Canon camera but it is extremely rare to get a GOOD picture of Mommy, Daddy & Josse!

Last "Family Picture" when Josselyn was 2 weeks old

Since Josselyn turned 6 months old (WOW!!!) I decided that a "Family Picture" was definitely in need. Now, I will be honest. There was a huge part of me that did NOT want to take pictures at this exact moment in life. Sure, I want to have family pictures of the 3 of us; especially as Josselyn hits different milestones (and to me turning 6 months old is a milestone) But, there was this huge part of me that did not want to be in front of a camera quite yet. Unfortunately I am still not quite at my per-pregnancy weight Ugh... & I am still not sold on my dark drown locks and even though my daughter is 6 months old, I am still tired 24/7 and I feel like a walking zombie 90% of the time. So, all of that does not make me want to try and dress myself up for family photos. Well, after contemplating back and forth "yay" or "nay" for family pictures I finally decided that my vain self needed to suck it up & document Josselyn's 6 month milestone with a family pic.

I decided to call my friend Ann Clark who not only works a full time job & leads worship at our church, but she is also an amazing photographer on the side! She took some gorgeous maternity pictures for John & I back in June so I knew she would take fabulous family pictures for us as well. We decided to take the pictures at one of John & mines favorite spots....yup! The beautiful Dallas Arboretum :) We tried to figure out the best time to schedule the pictures so that Josselyn would be in a good mood. We thought that 2:00pm seemed perfect because typically that is usually about an hour after she has waken up from her morning nap & she normally has had her post-nap feeding by then. I am not sure what I was thinking....the words "typically" "normally" "usually" should never be used in a sentence that is describing a baby's schedule. Most mom's will tell you that infants are completely unpredictable & there is nothing routine about the way they operate. To make a long story short Josselyn decided that she was on her own schedule that day.  She woke up extra early that morning, she took her morning nap way earlier than usual & by the time 2:00pm rolled around she was just about ready for her 2nd nap! Yup, right during family pictures Josselyn decided to take a nap! That is after she had a POOP EXPLOSION on our way to the Dallas Arboretum (Don't worry I learned my lesson last time, she was not in her picture outfit yet!). So by the time we got to the Arboretum and put Josselyn in her picture dress she had decided to fall asleep in her stroller. We had to literally wake up Josselyn to try and get a few family pictures in. She went from tired, to delirious, to slaphappy, to cranky, to just plain mad; all within about an hour! However I will say Ann got some wonderful pictures under those circumstances (I wish you could have seen all the CRAZY faces my daughter was making lol) Josselyn normally LOVES to SMILE, but that day it did not matter how high Ann jumped up & down or how much we tickled her, or played peek-a-boo or made other ridiculous baby noises, Josselyn was determined not to smile! She didn't mind sticking out her tongue, or screaming, or raising her eyebrows at us, but she tried her very best NOT TO CRACK A SINGLE SMILE!!!


All in all, I would still say that the family pictures were a success. Ann captured some priceless moments even though Josselyn was not on her A game. I am a firm believer that when it comes to kids (especially babies) there is no telling what kind of mood they will be in. All you can do is hope for the BEST but be prepared for the WORST :)


Hopefully Josselyn will be in a little better mood for her 1 year Family Photos!

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